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” Princess Silver ” Episode 9 I really want to know
what’s so good about this. Is it good because
you are protecting each other, is it because
you got rid of a dissident… or is it because you can
treat human lives as nothing? That’s not true, Your Highness. If you are worried about the matters
regarding Prince Chen… Today is my birthday. How about I use my luck today
to ask the crown prince… to beg for Prince Chen’s pardon
from His Majesty? No need. Anybody who did wrong
has to be punished. No matter it’s him or anybody else. You mentioned about luck. Today, it’s your birthday. But I would like to take
something from you. What is it that you wish
to take from me? -Father!
-Please think again, Your Highness. -You can’t do that, Your Highness.
-Your Highness! I want to take your head.
How about that? Wu You. You threaten
an officer’s life in public. Are you trying to revolt? Let’s see who’s the one
trying to revolt here. Sir Yu, looks like you
haven’t taken a look… at the content of the ten art
of war books that I had given you. How is it, General Fu?
Do you understand now? Do you think we can
still settle this in peace? I can’t be sure of the authenticity… of this name list. It doesn’t matter if you are not sure. I believe that Sir Yu
is very clear about it. The ten scrolls on the floor… contain the names of all those who are
involved in this rank-selling case. Sir Yu might be able
to kill Li Zhi Yuan. But you won’t be able to kill those… thousands of witnesses whose names
were recorded by him, right? Sir Yu. Is Prince Li telling the truth? Your Highness, this is slander. Prince Li, you can’t prove us guilty
with your words alone. What are you trying to do? Father, we can’t just let go
of the foundation that… our family has built
for generations today. His Highness dares to
accuse us in public… and point his sword at you. So, we
do not need to be courteous to him. Yu Wen Jie, you are just
struggling for nothing. I know that you are very courageous. Even if you don’t care
about your own safety… or the safety Prince Chen
who is in jail, you care about the safety of that
master from the teahouse, right? Please think carefully. If you can let go of me today, we can start anew. And we will let go of your woman. Sir Yu. Nobody dares to threaten me. And nobody can threaten me. Prince Li, you really
don’t care for that woman’s life? Guards, bring that woman over. You dare touch her? Wen Jie. Prince Li, you are the one
who forces my hand. This matter… involves the many lives and honour
of Yu Family for three generations. I won’t let you leave
this place easily. Guards! Close the door! Don’t you dare! A decree from the emperor. As decreed from His Majesty, it’s unforgivable that
the father-son duo of Yu… is involved in rank-selling
and has duped His Majesty. They will be stripped of their ranks,
their properties confiscated… and will be sent to
Supreme Court for trial. The manor of Yu will be taken back
and Prince Li will be in charge of it. -Signed, His Majesty.
-So, you came prepared. Scoundrel, it’s time
to admit to your crime. Yu Shi Hai. You are always smart as a rule,
but this time a fool. Do you think that… you’ll be able to threaten me? You sell ranks for own profits and
kill the innocent. Such grave crimes. Today, I won’t let go of anyone within
the three generations of your family. Guards! Arrest all of them! Yes! Your Highness, let me
send you back to the palace. I shall leave now. Let’s go. -Your Highness.
-Leng Yan. Find someone to clean up this place… and seal the door. No one can enter this manor
without my permission. Yes, Your Highness. You are really good, Wu You. You managed to solve
this case in seven days’ time. I would like to thank you of behalf… of those who had died unjustly. Go back to your manor
and pack your clothes. Stay at my place tonight. What? Stay at your place? Why? Someone is coming in tomorrow. I have some work for you. Wu You. I just came out from jail. I still have wounds all over my body. Let me rest for two more days. You’ve been resting in jail for seven
days with good food and good sleep. You still want to rest? So, the treatment
that I got in jail… I knew that you treat me best. I’m in jail. Of course you’ll send
someone to take care of me, right? Alright. I’ll go and pack now
and move over to your place. Father. There’s always a way out.
It’s still not over for us, right? -The crown prince…
-Shut up. Beware of eavesdroppers. If you had known
it would come to this, you wouldn’t have acted thus. Who asked you to act on your own? Now, we have totally
offended Prince Li. Zongzheng Wu You is evil.
He is treacherous and ruthless. Usually, he looks like he paid
no attention to public affairs. He must have done a lot of
evil things behind our back. And that low-life Li Zhi Yuan. How dare he haunt us even in death. Everything is in the past now. I’ve decided to offer
all of my properties… for His Majesty to prepare
for war against Wei… in order to beg for our lives. Father. Our house is already confiscated. If you donate all of that, what are we going to do
when we get out? Our lives are already on the line now. How can you still care
about those money? Now, we need to raise our guard
against crown prince. Crown prince? He’s on our side. -He won’t leave us to die.
-Idiot. Now, for the crown prince, we are a liability
just like Li Zhi Yuan. Then we are totally done for. Not necessarily. I have already prepared for this. All these years, I have a detailed record
on all the money… that was sent to
the crown prince’s palace. And I have another copy
just in case anything happens. As long as the crown prince visits us, I’ll have a way to make him
keep us alive. What did the crown prince say? His Highness said that no matter
how they interrogate you, admit to nothing. Sit back and observe.
When the time comes, His Highness will send
someone to save you. How dare him, Yu Shi Hai. I had trusted him. How dare he betray me and did
something so hurtful to the nation. He deserves to die. And you. First, you lost
in the war against Wei. Now, you sell ranks to earn money?
What did you do? Father, I’m innocent. Although I’m quite close with Sir Yu, I have never been to
the Ministry of Personnel. And I have never seen
this name list before. Your Majesty. Prince Li has entrusted me
with all the evidences… that are related to this case. The account book… has shown that it’s indeed the
work of the Ministry of Personnel. But when Sir Zhao was still alive, the letter that he passed
on to Prince Chen… has accused His Highness directly. Father. That letter is used
by Prince Chen to slander me. Please render me
a fair judgement, father. Your Highness. Why are you so anxious
to defend yourself? When we get the statement from
the father and son of Yu Family, everything will be clear then. Minister Sun, you are still ill. And yet you have to deal with
the aftermath of Yu Shi Hai. If everybody in the court
was like you, I wouldn’t have so much on my plate. Your Majesty. I’m no longer young. I don’t have any sons. So, it’s only right for me to serve
the country until the very end. If I had a son, I would have gone back
to my hometown… to enjoy the rest of my life. Your Majesty. Yu Shi Hai and his son
have committed suicide in jail. What? I ordered the guards
to keep a close eye on them. How did they still manage
to commit suicide? Prince Fan Yang. Investigate this case together
with the Supreme Court. Don’t let any of
their affiliates get away. Yu Shi Hai and his son… are proven guilty for
selling ranks and titles. They have committed grave crimes
by breaking the imperial rules. Cut off their heads and display them
as a deterrent for public. The three generations of Yu, including
their relatives and servants… will be sent to
the border as soldiers. Brilliant decision, father. We need to be swift to get rid
of traitors like them. The crown prince has befriended
the traitors and has a bad conduct. He is to be confined in the
Eastern Palace until further orders. Yes, father. Thank you for your forgiveness. Prince Fan Yang. Go to Prince Li’s manor
to pass on my decree. Reward him for contributing
to this case. His three states in southern fringe
will be tax free for five years. From now on, all the matters
regarding those states… do no need to be
reported to the court. Just report to Prince Li’s manor. Yes, Your Majesty. Your Highness! Your Highness. We have already taken care of
the father-son duo as you asked. Did you find it? We found this account book
in another courtyard of Yu Family. It contains all of the records
written by Yu Shi Hai himself. I have no choice but to
sacrifice him to protect myself. I’m sure that he’ll understand. Creed of Vengeance leaves no trace.
You can be rest-assured. We won’t leave a trail. Don’t worry. You have
done me a great favour. I will reward you handsomely. The Creed of Vengeance
doesn’t need any rewards. We just hope that you can support us
when you become the emperor. Creed of Vengeance
will be at your service. But now, you have lost
a right hand man. Do you have any other
more useful supports… to help you defeat Prince Li
and secure the throne? ” Pavilion of Enjoyment ” Wu You, I can’t do it anymore. I can’t. Yu Shi Hai has made this manor
into such luxurious place… with so many contraptions. He deserves to die indeed. Such excellent workmanship. Such excellent workmanship. Wu You.
Where did you find this expert? He’s acting so out of the world
and so crazily every day. -Is he dependable?
-Master Xin. You have already searched
for two days. Any clues? It must be here somewhere. Qin Yong is very smart. He must have hidden it… in an open place. The entrance to the secret room
must be located at… the most unexpected place. Old man Xin. I had already searched this place
inside out for two days with you. We even checked
every crack in the wall. Besides Yu Shi Hai’s secret weapon
and illegal punishment room, we found nothing. We didn’t even find a trace of that
secret room that you talked of. Master Xin. How long will it take? I can’t be sure. Wu You, you don’t have to
trouble yourself so much. We can just tear
the whole place down, right? Nonsense. For a secret room that is
built by Qin Yong, if you could find it by
tearing the house down, it wouldn’t be a secret room. Let me tell you. If you tear down the house,
the secret room will be destroyed. And you’ll get nothing. How dare you talk like that to me. -I can punish you for this disrespect.
-Wu Yu. Wu You. Let this old man find the house alone. We didn’t rest for two days. Look at him.
He’s still very energetic. I’m already exhausted.
I can’t do it anymore, Wu You. Let me clean it up myself.
I wouldn’t dare to trouble you. I’m the one who knocked into you.
It’s my fault. I wouldn’t dare to blame you. Are you blaming me for
the matters regarding Lian Xin? I wouldn’t dare to blame you. What if you suspect me again? I investigated on Lian Xin… because I noticed that she brought
ill will towards the princess. You didn’t betray the princess.
Why would I investigate on you? Your hand is bleeding.
Let me take a look. Let me take a look. Why are you crying? If someone sees you like this,
they’ll think that I had bullied you. Stop crying. Is a cut to the hand so painful? Yes, it is! Alright. I’ll cut myself too
so that I can feel what you feel. What are you doing? Don’t you know
that finger cut are extremely painful? Idiot. When I came here
during the party last time, I had the geography here memorised. But this place is heavily guarded.
We have to be careful. -Aren’t you an expert in contraptions?
-Enough. It has been so many days and
we can’t even find the secret room. -Let alone the book.
-Stop being so noisy. It won’t be so easy to find
the secret room designed by Qin Yong. I never thought that they’d be
searching for the book too. But looks like they are
not very successful in it. Qin Yong is indeed
the wisest man on earth. The contraptions that he designed
are indeed extraordinary. It means that we still have a chance. Who is it? Your Highness, what happened? -Chase them now!
-Yes, Your Highness! Your Highness, if you want to
give chase in that direction, you can just forget it. Because
the contraptions will get them. You don’t have to be so anxious. Really? Your Highness, find a chance
to escape. I’ll take care of them. Don’t be so nervous. Follow me. Your Highness, how did you
know this place so well? Follow me. Right, left, left, right, right. Follow my steps.
Don’t take a wrong step. -Long Yue.
-I’m fine, Your Highness. Let’s leave this place first. ” Moon Embrace Teahouse ” -My lady.
-Take a seat now. Let me take a look. I’m fine. Thank you, Your Highness. You’re welcome. If it wasn’t for you who had
protected me from harm last night, I would have been
the one with injuries today. We had gone through
so many dangers together. We can be considered as
sworn friends already. It’s my duty
to protect you, Your Highness. This Yu Family’s fort is
indeed full of contraptions. And it’s heavily guarded. But after yesterday’s incident, it’ll be hard for us
to sneak in again. I had been to the manor twice. I keep on feeling a sense of
familiarity with that place. Yesterday, I woke up suddenly. The structures of
those doors and walls… are designed based on
the Eight Trigrams. The grass, woods, flowers and stones
are the variables. Your Highness, I have always felt
puzzled about one thing. With Prince Li’s
affection towards you, you can totally request him… to let you tour
the whole manor with him. Why do you have to sneak in like that? You know that… I have lost my memories. I treat everyone… in this world as strangers. Those who treat me well, I’ll consider them as
my friends and family. Those who treat me badly, I’ll consider them as my enemies. But after that, I realised that… the hearts and feelings of the people
in this world are not black and white. I came here for my brother
and for Western Qi. I think I did the right thing. But I often dream
and wake myself up. I feel that one day,
they’ll forget about me. And they’ll leave me here alone. I sent Lian Xin away. I feel that I had given her
the best option. But sometimes, I will feel angry. Why did she betray me? I need to find the book. So, I have to get close. But I vaguely feel that… if… I can’t treat him with honesty, then I shouldn’t get too close to him. So, this is the reason
you avoid Prince Li so often. Long Yue. If you truly like a person, are you supposed to
ask for nothing in return… and you’ll be satisfied as long
as everything goes well for him? In this world, everyone
treats feelings differently. Some give their all… while some use it
for their own advantages. You have to ask yourself… whether or not you wish
for something in return. Thank you. I feel much better now. My lady, a customer
has insisted to meet you. Is that him? Go, my lady. You are so beautiful. I have fallen in love with you. I have many lands and many servants. Why don’t you go back with me? Why are you laughing? If you go back with me, you’ll be able
to enjoy untold wealth and glory. It’s better than depending
on others for a living… and live in humiliation, right? I thank you for your offer. But too bad that… I have a broad outlook in life. It’s better for you to come back after
a few years when you have grown up. Don’t look down on me.
People like you… only care about fame and gain, right? The things that you offered,
I can easily get them myself. I rather have a man who
is young and handsome. I have fallen in love with you too,
Princess Zhao Yun. You… You have seen through me? It doesn’t matter. Wench. Let me tell you. I’m here to test you.
Stay away from Wu You. He is already engaged. Princess of Western Qi is
noble, elegant, beautiful and wise. She is way better than you. I’m trying hard to avoid Prince Li. But he’s the one who
always kept me by his side. If you could spend more time
with your Wu You, then he wouldn’t
have time to look for me. You… You are such a bully! Have you found out who are
the people that sneaked in that day? That day, I was too far away.
So, I didn’t have a clear look. But from their shapes,
I think they are both female. Your Highness. They might be the female assassins
from Creed of Vengeance. Creed of Vengeance? I found out that those who tried
to assassinate you in the teahouse… came from the Creed of Vengeance. Creed of Vengeance is a gang that
became popular in recent years. Their business focuses on
stealing secrets and assassinations. But it’s very pricey to hire them. The assassination of Sir Zhao
and other officers… together with the death
of Yu Shi Hai and his son… are their doings. How dare they do that. A gang dares to meddle with
the public affairs of the nation? Only the Eastern Palace is able to
pay such a high price… and commit such grave crimes. I’ve sent someone
to pursue and capture them. I never thought that they still
dare to send someone forward. I don’t blame you. No matter it’s Sir Zhao
or Li Zhi Yuan, they are always there
right on the dot. They leave no trace
and they are as silent as the wind. Looks like they have already
infiltrated themselves into the court. That’s why they can be so precise. Wu You, let me investigate this
together with Leng Yan. We can’t let them escape this time. The crown prince is getting
more and more rampant. If he really becomes
the emperor one day, there will be no peace in this world. Wu You. You asked us to search for
The Book of Mountains and Rivers. It means that you still
remember Concubine Yun… and Minister Qin’s behest. How about we use this chance… -to pull down the crown prince?
-Wu Yu. I have my own plans. This is not something that
should be spoken aloud. Yes, Wu You. Master Xin, did you find anything? I found this just now
when I searched the manor. This is weird. Why will they have a
Western Qi’s tool in this manor? -Western Qi?
-Western Qi? That’s right. Although this climbing hook
is not something rare, the way it was tied is very special. You know that the weather is
very rough in Western Qi, right? It’s very windy and sandy over there. So, in order to prevent
the rope from tearing, they will use a complicated way
to tie their hook. And every once in a while,
they’ll retie it again… to make sure that it’s sturdy. So, the people who sneaked
into the manor that day… are people from Western Qi. Your Highness, there is a lady
outside asking for you. She said that she is the master
of Moon Embrace Teahouse. Have a drink, Your Highness. This is indeed a good tea. You love tea. So, when I got this new tea,
I thought of you immediately. That’s why I brought it to you. People who love tea will know
what’s best to be eaten with the tea. This box of red dates
has a subtle sweetness to them. It’s best to be eaten with the tea. Have a taste. Thank you, Your Highness. How is it? The fragrance of dates with the
fragrance of tea. Sweet with a bite. They are excellent match. If you like it, I’ll ask them give one to you,
only you. Looks like you really like this place. Maybe it’s the grass or the trees. I have a sense of familiarity
with this place. This manor is occupied by
Yu Shi Hai and his son for so long. It’s such a waste. No wonder Leng Yan said that
you were caught by Yu Wen Jie… the last time because
you were wandering around. I’m sorry that I had troubled you. I planned to bring you here
for a tour… after everything is settled at first. I never thought that you’ll lose
your patience and came by yourself. You don’t welcome me? If you like it, I can show you around. But, it’s better if you
don’t wander alone. There are many contraptions here. If you triggered them accidentally,
you might get hurt. With you here, I can’t possibly
wander around myself. Please show the way. Before this, I heard that
this fort is very deep… and the buildings
are very complicated. Today, looks like… if this place is without
those contraptions, it will be a gorgeous
and breathtaking place. When I gave you Man Yin Chamber,
it didn’t seem like you enjoy it. But you are so interested
in this manor. The threshold of your manor
is very high. Everything in the manor
belongs to you. Others can’t touch it
without permission. You gave me a chamber
without any reasons. How could I accept it? No matter how high the threshold is,
it’s not set for you. As long as you are willing,
I can give the whole manor to you. How about that? If other people hear about this,
they’ll misunderstand. You are a nobility. It’s already bad enough
that you’re associated with me. We have known each other for so long. Have I ever cared about
your name, background, status or rank? At first, I thought that you
don’t care for all of these as well. Nobody can truly be
oblivious about them. No matter what you think, it’ll still be impossible for us. Then why did you come to me? Is it really because of
the scenery in this manor? Or do you have other intentions? What are you doing? Don’t you think that
this is a very familiar scene? I don’t understand what you mean. If you don’t like me here, then I just won’t come again. Nothing is definite in this world. A status or a standing… is a matter of personal choice. The things that are
important to you today… might become a thorn
in your heart in another day. The things that
you deemed impossible… might become possible
in the near future. When my teacher, Qin Yong,
built this place in the beginning, he never thought that his people-based
transformation would fail. When Yu Shi Hai transformed
this manor with glee, he never thought that Yu Family
would one day be destroyed. Man Yao. Things are always changing. A little fire can burn this manor
into nothingness. People are forgetful. No matter how glorious
a family is for generations, people can forget about it completely. Those that need to be forgotten
will be forgotten. So, if there’s something
in front of me that I want, I’ll do my best to
grasp it in my hands. Nothing can stop me. Your Highness, it’s raining. Looks like the sky
wants to keep you here. Even God is helping me. This place used to be a library
built by my teacher. It was my favourite place. When I was young, I can stay here
for the whole afternoon. Now that I can stand here
again with you today, it’s like the peaceful time
back then… has come back to me again. What is it? Nothing. That’s right. Hug her. Wu You is indeed very capable. Your Highness. I should go back. Why did she leave? How can you let her leave
at time like this? Just now, you shouldn’t
have let her leave. With my swaggering experiences, both of you care for each other. I think you might be able
to capture her heart and her kiss… very soon. I can achieve my goal
without having to do that. Wu You, you have really
fallen in love with her, right? -Look how shy you are.
-Shut up. If you don’t like to hear it,
then I won’t speak of it. Stop looking.
She has already left. Ya Li. You are always so out of it recently. I’m very worried about you. Ya Li. Father. What is it, father? You have been stuck
in this manor for too long. You even refused to
go out with Prince Li. I’m sorry that I had made you worry. But you are not well. I wish to accompany you in the house. I didn’t mean to blame you. If you want to be filial to me, go to Chengxi for me tomorrow. What is it that you need
that is so urgent?

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