【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 17. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 17. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

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” Princess Silver ” Episode 17 All I ever do… was to look at you from distance. Every month, I will sew one
of these fragrance pouches. I could only hide my thoughts
inside these needle works. -Miss Sun.
-Please, hear me out. I am afraid if I don’t speak now, I could never muster
the courage again. As long as you are
willing to accept me, I won’t go to the south. From now on, wherever you go, I shall follow. I appreciate your caring, but… I am an married man. I can’t promise you anything. My father wants to trade me
for the glory of our family. But I don’t care about that. I can be your second wife, your servant, as long as I can be with you, I am willing to do anything. Miss Sun, you have a
bright future ahead of you. What you are asking now… is meaningless. General Fu! Miss Sun. Your kindness… is more than I deserve. I will forget about
what happened today. I hope you do the same. General Fu, please stay! Please, don’t go. Goodbye. We bid Your Majesty farewell. At ease. Take your seats. Father, your chair is terrible. There is not even a cushion on it. We are in the Royal Study,
this is simply unsightly. Brother is still having wounds
from all the beatings. -Bring me the golden silk cushion.
-Yes. Never mind. Wu You. No matter how much you hate me, you must still take care of yourself. Thank you for the concern. My wounds are almost healed. But speaking of Your Majesty,
there are much works to do. You being well… is what’s best for our country. Your Highness. You… should get everything
settled in the south. After it’s done, come back here
and help me out. Otherwise I have to spend
the nights in this study. Father, if you said you spent all
your time in the harem, Wu You would never
come back to help you. Nonsense. Father, you are the
ruler of this country. You can’t be so temperamental. Even if you toss this scroll at me,
you still need to sign it. Wu You. I understand, because of
Fu Yuan’s wrong doings, you hated me for years. I will not justify my actions. I let your mother down. Back in the days, I focused on
strengthening this nation, I had a great vision. I thought that giving up on love
for a moment… will allow me a chance
to make up for it later on. But in the end, Right, Wu You also said that
you are no longer a young man. But you still put in so much
efforts to save our necks. Now that we are leaving you, we feel sorry for not being able
to repay you as your sons. Father, take care of yourself
and live well. Enough of your nonsense. That is not what
your brother would say. Speaking of you, stop making me any more troubles. Learn to grow up. That is how I can live long and well. I am sorry for interrupting, but His Majesty did all he could
because of Prince Li’s case. His Majesty ordered
the Supreme Court… to catch the real culprit
that caused the commotion… so you may be proved innocent. You knew I was wronged all along? Why did you choose
to send us to the south then? It’s good if you spend
some time to clear the mind. I… sacrificed my love. I spent my whole life for war… to build the nation
that we have today. I do hold some guilt for you, but I have no regret. I am willing to leave the people… in the capable hands
of someone capable. Only then can I… face your mother in the afterlife. -General Fu.
-Please inform His Majesty that… I am here with my wife to thank him
for granting this marriage. A moment, please. See? It’s that shameless woman. Prince Li gave up on her, she disguised herself
to crawl into his bed! What a shameless woman.
And now she is marrying General Fu. You are right.
If it wasn’t for her, Prince Li wouldn’t have been
exiled to Qingzhou. Just ignore what the people say. You only need to listen to me. Congratulation on your wedding. Husband and wife,
such an envious sight. Thank you, Your Highness. I heard you are leaving. I wish both of you a safe journey. Greetings, Prince Chen. Greetings, Prince Li. Wu Yu, let’s go. Sir Sun, Miss Ya Li. We are leaving for Qingzhou. Let’s say your goodbye
to General Fu and his wife. Congratulations on your wedding. Congratulations to you too, Sir Sun. Once we arrived in Qingzhou, it will be time to set everything
in place for Wu You’s wedding. Prince Chen, this is not a joke. Congratulation to Prince Li. And for you too, Miss Sun. General, His Majesty
is a little unwell. You and your wife may leave now. There is no need to express
your gratitude again. Thank you, Sir. Let’s go. Look, isn’t this the sedan
of General Fu? I heard the General married
a shameless woman. Right! Why would he
marry such a lady? Shameless! Stop spreading rumours
or you will be arrested. Stop it, stand aside! -Evil woman! Eat this!
-Stop throwing rocks! Do not be bothered by these people. Since you married me… They are just kids. I don’t mind them at all. Why didn’t you go to
the Tranquil Garden? I have other matters to see to. I have some questions for you. What questions do you have for me? I will tell you everything I could
if I have the answers. Why did you make him leave? Something as risky as causing
a mess in the city… is not what he would do. Was that your doing? His Majesty refused to meet us. Perhaps he already knew. You are accusing me
without any proof? Sometimes I feel like… you share quite a lot
of similarities with our Emperor. No matter what crime
Prince Li commits, how many people he hurts, all you ever care about is him. You never… had any trust in me. Rong Le. You need to understand that
I am your husband. If it wasn’t your doing, why did you keep it a secret from me? Why wouldn’t I keep it from you? An outsider’s life and death… have nothing to do with any of us. Do you honestly think
I will tell you the truth… and watch as my own wife… get worried because
of a mere outsider… and feel guilty for it? His life has nothing to do with me. However, whatever way you choose
to question me, I’ll take it as… a start for building trust
between the two of us. From now on, if there is any secret
you wish to know, you can come to me. I will tell you all you want.
Don’t draw your own conclusions. Of course, I do wish for a day… when you can put your trust in me. I don’t need to. Rong Le, sooner or later, you will realise that… I am the one that truly cares for you. Ya Li, now that you are leaving for Qingzhou, I don’t even have
a friend I can talk to. Ya Li. Ya Li? I am sorry, Your Majesty. When I realise I am leaving you, I feel sad and thus
a little absent-minded. I hope Your Majesty is not
offended by my behaviour. Ya Li, you have both
beauty and intelligent. It would be great if you
were my daughter. What a shame. If Your Majesty wants me to stay,
then I won’t leave for Qingzhou. I shall join you and carry out
my duty as your daughter. Ya Li. Your Majesty. Ya Li. This is more than I can
decide for myself. You are your father’s only daughter. If I were to keep you in here, how do I explain to him? We have no other relatives
in Qingzhou. My father has his servants. Your Majesty, please let me stay. Ya Li. When did you learn to be so stubborn? His Majesty sent you
and your father to aid Prince Li. Wu You may have lost his status, but we can see from
His Majesty’s decision… that he plans to let Wu You
return later on. Ya Li, when your mother passed away, she mentioned so many times
about finding you a good husband. Your Majesty, I don’t
want to get married. I just want to be with you. Nonsense. I put so much effort into
guiding you and care for you, do you think I did so
to make you my servant? Your Majesty. I have no child to care for me. The Crown Prince is unreliable. Wu You is far more
benevolent than he is. Seeing that you and Wu You
are childhood friends, if you do become his consort one day, or even become the Empress like me, I can rely on you. After His Majesty passed on, I would still have you
to look after me. If you still remember
my kindness to you, please do what is right. The world is like a game of chess. Everything changes so easily. Love and hatred, complicated and convoluted. I thought I am the master
of this game. But I must ask myself… if I had become… a mere pawn in the hand of destiny. Brother Wu You. Stop thinking about that vile woman. She lied to you with cruelty. I thought I got myself a good sister. But she fooled me too. Enough. Brother Wu You. After you arrive in Qingzhou,
remember to look after yourself. As for that fool Wu Yu, stop him from going
to the public house again. Take care of yourself too. If anyone picks on you,
let me know in the letter. -Leng Yan.
-Yes. Seal this place. Yes, Your Highness. You may all leave now. Zhao Yun, I need to
tell you something. If you were here, why didn’t you
come in to cheer Brother Wu You up? I… I am leaving too. Why aren’t you cheering me up? Don’t go away! Don’t go! Don’t go!
I have something to tell you. I really need to tell you something. Actually, I am a little upset
for leaving you here. When I thought about leaving you, it pains my heart. What’s wrong with you?
Are you sick? Don’t interrupt me. We grew up together as kids. You know me well enough. Since I was a kid, there are
tonnes of girls that… had a crush on me. But this is the first time
I am talking so seriously to a girl. What are you trying to say? Well… Do you have a crush on me? I knew it all along. But I never had
the courage to tell you. I like you too. I once thought I have a long time
to enjoy this life. I thought there are still
plenty of time.. to wait for you to grow up. But I never expect
to leave you so soon. Who knows when I am coming back here? Curse you fool!
You stinking Wu Yu! You always pretend like
you don’t care about me! You followed me like a fly… and talked about marrying my brother! It hurts! Stop it! After all that speech,
if you are not touched at all, at least give me an answer. I… Did I misunderstand her? She doesn’t have a crush on me? No way! No. With my charm as Prince Chen, if she doesn’t like me,
I will make that happen. Are you still mad at me? -Take this.
-What… What is this? It’s you. Me? Princess Rong Le and I
made this together. It’s a little ugly. Keep it if you like it.
If you don’t like it, give it to me. I like it! I like it a lot. You accepted my present.
You have to listen to me now. Focus on helping Brother Wu You
while you are in Qingzhou. I want a letter from you every day. Stay at least three feet
away from other women. But this is too much for me. Can I take back what
I said just now? Not a chance. If you won’t listen,
I am not waiting for you. There are many handsome boys
in this city after all. Fine, I’ll listen to you. Promise me. Moon Embrace is reopening. We can have tea again. We can finally have some decent tea. What tea do they have this time? Let’s go inside. Princess. You are here. Stop calling me Princess. Just address me like you used to. Chen Yu. Are you reopening the teahouse? Yes, Mistress. This teahouse is like a house for us. None of us could bear to leave it. Rong Le. I know you love the art of tea-making. I order my men to lift
the seal off this teahouse. From now on, you are still
the mistress of this premise. I am not the same as
those ordinary men. I won’t keep you inside the manor. If there is anything
you wish to do or love, you may do as you please. I will give you my support. Very well, I must be on my way now. Mistress. Pick up the spirit. If you will,
we can run this teahouse together. Let’s do this for Long Yue. If you choose otherwise,
you may leave. The rest of us will
take care of this place. You are always welcomed here. Chen Yu, are you really willing to give up
on travelling and learning… the art of lute just for
our teahouse and for me? Mistress, do not see this
as I give up on my dreams. Take it as I can’t let
this mortal coil go. For us, this teahouse is the
beginning and the end. If I want to improve
my skills on music, this is the right place to be. Good. Everyone in this world has a
different view for love. Some will give it their all. Some will use it for their gain. Whether you wish to be repaid… you must follow your heart. How dare you come here! Long Yue is dead because of you. You left her with no choice but death! Your crocodile’s tears… will only bother the deceased. Your Highness has her own reasons. I have mine as well. I have nothing but sorry for you. It doesn’t matter how you see me. I will carry out my duty. My duty… -is to protect you.
-You are a hypocrite. Your false concerns
are not needed here. I am protecting the Princess. Her safety comes first. I bet this is another of
the Emperor’s order. You know I won’t hurt you,
why must you do this? Let go of me! Back off, I don’t need your help. You lying ingrate! How dare you come back here. Are you going to spy on her and
sell her out to the Emperor? I tried to kill you just now. Go ahead and tell His Majesty. Let him have me killed. And Long Yue, she was so loyal to the Princess. Listen closely. Her blood is on your hands. I hate myself for not
knowing any martial art. Otherwise I will kill you… so you won’t hurt another soul again! As for you, you must obey Captain Xiao. If not, you won’t even know
how you get killed. Whether you believe me or not, I am the only one who
can keep her safe now. I promised you I will bring you
back to Western Qi. You have my words. Why would the Princess believe you? If you still have some
conscience left in you, please leave. The further, the better! Ling Yue. Stop arguing with someone
that means nothing. I am not feeling well.
Bring me the water. Come, let’s get some water. Farewell, Prince Li and Prince Chen. -Sir Sun.
-Thank you, Sir Yang. We are exiled as our punishment. I heard you did well in
making sure we get it. All the other officers
are afraid of us. But you came to see us off alone. Why? Do you feel bad for us? That is not true, Your Highness. I made the proposal
because of duty, but coming here is a personal matter. I know what is right or wrong. This old scholar is
actually quite interesting. I remember this is the place… where my brother refused
to welcome the Princess. You were so worried for the etiquette. Sir Yang, the wind here is strong.
You should go home. You may go now.
Go on. Your Highness. Sir Yang is a loyal officer
of the Imperial Court. It’s an honour to leave
the national affair in his hands. You have my word, Your Highness. Your Highness, have a safe journey. Father, will we ever come back here? If His Highness is back, we will return with all the glory. Miss Sun, we need to go now. Ling Yue. General Fu. How may I help you? What is this? Dried longan soup for Her Highness. -Send it to her.
-Yes. Ling Yue, you spent a lot
of time with the Princess. Do you know if she has any hobby? Hobby? Nothing in particular. Please, try to recall. I simply wish to know my wife better. I can cheer her up a little.
What do you think? The Princess usually likes… brewing and drinking tea. She also likes playing chess
and calligraphy. Right, she loves to listen
to Miss Chen Yu’s music. The Princess smiles whenever
she listens to her music. Good. Thank you, Miss Ling Yue. If you recall anything else, be sure to tell me anytime. Yes. Thank you. Very well,
get back to your work. General Fu actually cares a lot
for the Princess. The song you play… is not as full of sorrow
as when we first met. While it is tranquil, it has a sense of uniqueness in it. Perhaps your thoughts
are different now. That is because… you are here with me. Right. I learn this song specially for you. If you like it, I can play it for you every day. Your kindness is much appreciated. Judging by your tone, are you not feeling well? I am fine.
I took my medicine. I must get some rest now.Rong Le.I will find a way to cheer you up.Lady Rong Le. Who sent this? Lady Xiang, this is from General Fu. Open it up. -You can leave now.
-Yes. What is this all about? Your Highness. His Highness has great
affection for me. It’s my birthday tomorrow. His Highness invited many
gentlemen and ladies… of noble families to
the Eastern Palace. I never thought they would
send so many presents. I have no idea where to
keep all of these. He is holding a feast for you
in the Eastern Palace? Indeed. You are not told about this? I was too busy
preparing for the feast. I forgot to inform you. I hope you are not offended. I am a mere commoner. I was hoping you can be
the host for the feast. Why am I even needed in this place? Even a mere courtesan is
getting more attention than me. Your Highness, don’t cross the line. What do you want? Let go of me! Let go! Guards! Take this insolent
woman out of here! Guards! Let go of me. You… -Xiang.
-Your Highness. How could you break
the present from General Fu? What? You! Get out! How could you hold a feast
for a mere courtesan in the palace? If His Majesty knows about this… His Majesty? Don’t you dare bring up his name. Zongzheng Wu You is exiled
and stripped of all ranks. My father asked for me to assist him. The throne will be
mine sooner or later. Nothing can stand in my way. While you are enjoying your success, the others have their eyes on
the Eastern Palace. Your Highness cannot be too arrogant. My lady, maybe you should think about yourself. Your father lost his authority. He has no power. If you dare lecture me with that tone, I will make sure to get rid of you. Xiang is always so generous. She can replace you sooner or later. Stop standing there. Get out of here.
I don’t want to see you. Scram. Xiang, are you hurt? Just ignore her. Tomorrow, you will become
the lady of the house. You will see to those guests for me. Thank you for defending me. -Miss Ling Yue.
-Why are you here? This is the medicine for Princess.
It just arrived. Make sure to prepare this
for Her Highness on time. I know both of you hate me. I have no mean to explain everything. You can hate me all you want. But please don’t hurt yourself
because of this. Mother! Princess. Princess, you are finally awake. I was so worried for
the past few days. Your Highness, it’s time
for your medicine. I am all right.
I don’t need this medicine. Princess, you were too busy recently, you passed out because
you didn’t take the medicine. If His Majesty hadn’t sent
this here to remind me, you would still be in a coma. He sent this? Yes, just the same as before. His Majesty orders his men
to send this here every month… to make sure you are well. I don’t know why he forced you
to marry General Fu, but His Majesty has
always cared for you. How is this medicine sent here? Captain Xiao gave this to me. He said he got it
from His Majesty’s men. Is this the original prescription? I didn’t check, I simply boiled it as ordered. Is there any of the herbs left? We used up all of it this month. There are still some
leavings in the pot. Bring them to me. One more thing. Get rid of this.
I am not drinking it. But Your Highness, you are ill. I don’t even know why I am ill,
how can I take this medicine? Your Highness, you mean something is off
with this medicine? I may not a skilled healer, but at least I know that… almost all headaches are spontaneous. I haven’t heard of a remedy
that must be taken every month. I am not sure… if I take this medicine
for the headache… or is the medicine
the cause of it. Your Highness, you mean
this is not a remedy? It’s some sort of poison
that gives you headache? I started to have flashes of memories
after I stop taking the medicine. If I stop taking it for good, maybe my amnesia and
headache will be cured. Sure, I will collect the leavings
right away and have a closer look. Also, keep this a secret
from Xiao Sha. The next time you get the medicine,
don’t boil it. Bring it to me. How may I help you, General Fu? These are… the tea leaves I got
from the merchant. I can see you are getting well. So, I am letting this master of tea
to review these tea. If there is something you like,
the teahouse can get a supply of it. Much appreciated. Give them a try. I can tell you really love this job. I am glad you do. This really isn’t
all that hard for me. You have my thanks. General Fu. What do you need? Lady Rong Le is not
an outsider. Speak. An invitation from His Highness.
It’s his new wife, Lady Xiang. General and Lady Rong Le
are invited to his feast.Lady Xiang?I am Hen Xiang,
from the House of Fragrance. Don’t you know Lady Rong Le
just got well? Tell them she is still ill. We’ll pay a visit some other time. -Yes.
-Wait. I can go. It’s the birthday of His Highness’
favourite consort, and we are both invited. We shouldn’t turn down
this invitation. I don’t want this to bring you
any trouble. Are you willing to meet
the guests with me? I don’t want to be cooped up
in here all day. Besides, I will carry out
the promise I made. There is nothing to be worried. I will make sure to do the same. I want to go out today. Send these tea leaves to Moon Embrace. I don’t think it’s convenient
to leave on your own. What is that supposed to mean? Don’t take this wrongly. What I meant was… it’s not convenient for a patient
to go out on her own. How about this? Let Xiao Sha go with you. Okay. Stay safe. Understood. Mistress. Chen Yu. I have a task that concerns
my very life for you. Are you willing to help me out? I once sworn… to do anything I can
to repay your kindness. I don’t need you to repay me. But after thinking
about it back and forth, I feel like you are the only one
I can trust… and the best for this mission. I have Xiao Sha distracted. Only the two of us know about this. Whatever you need, Mistress. Do you know any trustworthy doctors? It’s better if they are
also great herbalists. I need you to find out
if there is anything wrong… with these herbs leavings.


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