【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 23. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

【ENG SUB】《白发 | Princess Silver》Ep 23. 张雪迎、李治廷、经超、罗云熙

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” Princess Silver ” Episode 23 Xiang, what’s wrong? Lady Xiang seems to be
in the mood for wine. Stop drinking. I just remembered. I visited you many times, but I never met your wife. I shall meet her right now.
With such a good wine, we must share it together. Xiang, you are so thoughtful. Take your time. I have something important
to discuss with General Fu. Go on. Watch out. Much appreciated , Lady Xiang. However, my wife doesn’t drink. Let me take you to her. General Fu. Xiang, go to her on your own. General Fu, you slay the enemies
without hesitation. But you are so indecisive
when it comes to women. You can learn more
about women from me. They just like clothings. They keep you warm in the winter, in other occasions,
they can be shown off. But the clothings… must be disposed of
when time calls for it. It’s just a clothing. There is no need to hesitate. Your Highness? Your Highness? Your Highness, are you all right?
You are drunk. Let me put this away for you. If General Fu sees this,
you will have a fight again. So be it then! I am not afraid. A fight is not against the rules.
I have nothing to fear. Relax. I will obey the rules and
stay inside the manor. He can lock me up, but he can never have my heart. I don’t even know
if my heart is mine! You don’t even own your heart? How dare you still live in here. Get out of here! Lady Xiang! Lady Xiang, she is drunk.
Can you come here another time? Stand aside! Even a servant like you
is giving me order. I am not. Don’t you have the
slightest respect for me? No, that is not what I meant. Lady Xiang? Your Highness,
should I get General Fu? No! You are his wife. His heart is all yours. How could you be thinking
about another man? He couldn’t even let you get hurt. He will lose his mind
if he sees this wooden doll! I can’t let you break his heart. I can’t let him see this doll! -Give it to me!
-No! Hand it over! You have no right to hurt him! I can’t love him. I can’t marry him. I can’t even meet him. All I can do is to keep him
inside my heart. You are married to General Fu. You heart should be his alone. You are married to the Crown Prince. But I had no choice. The choice wasn’t mine to make! Same goes for me. It wasn’t me that chose him. It was you. You disguised as me
and chose to marry him. If you love him so much, why don’t you stay by his side? Why don’t you live in
this manor with him? Don’t you think I wanted that? I loved him since I was a child. I wanted to marry him… so I could spend my life with him. I gave up myself for him willingly… and marry the Crown Prince. What about you? You took him away from me so easily. You took his heart. You robbed me of the dream
to live in here! Do you really think
this is a cosy house? It’s nothing but another prison. I can barely breathe in here. I feel like I am being
watched all the time. What have I done to deserve this? You thought he is mine. But he sees me as his pawn, not his wife. Every time I questioned him, he put on that candid look for me. He looked at me with pity. He made me feel like it’s my fault
for not forgiving him. We are just the same. We never get to make our own choice. The Eastern Palace… is also another cage. I can’t meet the people I miss. But I have to be with
the man I hate every day. I don’t even have someone
I can talk to heart-to-heart. I don’t know who I am. I don’t know where my home is. I don’t know my family. Right. Where is my home? Where is my family? Your Highness. This is the important matter
you spoke of? How is it? General Fu, I worked my fingers
to the bone for this. I met with all the nobles’ daughters
that are close to me. I hand-picked a dozen of them. I even got a painter
to draw their portrait. General Fu. You have a keen insight
for choosing women. Lady Rong Le is indeed gorgeous. So, I am putting you in charge
of choosing the lady. But the lady I chose might not
to Prince Zhen Bei’s liking. You should let him do the picking
or you can do it yourself. Me? No way. I know how to cherish a fair lady. Let’s say I chose this lady here. I couldn’t bear to let her
be married to Chen. General Fu, you should make the decision on this. You are loyal to your lover. Your heart won’t waver
even if you chose. -But…
-Enough of this chatter. The risk is imminent for us. Zongzheng Wu You actually
came back in one piece. Not only did he
come back with victory, he even saved Prince Zhen Bei
a couple of days ago. If he gets ahead of us… and recommends someone
on his side to the Prince, the forces of Chen
will be on his side. We will be sitting ducks. Your concerns are true. General. I heard story that at Lake Qingliang, Prince Zhen Bei was not
the only one he saved. He came to your wife’s rescue
in front of everyone. He is declaring an
open challenge to you. There is a feast
in the palace tomorrow. On the outside, everyone was invited
to view the flowers. But it was actually meant to
pick a bride for Prince Zhen Bei. Your Highness, you mean… you have your lady ready there? Not only did I arrange a lady
for Prince Zhen Bei, I also prepared a
great show for Wu You. I will make him fall hard. A comeback will be impossible. What is this great show you mentioned? You will find out tomorrow. Right, General Fu. I am leaving Hen Xiang here
in your house for the night. -What?
-Just one night. My wife’s family is here. Her family may have fallen from grace, but her mother is like a demon! She is terrifying. If she finds out about Hen Xiang, she will charge straight
to His Majesty. Just a few days ago,
she snitched on me to my mother. We are in a tough spot. Zongzheng Wu You has been trying
to get leverage on me. I can’t be involved in trouble. This is all too sudden.
I didn’t talk to my wife about this. Didn’t you always say your wife
has a generous heart? I am sure she will agree. Besides, it’s just one night. General! -What’s wrong?
-General! Bad news, Lady Xiang and
Lady Rong Le got into a fight! What? Let’s go! They are fighting? Wait for me! Rong Le? Rong Le? But… But they were fighting just now. General. What did I tell you? I told you your wife
will agree with this. Look at how close they are now. They might even become
best friends in the future. From now on, I can hide Hen Xiang
in your house at any time. Let’s go. The Empress arrives! Greetings, Your Majesty. Make yourself at home
at this gathering. At ease. Thank you, Your Majesty. I invited all of you here… to have some joyous moments
at the Imperial Garden… and a special arrangement. I ordered my men to hide
a treasure in the garden. Princess Rong Le, there is a treasure. Anything that catches
Her Majesty’s eyes must be precious. Prince Zhen Bei brought it here
all the way from Chen. It’s priceless and delicate. It’s one of a kind. As for what it is and
where it is hidden, you must find it yourself. Anyone who finds the treasure… can own the treasure granted by
Prince Zhen Bei himself. Very well. I shall wait
for your good news. I took enough of your time. Make yourselves at home. Princess Rong Le. Can you help me with
the treasure hunt? I really want that treasure. It depends on fate’s plan for you. You cannot force it. Besides, what if you
find the treasure… but you don’t like it? Princess, you misunderstood. I am not getting
that treasure for myself. I have everything I need. I am giving it to someone else. It this a present for Wu Yu? It’s not that I wanted
that treasure for him, but it really does suit him well. How? Do you know what the treasure is? It’s just my guess. I am almost certain of it. The most precious item in Chen
is the Ferghana horse. But the horse can’t be
hidden in the garden. It would either be a horse bit
or a horse whip. Wu Yu loves to ride on horse. The very first time I met him… was when he bumped
into me on a horse. This means a lot for me and Wu Yu. Don’t you think it’s
the best present for him? It is indeed meant for you and Wu Yu. Our little Zhao Yun has grown up. You became so thoughtful and sensible. You even learned to make
your loved one happy. Princess Rong Le, you are making fun of me
just like that brat Wu Yu. Greetings, Lady Rong Le. Princess Zhao Yun. Miss Sun, are you here
for the treasure hunt too? Wu Yu told me that… you were getting along very well
with Wu You in Qingzhou. If you want to give
this treasure to Wu You, you might as well
stop wasting your time. Prince Li was treating me very well. I am not one of those nobles
that was invited here. It was Prince Li that brought me here. Miss Sun, do you need
my help on something? Yes. Zhao Yun. I have a little too
much wine last night. I am feeling under the wind. You can go on without me.
I’ll be waiting. Princess Rong Le,
you drank last night? Do you need to go home for some rest? I am fine.
I am just feeling a little dizzy. A little break will do.
Go on. Princess Rong Le. If you see Wu Yu later on, do not tell him I am hunting
this treasure for him. Fine, you can go now. Get it before someone else does. So long. I heard that because General Fu… spends most of his work
on the battlefield, he never drinks… as he wants to focus on work. I thought he always
upholds his gravity… and was a man of discipline. Who would have thought he actually
drinks and writes poetry with you? I envy your life. Miss Ya Li, is there something
you wish to talk to me? I heard from the Empress
a few days ago. You have quite some
knowledge regarding teas. I was hoping you can
give me some lessons. I like drinking tea. But I am no expert. You can come to my house if you want. We can have tea together. Greetings, Lady Rong Le. My lady, the Empress asked for you. Please come with me. Miss Sun, you must excuse me.Isn’t this the handmaiden
that serves Her Majesty?
What did she say to the Crown Prince?Greetings, Lady Rong Le. Her Majesty will be here soon. I am terribly sorry. I will bring you some
clean clothes right away. Please, head to the inner room
to get changed. I must go now. Brother, you are very smart. What present should
I get for Zhao Yun? You are marrying her, not me. Besides, she doesn’t care
about the present. Brother, here is something
you don’t understand. A woman’s heart is like
the needle in a haystack. She will tell you
the value doesn’t matter, she only cares about your love. But in reality, get her a
branch and see what happens. She will definitely turn you down. Even if she accepts it,
she will still hold a grudge. You’ll see. Brother, what present
should I get for Zhao Yun? Maybe I can carve a wooden doll
for her too. Where is my doll? That is mine, give it back! Yours? I don’t see your name on it. Why would that be necessary? The is clearly me! Open your eyes and look closely. I am sorry. I don’t see any resemblance
of you in this doll. You! My brother is amazing as always.
He got the doll back for me. Prince Zhen Bei, this is indeed
my brother’s belonging. I could tell right away
it was Prince Chen. But I haven’t had any fight
in a while. Now that I met him, I merely want to test
my skill against his. Prince Li, Her Majesty asked for you. You must excuse me. This way, please. Man Yao? What happened to you? Man Yao? Your Highness, I apologise for that. Miss Sun? Miss Sun, you ran into me. How do you make up for that? Your Highness! General Fu? Crown Prince. You have important matter to see to. Do not be distracted
by something so trivial. Yes, thank you for reminding me. I have an important job to do today. Your Highness,
everything is in place now. General Fu, my grand plan is done. Come on, everyone! Join me for this grand show! Come on. Pick up the pace.Not only did I arrange a lady
for Prince Zhen Bei,
I also prepared a
great show for Wu You.
I will make him fall hard. A comeback will be impossible. General Fu, the servant from earlier
took Lady Rong Le with her. What? Hurry up! What is going on? Your Highness! Your Highness! Your Highness. -Hurry up.
-Your Highness! Didn’t you say it will
be a great show? Why didn’t you bring me along? You came just in time. Let me show you how to catch
someone in bed red-handed. Your Highness. Why would it be such a show
in the Imperial Garden? General Fu. All you ever see is the
tactical layout on battlefield. You have no idea how
debauched people can be in here. Let me show you
how it is done today. Let me show you the enemy… and who you ally is. Perhaps the only man
who can’t see the enemy… is you, Your Highness. General. You can dodge the enemy’s arrow, but you can’t if it’s from your ally. Especially the one who
share the bed with you. While you are basked
in her gentle embrace, your end is drawing close to you. Your Highness. -Your Highness.
-Let’s go. But… But… Where is Zongzheng Wu You? There is someone on the bed. It’s show time! Zongzheng Wu You? But… Where is he? Where is he? Where is he? Zongzheng Wu You. Curse him! Chun Hua, Qiu Yue! How dare you lie to me! Your Highness, I did see Prince Li… and Lady Rong Le come
into this room. I didn’t know what they were doing. Where is Prince Li? I have heard rumours about
her affair with Prince Li. I never thought they would do
something so shameless in the palace. Right under General Fu’s nose! -Indeed.
-Where is he? If I can’t find him here,
I’ll make you pay dearly! Your Highness, there is
a bathroom behind this. Yes, they must be in the bath! Exciting! This is exciting! Stand aside! Make way! Your Highness. This door leads to the bathroom. Charging in there
doesn’t seem adequate. General, you heard
what the servants said. Your wife and Zongzheng Wu You
are committing adultery! Are you really going to defend
a woman that cheats on you? Do you think I would
believe my own wife… or the handmaidens
that spread rumours? We will know who to believe
once we go in there. Your Highness, what if… you charge into the room… and my wife is the only one there? Your Highness, that would be very indecent of you. His Majesty is mad at Your Highness
because of Lady Xiang. Do you really want to cross the line? I have always been a righteous man. Even if my father misunderstands me, I must catch that shameless
Zongzheng Wu You! I do have a plan
that works for us both. Let me go in there myself. If my wife is the only
person in there, Your Highness gets to
retain your honour. If there is another man in there,
I’ll be sure to deal with him. Don’t you have faith in me? You do have a point. It would also be more exhilarating
if you catch them in the bed! I assure you, I will explain everything
to His Majesty, that includes your pain, anger… and the desperation
after you see what’s inside. General, I shall be waiting here. If you need any help,
just let me know. Don’t hold back. Go on. Yes. No. No. General Fu. Did you see any sign
of Zongzheng Wu You? You… How could you be so careless
and fell into the water? You will catch a cold in there. How about this? You can put on my clothes. I will be waiting out there. Let’s go home together.It never ends, love will fade.The blossoms fall,
and I waited in silence.
I cling onto the past
despite the pains.
I won’t let our love be a regret.Live without sorrow,
die without any hate.
This is the leniency that
you’ve shown me.
We are not holding hands,
but you are holding my heart.
Although this might not be forever,I’ve locked you in my heart
and I’ve locked you in my dream.
It’s my fault…for falling in love with you.General Fu. Zongzheng Wu You is not in there? You worried too much. This may sound hilarious to you, but my wife slipped
and fell into the water. So, she took a bath here. My wife is the only one in there. General Fu. Are you trying to defend her? No, I must go in there myself. You conspired for corruption
and sell the ranks for profit. You killed Minister Yu’s whole family. You failed to kill Prince Li
in Qingzhou with assassin. And now you use
incense to drug him. If His Majesty knows about these, who do you think will get punished? His Highness has a point. In that case, please go in there
and have a look. Forget it! It’s getting warm in here. I am sweating! I am going back to take a bath! Get back to your work!
Don’t you have better things to do? -Dismiss!
-Wait. How do we punish the two servants
that lied to us just now? Your Highness! We were just following your order! Spare us! -Guards!
-Have mercy! Take these liars out of here! -Please, spare us!
-Have mercy on us! -Out!
-Have mercy on us! General Fu. If it’s inconvenient, I can help Lady Rong Le get changed. This is my family matter. I should handle this myself. Is someone really behind this screen? He even went so far to tolerate her? I apologise for my manner. General Fu. Chang Jian. From now on, you will take Xiang Ying’s job. After my wife comes out, send her back to the house. Yes. Are you all right? I am fine. Your Highness! Your Highness! The snow falls on my palm. I just want to gaze
at you one more time. I wait for the warmth of your gaze… to melt it. I am destined to fail as I met you. You need to go now. You are keeping me out with your care. Although we are together, I feel lost. I will wait even if it takes forever. I endure all the loneliness
just for you. I will be your hearth
in the coldest of places. Lady Rong Le, the carrier is ready. This way, please. I will be with you as
I gave you all of me. Please, stay away from my wife. Please, keep her from harm. Where are they hiding the treasure? Did someone get it before I do? Shouldn’t you be at the front garden
for your archery contest? I just want… What exactly do you want? It’s nothing serious. Don’t bother me then. I am looking for treasure. I found the treasure
you were looking for. You found it? Do you like it? The treasure you want is in my hand. Give me your hand. -Wu Yu!
-Do you like it? I am trying to find the treasure… and you are getting in my way! You want the treasure from
another man and not mine? Is it not pricey enough for you? Does the treasure
really worth that much? Do you really think I want
the treasure for myself? Do you really take me
as a gold-digger? -But…
-Princess Zhao Yun. To express his gratitude to you
for saving his life at the lake, Prince Zhen Bei invites you
to the side palace. She is not going. It’s all thanks to
your weird treasure. Why would you want to hide it?
Are you out of your mind? It’s just stinking trinket.
What’s the big deal? I bet even if you give it to someone, no one would bat an eye. I will. I am going to get that treasure. Stop following me around! I am not following you! You will regret this! You can’t find the treasure
unless you go to the side palace. Stinking brat!
Stinking Wu Yu! I am working so hard
to find the treasure for him! And he thinks otherwise.
What a fool. Where could that treasure be? Why can’t I find it? Wu Yu, what are you up to this time? A gift from the heaven!


  1. 12:12 lol That's new, usually the jealous woman always try to kill her love rival. These two end up drunk and sleeping it off together….it's refreshing.

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