1971 D Silver Planchet Error Found?  Interesting Find For Sure!

1971 D Silver Planchet Error Found? Interesting Find For Sure!

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can you spot the silver in this roll? Because I sure can’t… Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I don’t know what to do with this middle coin let me go ahead and shoot you a clip of what I
found this guy and why I’m confused so I’m hunting the rest of the half
dollars from my live stream I wasn’t going to do it but I figured it’s only
about 19 rolls might as well go ahead and just take a look inside and return
to the bank if we find nothing we’ve been funding Silver in every box so I was optimistic that maybe I’d find some silver just finish dumping the first
roll I pop open the second roll guys and I’ve already looked but when I first saw
it I thought wow that is looking really good and it looks like old silver so I
went ahead and pulled it out it’s gotta be luck of the draw and I see the back
it definitely looks silver there’s no demon mark no nothing when I flip it
around it’s a 71 d it’s a 71 d and I’m like is that silver I don’t know so I
brought up my errors and varieties book you guys know I love this book strike it
rich with pocket change and of course the 71 D is a known variety on a silver
planet so I thought that’s weird and so I’m checking all this the error should be
eleven point five grams not eleven three four like clad that’s a little
misleading though because as they wear away they do tend away a little bit less
and anyway I’ve waited and it weighs like a cloud it weighs
like a clad but it looks a lot like silver so I’m gonna need to do some
further investigation on this I only bring you in because I’ve never ran
across this so I’ll probably have to do a gravity test on it probably the best
thing to do I wish it weighed 11.5 because then we’d be certain but it’s
odd it could be wrapped with something I don’t know I got a look at it under the
scope this is just my first bring you in until I find a little more about this
coin all right so as you can see I found this in a rope and at first I thought no
matter what I found myself some old silver I was already thinking to myself
have I found my first barber could it possibly be an old Walker maybe it’s
even a Warren Ben Franklin and as you saw as I exposed it
I noticed the back looked silver the edge looks silver and when I flipped it
around expecting to see either a 1964 or maybe just a really odd looking 40%
we got a 71 d it doesn’t sound silver it doesn’t weigh silver but it also
doesn’t look silver-plated it’s so odd so the jury’s still out on
this one let me know what your guys’s thoughts
are what do you think could it possibly be silver plated and I’m just missing
that but it’s definitely an oddity and the fact that it’s not been pulled out
of circulation is also odd because even if I weigh it and even if I deem it’s
not a silver half-dollar which it probably isn’t it’s still odd enough
that I would add it to my collection as at least a conversation piece there is
no clad showing on this but it weighs up as clad and it sounds like clad
anyway the search continues could I possibly have a 71 d silver planchette I
doubt it everything is telling me it’s not
but without a specific gravity test there’s no way to rule it
out completely although it’s all but ruled out hopefully you enjoyed this
quick little discovery if you did I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching


  1. Decided to hunt the last 19 rolls from my Live Stream Half Dollar Box and found an interesting find to say the least… Could it be a 1971 D Silver Half Dollar Mint Error? Likely not – more likely to be a well made silver plated clad coin, but still had me going nonetheless…

    It weighs in as clad, rings as clad BUT looks and feels like silver…

    Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

    Thanks for watching.

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    Thanks for watching and happy hunting!

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    Do you only search for silver or do you also check for proofs, errors and low mintage years?

    How many silver half dollars do you average in a box? Do you mostly see 40% silver or 90% silver? What's your BEST find in a box of halves?

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  2. I would say that it is most likely not hence it ways about .25 grams less under the confirmed weight of a 40 percenter but it will strike up a nice conversation tough:)

  3. I don't think it's silver. Sounds like clad and that edge was so worn down, someone made that look silver on purpose. Would be awesome if it was though.

  4. Not a common find for sure. But, probably someone silver plated it to make it look weird. But since the reeded edge is so shallow it MAY be silver soldered. Good luck on finding out more.

  5. Check here… https://www.pcgs.com/auctionprices/item/1971-d-50c/6717/-5092678025817527179 this person found an 11.3 gram 1971 half. Getting closer to what you have…

  6. Very strange, nice find RFT A great coin for the weird pile or an extra album. Thanks for the video, happy hunting & have a great night!

  7. Rob…I have the same thing going on with a 1979 Kennedy half,that has a high toned ring to it,and i also have a 71-D that i took to my local coin shop that has a gun that tells you what type of metal it is,BUT THE GUY WOULDN'T USE IT,AND ALSO SAID MINE WAS CLAD,AND MINE HAS THE SAME SILVER SHINE…..let me know what you find out about yours.Good luck and i'll do the same if i find out something as well.

  8. What the heck type of half dollar is that looks like a silver vase like you're clad 1971-d that's so weird 🤔🤨🤨🤨🤔🤔🤔🤔🤨🤨 anyway cool

  9. Interesting. Maybe silver plated 30 years ago and held on to someone's collection for a while. Either way, it's a great coin to hold on to.

  10. You could possibly check it with a strong magnet. if you have a strong enough magnet that really sticks hard to metal and is had to pull, you can put the coin on the magnet if it slides very slowly in a tipped position, to fall off the magnet… it is definitely silver.

  11. Rob you can always do the ice cube test, put an ice cube on it, if it melts quickly, it’s silver, if not , it’s not. Silver Is the highest conductor of heat of any metal, ice will melt faster on it than in your hand

  12. Interesting piece for sure. Reeded edge looks suspicious. I'm guessing a fake but would definitely research it. Nice find.

  13. Wow nice, a few years ago I found a silver bicentennial proof and it confused my dad and I, took us a while to figure out what it was

  14. That's would have made my heart skip a beat seeing that it's a possibility in the book. Good luck and take care.

  15. Put a drop of nick a date on it. If it is silver, it will turn black. If it isn't silver, it will look like an acid treated buffalo.

  16. Rob, at about 2:41 / 2:42 you can see some clad just under that wrap you mentioned. It would have been awesome if it was real. Just Dumb pranksters… I've found halves (twice) that are painted silvery on purpose with the word "psyche" on them. 😂 it's so jacked up but kinda funny!

  17. I found a 1971 no mint mark that looks like silver and weights like silver at 11.22 grams the same as a 1969 40% silver coin??????????

  18. Did you drop it on a table? That’s the easiest way to tell. Silver sounds like silver clad doesn’t sound like silver

  19. 1971 is supposed to be clad right? well if you have a 90% then it's worth more then my 40% silver. plus the rims are all bubbly like mine.

  20. i also don't buy the weight theory either. i have a book of all kennedy half dollars and the 1964 weighs 12.5, 12.42 and 12.46. The 65 weighs 11.56. The 66 weighs 11.59. The 67 weighs 11.60. The 68 weighs 11.55. 69-11.46. the 1977's – 11.14 and 11.24. 1971's-11.13 and 11.33 is my wrong planchet error. 1971 D.

  21. Could be a magic coin mule with a 40% silver bottom and rim and a 71D top inside the bottom rim… who knows.

  22. I just started on my first half dollar box last night and in my 2nd or 3rd roll I had this same exact issue. What's the verdict?

  23. Hi Rob! If you still have this half dollar, please look into foreign planchets just in case. Throughout the 20th century, the U.S. Mint was contracted to mint coins for a number of different countries. These were made at the U.S. Mint facilities along with regular coins, so there are known examples of U.S. coins struck on these foreign planchets. I believe there are lists online of exactly which denominations for which countries were struck in a given year. If you can't find the lists, please let me know and I'll see what information I have.

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