3 Amazing Things To Do After You Die!

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When I die, I want to
be stuffed and turned into a robot on the Pirates
of the Caribbean ride. You cannot actually do that. But there are some
other awesome things you can do with
your own dead body. Anthony here for D News,
and why just get buried. That is boring. And also as the population grows
and land becomes more valuable, getting buried in a cemetery
is just sort of wasteful. There just isn’t space for them. About 76 million Americans
will hit life expectancy in the next 10
years, and it’s going to take a space the size of
Las Vegas to bury them all. There is not room for
this kind of stuff. Even in countries like England,
where 70% of the population is cremated, things
are getting tight. Plus, the human body
is full of all kinds of amazing useful things,
so as a public service, here are the coolest things
you can do with your body instead of burying it. You’ve got a lot
of carbon in you. All living things do. You just so happen to be
about 18% to 24% carbon. So why not get yourself
turned into a diamond? A company like LifeGem
will use chemicals to extract the carbon from your
ashes, turn it into graphite, and then throw it into a chamber
that mimics the intense heat and pressure at the
center of the Earth. And in a couple weeks, boom! You’re a precious gem. I mean, as far as I’m
concerned, you already were. But now you are literally. So what now? Well, you could be
the ghost inside of a haunted ring,
which is cool. Or you could potentially be
part of an nanoscopic MRI or a quantum computer. UC Santa Barbara
researchers think that sheets of synthetic
diamonds patterned with nitrogen atoms could make
computers about a million times more efficient than silicon. And the atomic
impurities of them might make them the
perfect candidate to be the building block of tiny
magnetic field detectors which could be injected
into the human body to allow us more precise
medical scans than ever. So just get yourself turned
into a pile of diamonds, and send yourself to
the nearest college. Does that sound too
pedestrian, too useful? How about just shooting
your ashes into space? For $2,000, Elysium Space will
launch a vial of your cremated remains off into
the final frontier. The company was founded
by an ex-NASA employee, and the cost
includes a mobile app that will let your
loved ones track your endless voyage
to the stars. But if you want to
stay closer to home, rival company
Celestis will put you on a satellite orbiting
the earth for $5,000. Now some of you might
be saying, wait, if we are trying to save
the Earth’s resources, why are we buying into something
that takes as much energy as a spacecraft launch? To which I say,
“Spaaaace!” [FADES AWAY] But if you’re looking to be
carbon neutral even in death, maybe you want to die in Sweden,
specifically Halmstad, Sweden. When locals wondered
about the pollution from the town’s
crematorium, city officials came up with a plan. Using the furnace
from the crematorium to power homes in the town. Just a tiny, adorable, little
power plant run on dead people. One last way for your
Nissan LEAF-driving friends to show their superiority
to you before they go into the great beyond. By the way, my idea of being
stuffed, that is not legal. But you can be mummified,
though a sarcophagus is going to take up much
more space than a coffin. The lovely people of
Summum will do it for you for the sum of $67,000. You know, you would think
for that much money, they can afford
a better website. I am still undecided, other
than being an organ donor. What do you want to do with
your body when you die? Let me know down below. You can also check out a link
to an article from the Discovery News blog with even more
ideas for dead bodies.

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