7 Most Daring Heists

7 Most Daring Heists

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From a notorious diamond theft to a brazen
bank robbery, here are 7 most daring heists: Number 7 Antwerp Diamond Heist
On February 15 to 16, 2003, a crew lead by Leonardo Notabartolo stole over $100 million
worth of Diamonds, gold and jewellery from the Antwerp World Diamond Center, in Belgium. Notabartolo was the head of a network of thieves
calling itself ‘The School of Turin’. The vault that the crew hit had infrared heat
detectors, a seismic detector, a magnetic field, a Doppler radar and a lock with 100
million combinations. Notabartolo rented an apartment in the diamond
center, which provided a tenant ID card and 24-hour access to the building where the stones
were kept. He also gained access to a safe deposit box
inside the vault, posing, for credibility, as an Italian diamond merchant. When the crew hit the vault, they forced open
numerous safe deposit boxes and stole the surveillance footage before making off with
the goods. The heist remains, to this day, one of the
largest robberies in history and the stolen diamonds were never recovered. Notabartolo was connected to the robbery and
arrested via DNA evidence from a partially eaten salami sandwich found at the scene. Number 6 Millennium Dome Raid
The Millennium Dome raid took place during a diamond exhibition in Greenwich, South East
London. The crew planned on stealing several precious
stones that were on display and then to escape on a speedboat via the Thames. On November 7, 2000, four members of the gang
entered the exhibition wearing gas masks and full body armor. They started throwing smoke bombs. The crew used sledgehammers and a high-powered
nail gun to try and break into the display case where the precious stones were held. The plan was working and, according to one
of the robbers ‘I was twelve inches from pay day. It would have been a blinding Christmas.’ However, unaware to them, the authorities
had been surveilling the crew’s moves for some time. Over two hundred officers were involved in
what was called ‘Operation Magician’. All of the Dome’s employees had been replaced
by armed undercover officers. The robbers and their getaway speedboat driver
were arrested before they could make their escape. Had they succeeded, they would have made off
with over $450 million-worth of precious stones. Quiz Question
Before we continue with our list of daring heists, it’s time for our quiz question. Which of these jewels was the Dome robbers’
main target? Was it:
The Millennium Star The Hope Diamond
The Black Orlov The Cullinan Diamond
Let us know what you think in the comment section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Number 5 Nice Bank Robbery
Masterminded by Albert Spaggiari, this bank robbery took France by storm, in 1976. The safe at the Societe Generale bank in Nice
was considered impenetrable, which is why Spaggiari devised a plan to break into it
from below. He rented a safe deposit box and planted a
loud alarm clock inside, to check for any acoustic or seismic detection technology. There weren’t any alarms protecting the
vault, because there weren’t any access points, beyond its thick doors. For the next two months, Spaggiari and his
crew dug a 26-foot tunnel from the sewers to the vault floor. During the long weekend of Bastille Day, on
July 16, 1976, they broke into the vault itself. They took hours opening more than 400 safe
deposit boxes, in what was the largest bank heist in history up to that point. The crew reportedly sat down for a picnic
lunch inside the vault, after welding its doors shut from the inside. Before they took off, they left a message
on the walls of the vault, which read ‘without weapons, hatred or violence’. Spaggiari was caught but later escaped from
the courtroom by jumping out the window as a getaway motorcycle rider was waiting for
him outside. He was never brought to justice again and
allegedly died of throat cancer in Italy, in the summer of 1989. None of the valuables he and his crew stole
were ever recovered. Number 4 Vincenzo Peruggia
While Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa is widely considered to be priceless, it holds the world
record for the highest known insurance valuation in history. In 1962 it was valued at $100 million, which,
as of the making of this video, would be adjusted to roughly $840 million. This would make the theft of the Mona Lisa
the most expensive heist of all time. The man responsible was Vincenzo Peruggia. In 1911, the former Louvre worker entered
the museum disguised as an employee, wearing a white smock. He waited until the room where the painting
hung was empty. Then, Peruggia took the Mona Lisa off the
wall and to a nearby staircase. He removed the protective case and frame,
wrapped the painting in his smock and tucked it under his arm. Peruggia left the building through the employees’
entrance, the same he way he’d come in. He still had the painting in his Paris apartment
when the police came to question him, but they accepted his alibi. Then, for two years he hid the Mona Lisa in
his apartment in Florence, Italy. Growing impatient, he contacted the director
of the Uffizi Gallery, who subsequently authenticated the painting. He, along with another gallery owner then
took the painting from Peruggia, for ‘safekeeping’, and called the authorities. Peruggia was arrested and the Mona Lisa had
a celebrated return to the Louvre. The headlines that the theft, and subsequent
recovery had generated, only added to its fame. Peruggia argued that he’d stolen the renowned
work so that it would be returned to its homeland, after it had been stolen by Napoleon. Despite his claim of patriotism, there’s
some evidence that he expected a reward for doing so. Nevertheless, he was hailed as a great patriot
in Italy and given a lenient sentence, of which he only served seven months in jail. Perhaps Peruggia didn’t know that the Mona
Lisa had been initially given as a gift to France’s King Francis I, by da Vinci himself,
when he became a painter at his court. Number 3 DB Cooper
DB Cooper became a sort of folk hero in the US and authored what’s possibly the most
daring heist on our list. The day before Thanksgiving, in 1971, a man
in a suit bought a ticket on Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 305, from Portland to Seattle. He gave his name as Dan Cooper, a fake name,
which the media would later misinterpret as DB Cooper. Shortly after the plane took off, the man
gave one of the flight attendants a note saying that he had a bomb in his briefcase. Then he opened it, revealing a battery attached
to numerous wires and red sticks. DB Cooper demanded four parachutes as well
a ransom of $200,000 in $20 bills. The authorities complied when the plane landed
in Seattle and Cooper released 36 passengers. However, he forced a flight attendant, a flight
engineer and two pilots to remain on the plane. Copper ordered the pilots to take off with
a course for New Mexico. During the flight, he ordered the pilots to
keep it under 10,000 feet and slower than 230 mph. At around 8 PM, somewhere between Seattle
and Reno, Cooper opened the rear stairs and jumped out of the plane. He was never seen again. Cooper left behind only his tie, which, in
the years that followed, the FBI tried to match with the DNA of several suspects. The identity of DB Cooper was never discovered. Some say he didn’t survive the parachute
jump, due to the strong winds, but his remains were never found. The FBI officially terminated its DB Cooper
investigation in 2016. Quiz Answer
So, what was the robber’s most coveted stone? As you probably guessed from its name, the
exhibition’s main attraction was A, the Millennium Star. Considered one of the most perfect gems in
the world, the flawless 203.4 carat diamond was estimated at over $260 million. Number 2 Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum Theft
13 works of art, by Rembrandt, Manet, Degas and others, with a combined value of $500
million, were stolen on March 18, 1990 from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. It’s the largest-valued theft of private
property in history. ‘The Concert’ by Vermeer, valued at $200
million was the most valuable stolen painting. The works had been purchased by collector
Isabella Stewart Gardner and left on permanent display at the museum, along with the rest
of her collection. Around midnight, two men, who posed as police
officers responding to a disturbance call, were allowed entry into the museum by the
security guards. Once inside, they handcuffed the guards and
began stealing artwork. In a heist that lasted about 81 minutes, they
made two trips to their getaway car before disappearing. Their last words to the guards were ‘You’ll
be hearing from us in about a year’, but nobody ever did. No works have been recovered and no arrests
have been made in the case, despite extensive efforts by the FBI. In homage to the stolen works, their empty
frames still hang in the museum. A reward of 10$ million was extended into
2018 for information leading to the recovery of the artwork. Experts were puzzled by the thieves’ choices
of artwork, especially since more valuable pieces were left untouched. Number 1 Oak Bay Bank Robber
In the 70s and 80s, Oak Bay was known as the bank robbery capital of British Columbia. The municipality had a modest population and
Oak Bay Avenue had several banks on it, which were often targeted by robbers. While the situation has quietened down in
recent years, occasional incidents seem to reflect Oak Bay’s past tribulations. Such was a case in 2015, when an unnamed 20-year-old
man entered a TD Canada Trust branch, passed the teller a note and made off with an undisclosed
amount of cash. He then drove off in a stolen 2013 Dodge Ram. The police tracked the truck to the parking
lot of a Wendy’s restaurant. They attempted to arrest the driver but he
backed up into a civilian vehicle, jumped a curb and fled the scene. The car was found about an hour later and
the suspect was tracked down and arrested, with the aid of a K9 officer. Thanks for watching? What other daring heists do you know? Tell us about them in the comment section


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