ADULTS REACT TO #TimesUp (Oprah’s Speech, Golden Globes, #MeToo)

ADULTS REACT TO #TimesUp (Oprah’s Speech, Golden Globes, #MeToo)

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♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – (FBE) So today, we’re gonna
be discussing #TimesUp… – Ooh, yes! Oh, I know
what that is. Mm-hmm. – (FBE) …a movement
against sexual harassment that was founded
just recently, but started to gain major visibility
at this year’s Golden Globes. – Yeah, I saw
that they wore all black. I understand what they’re doing, but this should’ve happened
a long time ago. – Now we gotta fight these people,
fight these problems and then change it.
– (FBE) So we’re gonna show some of the speeches
from this year’s Golden Globes related to the #TimesUp movement
and discuss it more after. – Oh, I’m gonna cry! (choked up) I am. I’m already… – (Laura) Thank you, HFPA.
– Laura Dern. – (Laura) …of joining
in the company of these extraordinary
fellow nominees who inspire me so deeply.
– Yup. – (Laura) Many of us
were taught not to tattle. – That’s true.
– (Laura) It was a culture of silencing
and that was normalized. – Yup.
– (Laura) I urge all of us to not only support survivors
and bystanders who are brave enough to tell their truth…
– She is so articulate. – (Laura) …but to promote
restorative justice. – That’s exactly right.
– (Laura) May we also please protect and employ them.
– That’s big. Employ them. – (Laura) May we teach our children
that speaking out… – Mm-hmm. It’s important
to speak out. – (Laura) …without the fear
of retribution is our culture’s new North Star.
– Yup. Get it, girl!
– I was also a child who was taught
not to tattle on people, and I never really understood that.
The fact that people are actually standing up
and saying that these things are going on
is very powerful. – Any place where you are made
to feel less than is a time to speak out.
And it is on us as the adults, as the parents in the world
to talk to our children about this. – (Frances) It was really great
to be in this room tonight… – Oh, I love her!
– I love her so much. – (Frances) …and to be a part
of the tectonic shift in our industry’s power structure.
– Yes. – (Frances) Trust me.
The women in this room tonight are not here for the food.
– (laughs) – (Frances) We are here
for the work. – Tell ’em!
– (Frances) Thank you. – Yup.
– It’s just a way of saying, there’s nothing material
that we’re here for that you’re giving us.
We’re just here to work and to express ourselves.
– The ways that we’re– women have been asked
to compromise their values and their integrity for a job
is really reprehensible, and so, really,
time is really up. – (Guillermo) We are honored…
– Oh, this was the best. – (Guillermo) …to be here
to present the award for Best Director.
– Get it, Natalie. – (Natalie) And here
are the all-male nominees. – Ohh!
– (Guillermo chuckles) – Oh! (laughs) – (Natalie) Here are
the all-male nominees. – Oh. (chuckles)
– That was so great. – I’m uncomfortable.
I’m uncomfortable. And you should be. – Natalie Portman
just threw the right shade at the right time,
and she’s right. In the history of the Golden Globes,
I think Barbara Streisand is the only female director
to ever win. – Guys are working really hard too,
and there’s good, hard-working guys as well as good, hard-working girls. I just think
that’s not really the problem. It’s the fact that
they’re not even getting an opportunity in there. – (Oprah) What I know for sure…
– There she is. – (Oprah) …speaking your truth…
– Ah, Oprah. – Yes, girl!
– Oprah. Oh my god, bless. – (Oprah) …speaking your truth
is the most powerful tool we all have.
– Yes! – (Oprah) And I’m especially proud
and inspired by all the women who have felt strong enough…
– Meryl’s like, “Go baby, go!” – (Oprah) But it’s not just a story
affecting the entertainment industry. It’s one that transcends
any culture, geography… – That’s the thing.
This is not– It’s not affecting
just one anything. – (Oprah) So I want tonight
to express gratitude to all the women
who have endured… – Yes!
– (Oprah) …years of abuse and assault…
– Thank you! – (Oprah) …because they,
like my mother, – Right.
– (Oprah) …had children to feed and bills to pay…
– That’s right. – (Oprah) …and dreams to pursue.
– Love this. I mean… – (Oprah) As we all have lived
too many years in a culture broken by brutally powerful men.
– Yup. – (Oprah) For too long,
women have not been heard or believed…
– That’s right. – (Oprah) …if they dared
to speak their truth to the power of those men. – Oh my gosh. – (Oprah) But their time is up.
– (crowd cheering) – Just how she talks, too.
Ah, gives me chills. – She’s the ultimate truth speaker.
– (Oprah) Their time is UP! – (claps) So good.
I love Oprah. Oh my god. – Stand up for her.
I stood up at home. (laughs) – Everyone’s standing up.
– (Oprah) Time is up. – (claps) – (Oprah) The truth
of so many other women who were tormented in those years
and even now tormented goes marching on.
– Speak it! – (Oprah) And it’s here
with every woman who chooses to say, “Me too”…
– (crowd cheers) – (Oprah) …and every man
who chooses to listen. So I want all the girls
watching here and now to know that a new day
is on the horizon! – It is. I think this is a moment
where women have more hope than they’ve had
in a very long time. – (Oprah) …new day finally dawns.
– See, if we were gonna have a famous person be a president,
why couldn’t it have been Oprah? – This is where Rock realized
that maybe vice president is gonna be his thing. (laughs) – (Oprah) …’cause of a lot
of magnificent women… – Yeah.
– (Oprah) …many of whom are right here in this room tonight.
– Yeah! – (Oprah) And some pretty
phenomenal men… – Right? It’s men too.
It’s all of us. – (Oprah) …that they become the leaders who…
– Common, that’s right, baby! You a good support. Tom Hanks! – (Oprah) …nobody ever
has to say, “Me too” again.
– That’s right. Ever again. Amen, Oprah.
Awomen, Oprah! – Oh my god, that’s so good.
It’s about damn time. – I teared up.
I was crying. I was clapping.
I was overjoyed at the moment coming together.
– I did tear up that night. I mean, I don’t know who didn’t. And I was watching it
with my daughter, so it just made it
that more precious. – I like the fact, though,
that she mentioned culture also, because what we fail to realize too,
yes, it was women, but they don’t understand
there were men who were also victims. So we need to take that
into consideration too. – (FBE) After this speech,
Oprah was the talk of social media with many saying she should
run for president. – Yeah. Oprah 2020.
I saw that hashtag too, and I was like,
I’m down. – (FBE) And there have since
been rumors she may consider it. – No [bleep] way! Hell yeah. – (FBE) But she hasn’t
said anything yet. What do you think about that?
– I think she should run. I’d totally vote for her.
– I’m not going to go as far as to say that she
should run the country, but dang, can she make a speech. – I have mixed emotions
about that, because I think we’re learning
from our current president that just because
you are a media personality and perhaps talented
in your own field, it doesn’t necessarily translate
to being a politician and to running a country.
– Right now, people are so hungry for positivity and for a leader
of any type to be uplifting. And if people wanna say,
“Go, Oprah 2020,” then that’s fine.
Let ’em hold on to that. – (FBE) All right, so
the #TimesUp initiative was created by many
working women in Hollywood in the wake of the sexual harassment
and assault scandals that shook the industry
over the last year that has finally come to light.
– Let’s [bleep] clean up Hollywood. I love it.
– We as women are not going back. It’s not gonna happen.
– Personally, for myself, posted a hashtag, #MeToo.
Even though the movement was started for women
to feel like they could speak out, I felt like I should too.
– #MeToo, #MeToo. I mean, I’ve been
in that situation myself and I speak out about it.
I’ve written about it in a blog that I have, because it’s important. – (FBE) Well, this mission
is to provide resources and support across all lines of work
to protect people against sexual harassment
and the fallout that comes when you report it.
– Right. – I’m starting to become
part of the mission. I’ve already donated
money to it. – (FBE) One of their first
direct actions was to call on all women at the Golden Globes
to wear black. – Okay, I heard of that, yeah.
– it’s a good starting point. Everyone should not
just wear black, obviously, like I do all the time,
but you know, speak out. – I love the fact
that they all wore black. It’s the tangible action
behind saying what you believe. – (FBE) For you, is this type
of harassment a big issue, not just in Hollywood?
– I think it’s everywhere. I mean, I don’t think
it’s just in the industry. – Harassment is
prominent everywhere. It doesn’t just apply to Hollywood.
I think Hollywood’s kind of calling it, because they
have a spotlight. – It’s unfortunate that women
have to deal with it and they feel pressure
that they have to stay quiet. Sometimes they even feel
like it’s their fault, you know, that it happened,
and that’s just ridiculous. – This is definitely a problem,
national, international, all over the world.
It would also benefit… I don’t know, I might
go out of my way on this one, but it might benefit some men too,
you know what I’m saying? Some men go through that too.
– I have been sexually harassed in the workplace,
and I didn’t say anything about it at all,
because I was like… I basically just said for myself,
“Whatever. It is what it is, and I’m a dude, so meh.
Doesn’t matter.” But then I stopped doing that. I stopped being quiet about it, because there’s no reason
that anybody should. – My life, you know,
since I was probably about five, I’ve had experiences where
that has been, you know what I mean, a hell for me. I’ve always been…
I’m gonna cry. (choked up) I’ve always been… Like, my life doesn’t have to be
ruined because of it. – And as a gay woman,
you know, I’ve had the inappropriate comments of,
well, you know, “You just haven’t
had the right man.” Or “You know, oh, I could”–
“You know, I’ve got”– “Listen, if you came over
to my place, I could really take care of that. I could [bleep] the lesbian
right out of you.” I’ve had that.
I’ve had inappropriate touching. I’ve had all of that.
When I say #MeToo, I mean #MeToo. – I’ve been in
that situation myself. This person I was chatting with
and flirting with and then, he followed me into a bathroom
and assaulted me. So let’s say that was
not something I asked for. And it was at a summer camp.
I got called in by the director, and when she asked me about it,
I said, “Well, you know, I was– I don’t know.
I was buzzed, actually.” So there were things,
parts of it, that I felt like, you know, were whatever,
somehow my fault. And she said to me,
“It is NOT your fault.” This movement is hopefully,
if it hopefully does what it should do,
takes that stigma out of it, and also for men out there that are doing this kind
of harassment to stop. – (FBE) There was also a lot
of backlash associated with the Golden Globes.
One subject getting a lot of attention is that though many men
wore patches in support of the movement, many were quick
to point out that none of the male winners
acknowledged the movement outright in their speeches.
– Ooh. Interesting. – (FBE) Some have felt the reason
is this was them not wanting to take away from
the women of the night. Others think the silence
is very telling of larger issues. In your opinion, did the men
handle things properly at the show by not outright talking about it
like the women did? – I think they handled it
the best they could. It’s a very difficult situation.
Men feel the pressure to not talk too, you know?
Because so-and-so is gonna take them down
if they speak about them. – The men handle it fine,
because honestly, it’s like, what can they say?
Everybody already said everything. That’s an awkward moment,
you know, sitting there, and you’re hearing
about these men’s actions and you’re that gender.
– It was wonderful that, for whatever reason,
they didn’t say anything, because it wasn’t their time.
It’s time for men to listen and just to hear
so that they can see what they can do to help.
– I would’ve liked to see more men talking about it frankly
because I think that that would be a very powerful way of making your own
personal statement. Grow some balls, dudes,
and speak up. And that would’ve been
the right time, but there’ll be other times too. – Men should take
into consideration this, because we’re not– we might
experience something similar, but never to the same extent that
they’re going through right now. But there is the second part
that’s like… I feel like a lot of men
that speak out in certain movements like this,
especially female prominent might get backlash for doing that.
Are you going to completely ignore the movement or are you going
to try to take part and speak up for what you believe in
regardless of the backlash? – (FBE) So finally,
with the awards season for the industry in full swing,
do you think we’ll keep seeing these types of speeches made,
and will it lead to change? – I hope it does.
Honestly, I’m really hopeful. I hope it’s not something
that we’re like, “Oh, remember when that happened?”
but then nothing really changed. – I definitely think
it’s going to continue to create change.
We have to continue to teach our children,
boys and girls, you know what I mean,
the right way of things. I think we definitely need
to continue to speak up, and I think we need to call
every single person that has done this out.
– My greatest hope is that we will still– we will keep
hearing these speeches being made and men’s voices will join,
and we’ll all join in, and this will start not just being
a social movement, but also become policy change.
2018 is shaping up to be a very powerful
and important year for women in particular,
and I for one, as a woman, I’m really happy to see it happen. ♪ (industrial music) ♪


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  3. and what's the problem if there are only male nominees i'm not saying that it should be only like that, but forcing nominees or employs etc etc only for the sole reason that they belong to a specific element of our society. My statement would be a lot better if i'd knew how to articulate better in english but the point is this: Everything should be based on meritocracy not on being politically right etc

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