Aytaşı ve Özellikleri – İnsan İçin Faydaları Nelerdir?

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Moonstone is a stone that is shown among the precious stones with its features. This stone is cream, yellow, blue, green and white in nature. It is translucent in appearance. There are various sizes. Moonstone is a popular stone that is easily found in certain parts of the world. This gemstone comes from India, Australia and Sri Lanka in general. Moonstone is the cornerstone of new beginnings. As the name suggests, it is similar to the Moon. It is reflective like the moon. The most powerful effect is to soothe emotions. The moonstone allows the subconscious to become aware and exalts intuition. Emotionally, the moonstone calms emotional imbalances and stress. Improves emotional intelligence. Moonstone is traditionally used to improve psychic abilities and clear vision. Moonstone is full of receiver, passive and female energy. Balances male and female energy. It is the perfect antidote for over-macho men or over-aggressive women. Moonstone physically regulates the reproductive cycle of women strongly. Balances the hormone system. Moonstone can be used to calm down hyperactive children. Moonstone is good for people with its features. Helps digestion and reproductive systems and toxins in humans. It destroys urine arrest. It is one of the most perfect gemstones that can be used in pre-menstrual periods, pregnancy, childbearing and breastfeeding. Moonstone is effective in correcting insomnia and preventing sleepwalking. In order to benefit from the effects and characteristics of the moonstone, the stone must touch and touch the human body. You can put this gemstone on your finger as a ring. In order to make use of the stone spiritually, it should be placed near the abdomen or the heart. Moonstone is a popular and easily available gemstone. You can easily find, buy and use this stone’s features.

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