Blue Sapphire Gemstone Therapy for Addressing Disorganization, Clutter, and Overwhelm

Blue Sapphire Gemstone Therapy for Addressing Disorganization, Clutter, and Overwhelm

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In this video, I’d like to show you a technique
for using the Blue Sapphire Spray on the body aura to help identify areas that are energetically
organized and to then help correct them with the Blue Sapphire Energy Spray. So this technique
can be really helpful if you’re feeling cluttered, disorganized, if you sense that you sense
you’re accumulating too much, or if you have a tendency to over collect. And the reason
is because a lack of energetic organization can lead to a host of different problems and
compatient aura. It’s amazing. The lack of organization leads to so many different problems
including weakness, general overall dysfunction either in specific areas or at a whole body
level, unwanted energy accumulation, confusion, a sense of overwhelm. If this sounds like
you give this technique a try. What you want to do is to spray yourself several times a
day. In this particular video, I’m going to show you how you might apply this technique
to someone else. So, I’m going to be using a very intuitive way to locate areas of the
body, and that’s just perfectly fine. So we’re going to start with my volunteer, Melynda,
thank you. Thank you. What I would like you to do is just think about an area of your
life that you feel is disorganized, that has weakness, dysfunction, or that may have some
association with disorganization in your energy field. Whatever it might be. Maybe you have
a house that you know is really cluttered or a closet that’s really cluttered that’s
been bugging you for years, just haven’t gotten to it. It could be as simple as that, or it
could be a sense that every day you just feel so overwhelmed. That’s also a symptom of disorganization.
So something along those lines, whatever sort of pops into your head. Okay, got it. Now
she doesn’t have to share it aloud because whether she speaks her intention or just thinks
it, the same effect is going to happen in her energy field. Her energy field will respond
by shuffling itself, and the energies that are associated with her intention are going
to bubble up to the surface so we can work on them. That’s what’s going to happen. So,
the next thing I’m going to do is look for areas of her body, spray overhead, and her
aura that just feel like they’re calling the spray to them. Like here, I’m getting a sense
no, this is not where we need to be, but on her left side, yes. I’m getting a welcoming
sense, so I’m going to follow that and then I’m just going to spray. So that’s over her
left hip. Let’s see if there is anything on her back. Okay, behind the neck, heart, stomach
–these are behind certain chakras– her sacral, and her root. Front. That was sacral chakra
in the front that we were working on. Root chakra. Okay, just holding. Waiting, observing.
In the process of holding space, it gives her energy field a sense of safety so that
it can make the shifts and changes that it needs to make so that it can receive the healing
energies of the Blue Sapphire Spray. And then I got a sense of Let Go and release. It can
be that simple or I could go ahead and do another round. What did you notice? I noticed
a sense of releasing, but then also, a sense of inner organization like there was some
kind of structure and architecture happening. Inside you, though? Mhmm. Interesting. Yeah.
Yeah. Well, thank you very much. Thank you. My name is Isabelle Mortin, I am the founder
the Gemstone Therapy Institute. If you’d like to learn more I welcome you to visit our website.
Bye for now.


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