Brazil’s Next Gold Producer – Altamira Gold (TSX-V: ALTA)

Brazil’s Next Gold Producer – Altamira Gold (TSX-V: ALTA)

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hi this is Colin Moore with GNA
Financial Advisors, joined today by Michael Bennett, CEO of Altamira Gold,
trading on the TSX enture ender symbol ALTA. Michael, good to have you.
Very pleased to be here, Colin. Exciting developments recently at Altamira Gold.
why don’t you fill us in about what’s going on?
We’re progressing towards trial mining in our Cajueiro project which is in the northern part of the
Alta Floresta belt in the state of Mato Grosso in Brazil. We have signed a deal
with a private mining group called FMS probably one of the largest gold private mining groups in Brazil and we are now progressing towards the
installation of the plant there, which will be an investment about 2.5 million
U.S. dollars and also along that we hope to reach production by mid 2020. In order
to do all this obviously we need the permits and so we’re pleased to be able
to announce that about a month ago we received the first environmental permit
of a series of four permits and with this first environmental permit and the
bulk mining license we’re able to start the construction of the plant. so
construction would start in the month of January of 2020 and alongside of all
this we have been updating our resource and so our historic resource of just
less than a half a million ounces has now been updated with the new
information that we have generated over the last two years in terms of the
exploration. We now have seven hundred thousand ounces and the grade has gone
up from around about 0.8 grams per tonne to 1.2 grams per tonne so we’re
moving in the right direction excellent! So Cajueiro’s obviously
your most developed advanced property, but it’s still only a small portion of
your overall land package. Why don’t you tell us about what’s going on at the
other projects?
Sure well about 50 kilometers west of Cajueiro we have a
large land package project called Apiacás It’s 82,000 hectares. It historically produced about half a million ounces of gold and it’s an area that now, once we’ve looked at the
initial mapping and sampling, we find there’s a very very important altered
intrusive rock in the center of the area which has a subcrop of about four
kilometres by one kilometer, which has disseminated gold mineralization. We
believe this could be of a real sleeping deposit which has been ignored by
everybody in the past, and we should be drilling this in 2020. Alongside that, we
have our property on the southern side of the belt which is Santa Helena,
where there are important gold and copper footprints where we can see structures,
which look like we could have a porphyry hidden there at depth as well.
Congrats on the developments and exciting times ahead for Altamira I’m sure.
This has been Colin Moore with GNA Financial Advisors and Michael Bennett, CEO of Altamira Gold.
Thanks a lot Michael! Thank you very much, pleasure to be here

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