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Do you think this Piaget cuff, so graphic and minimalist, is one of the iconic models that built the success of the brand? Not quite ! This is one of the most recent examples of the expertise of the house, from their latest collection of fine jewelry. Do you think that this sumptuous oval watch, with an onyx dial, and lined with 35 diamonds and 29 baguette-cut sapphires, is definitely from today? On the contrary, it is an historical and emblematic piece dating from the 1970s, and comes from a private collection… Two examples of jewelry with all the characteristics of the Piaget signature! The definition of the Piaget style is there, in all its daring and modernity, exposed in the light of the Huberty Breyne Art Gallery, in Place du Chatelain in Brussels. In this resolutely trendy neighborhood and in this frame of reference devoted to the originals of the 9th art, to comics, and to artists from this milieu, the Swiss house plays with its codes and its history! While inviting Belgian women of influence for lunch to discover Piaget’s savoir-faire, which has become an art. On the one hand, the brand’s new high-end jewels are unveiled, such as these rings, full of roundness and volume, which combine the work of gold and the softness of precious and semi-precious stones, of which Limelight is the perfect example. Or the power of the fascination of diamonds on these rose ornaments, a symbol and lucky charm of Yves Piaget, guardian of the temple and descendant of this illustrious family of Swiss watchmakers, between petals cut on a ring or flowers of diamonds on a gold watch. Not to mention the lightness of the arabesques of this cuff and its splendid matching necklace. On the other hand, it is the collection – literally – of ready-to-wear called “Possession”, whose multiplicity of models are revealed in which one dreams about the brilliance of the rings and the fine stones, wrapped around one’s wrists, neck or fingers. Models decorated with malachite, turquoise, lapis lazuli, onyx, red carnelian and chalcedony. And it’s still watchmaking art in all its glory with its icons: the Altiplano meteorite dial, the new Piaget Polo, through to the Piaget Emperador or Gouverneur… A link between the creations of the present and the lines of the past, here’s a spotlight on the advertising campaigns typical of two major decades in the history of Piaget style and know-how, the 60s and 70s… It was at this time that the golden Dali appeared in Piaget jewellery, like these ancient coins. A golden Dali adorned with the profile of Dali and his famous mustache mixed with that of Gala, his eternal muse. On the reverse, a symbol so dear to the surrealist painter which can be found in his works: the egg, or a world in formation, hard and soft as the globe Coins created between 1966 and 1975 by Dali and inspired by the splendor of the sun king and its golden louis, and transformed into a necklace and wristwatch at the time, by the Piaget goldsmiths, all in exclusivity and limited edition… An exhibition by Piaget and an opportunity to discover models -or declinations- that have seduced icons of style, such as Jackie Kennedy, or lovers of sumptuous jewellery, such as Elizabeth Taylor or Ursula Andress… Not to mention, iconic models of the manufacturer, such as this necklace in gold and cabochon lapis lazuli dating from 1971 … At the Huberty Breyne Art Gallery, Piaget fine jewellery has unfolded the thread of its evolution and all its current trends for a female public conquered by these jewellery art works, in a setting that could not better tie the links between contemporary art and the modernity of jewels created to strongly appear in the life of those who wear them.

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