Caring for Jewelry : How to Clean Vintage Rhinestone Jewelry

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Hi I’m Judy Carrier with Jewels by Park Lane
and I’m going to talk to you about how to clean your vintage rhinestone jewelry. First
of all so you don’t damage your piece, do a little research. Find out what kind of rhinestone
it is. Is it glass, is it crystal? Also it helps to know the base metal of the piece
you are working with because chemicals have different reactions with the solvents that
you might use. And you don’t want to do any damage. Try using a can of compressed air,
what that does is loosen any dirt that might be in between the rhinestone and the metal,
the piece. Then you’ll take a soft cloth, lint free, and gently wipe away any dirt that
you see.
Now one of the things that you might need to do, if this is not getting all of it, is
take a q-tip or cotton swab of some sort and dip it in alcohol, vodka maybe you know, a
sip for you and a dip for me. Here we go. And just gently, gently wipe the stone, you
don’t want to soak them because that could loosen it and also can discolor rhinestone.
So you very gently wipe it with your cotton swab. After that, you polish again with your
lint free cloth. And it should be sparkling good as new. My name is Judy Carrier I’m with
with Jewels by Park Lane and that’s how you clean vintage rhinestone jewelry.

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