Conservation Gemstones – Mozambique

Conservation Gemstones – Mozambique

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thanks to you and your ideas that we’re actually sitting here together in the NASA reserve and officially launching the gem fields conservation gemstone program [Music] I had a fascination with with nature and gemstone for me a part of nature this is natural beauty and to find a way where the beauty of the mineral world the gem of the mineral world can support and promote the gem of the living world that are protected area it’s really a kind of simple idea that is not that easy actually to put in practice but may open that worse you know trade and if gemstones can play a small role in helping both the communities and the conservation living side by side as they do here that would be wonderful [Music] what is the reason why you know Jim fields are opening without of supporting the Nazarene project all you need to do is look behind me at the absolute spectacular beauty of the niacin reserve and really we’ve come here for two reasons number one was to meet Keith and Colleen beg we run the Murray reoperation and whom we have the pleasure and privilege of supporting over a three-year program and having seen with my own eyes the work that they’re doing it’s on a totally different level and really quite incredible the second reason that we’re here is because we’ve had the long-standing ambition of trying to increase the amount of conservation work that we’re doing both in Zambia where the emeralds of mind but also in Mozambique where the rubies in mind [Music] [Music] and this is our biggest production fit that was really money the most of the rubies you see in our auctions have been produced from this bit so the secondary or and primary or is directly transported to this plan this is the mantra buyers really mining processing plant we are feeding around 150 tons per hour into the front end of the processing plant that then feeds into a DMS which differs slightly from the way a jig would work or a rotary plant would work we will also have a new project under construction which is our new sort house and then the process plant will feed directly into the sort houses to reach the bus you did away some heavy rain and everything that was dusty was wash away and actually a lot of rubies are accumulated here so this is probably the easiest place in the world in order to collect samples but sadly this sample are just so nice in color but they are actually very very included but for de mogi point of view regarding a chemistry on inclusion you have quite a lot of stones that are useful for a lab but for mining company is not the same so within a few minutes I will be able to collect probably about 100 gram of this material that then will be able to bring to the lab inner bearing [Music] once we have removed you we then backfill with the other body and then replant local Mozambican saplings and rehabilitate the land to regrow a forest [Music] as we are opening the pit as we are extending our pits we are backfilling we are using the overburden removed and back filling into the pit at the same time on top of that overburden on top of that back film we will rehabilitate the land with our local saplings so two of our pits have been completely rehabilitated a third one the current my gloat over pit three is currently under a rehabilitation process I’m super happy is that you know you took the lead gen feeis took the lead into a conservation charity or conservation gem mining and I think that this is a way to go and I hope that you will have a great success and you know thanks to your support which place like YES on some other place in Africa we’ll be able to to thrive and then bring some positive name and positive feeling to people will wear Africa gemstone well there’s no doubt that if you you’re protecting a place as big as NASA you are going to need loads of different models different partnerships no single entity can can protect a place of the size and I think this is one of the last chances in Africa indeed in the world where we can try and stabilize and protect a wilderness on the scale so it’s gonna need people like gem fields who are doing an amazing job raising revenue for government in the couple – Garlick province but can also do and make a huge influence here in the answer especially after losing tentative 10,000 unified we need to gather all the forces of all the people who want for any reason who want to you know keep this place alive – together and to work together in order to protect it [Music] you


  1. finally, long term responsibility for large scale gem mined lands ~ congratulations, and now to expand similar solutions around the globe ~

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