Cord Knotting Tip – Double and Triple Knots Jewelry Making Quick Tip

Cord Knotting Tip – Double and Triple Knots Jewelry Making Quick Tip

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Hi everyone! Jessica here from In this quick tip video I’m going to share
a useful cord knotting tip that you might not know as a beginner. I’m going to show you how to make double and
triple knots the right way. You might think that just making a double
knot you can just tie one knot right over the top of another knot. Well, it doesn’t
exactly work that way! What you’re going to get is two smaller knots,
the same size, right next to each other. So that’s not going to help you if you need a
bigger knot to stop a bead from slipping over. To make a double knot, you’re going to start
by making a regular overhand knot. Before you pull it tight you’re going to loop
the end up through the knot one more time and then pull it tight. If you want to make a triple knot, you do
the same – make a regular knot and then pull the end back around through two more times
and then pull it tight. And you’ll have a nice big knot. Now, just to compare the sizes to a single
knot – So you can see that this is a really easy
way to get a knot of the size that you need to help keep your beads in place. This is
a single, a double, and a triple knot. Thank you so much for watching! I hope this
quick tip was helpful, and I hope you might visit me over at and Be sure to check out my channel for more cord
knotting tips and tricks – you can click your screen on YouTube or see the notes below the


  1. That was a great tip. I was having trouble making my double knots with larger beads. I didn't even think of using the surgeon's knot or even the triple. Thanks so much!

  2. I enjoyed watching this!!!! I DID Learn here….loved this knot education!! I left you a nice big LIKE 😉
    Shelly Cole
    MOM 🙂

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