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Cheap Thrills. [SOUND] [MUSIC]>>Where’s my hat and my bandanna? Where’s my ice? Do we just start? [MUSIC] Sup, family? It’s your boy Nate, A.K.A. Tabasko Sweet. And you’re watching, Jesus. What is going on?
>>Yeah, Tabasko, you remember us?>>Yeah, why did you make me a monster?>>I don’t know.>>I didn’t ask to be born. My heels don’t even go back into the shoe.
>>Stop.>>Look at the logo, Nate, do you even use us friends? You’re about to be in the dead giveaway.
>>[BLEEP] [INAUDIBLE]>>You made me a monster.
>>No.>>What the [BLEEP] was you thinking?>>You’re a piece of [BLEEP]>>No. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean. No. No. Damn, family,
I just had the most [BLEEP] up nightmare. There was like all these dead
giveaways coming back to haunt me. Got me shook, family. But you know what,
another day, another DIY. Let’s get it. [MUSIC] 4:20. [COUGH] Sup, family. It’s your boy Nate, A.K.A. Tabasko Sweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is. Now, I know you guys probably
think I’ve changed a lot, you know now that I’m like verified and
stuff. But don’t worry, family,
I’m still the same Old G. With a fire ass blue check
mark next to my name. You already know what it is. [MUSIC] Well, before we get cracking today, I just wanna take a moment to put
some clout on my Cheap Thrills fan. Damn, are you seeing this right now,
family? [SOUND] fuego alert. [SOUND] I’m sorry,
they just grow up so fast. I see you out here flexing,
whole lot of gang [BLEEP]. Making your boy proud, family. Anyway, everyone knows
the key to a successful flex, it’s to look like you’re not sweating it. Now, we stay grinding in the Cheap Thrills
fam, no time for relaxing. Do I look like a zero to you? Now, don’t get me wrong, I try hard. But you’ll never catch your
boy looking like a try hard. That would be a dead giveaway, family. Now, the item I’m cheffing up today, is arguably the most iconic
luxury leisure gear out there. I’m talking about that freaking black and
gold Versace bathrobe, family. Thanks to everybody who
slid in with those request. I can’t believe we haven’t made
any Versace on the show yet. You’re right, my guy, we’re long overdue. In the words of those three wise men,
amigos, Versace, Versace, Versace, Versace. Now this robe has made cameos
on all the realest real ones. I’m talking 21 Savage, Rick Ross, 2
Chainz, even Antoni from Queer Eye copped. Be careful Tan, Antoni’s coming for
you with those swagger boosts. Now, no amount of shirt tucking is gonna
beat the simple clout of a freaking Versace robe. PS, Antoni can cook, okay? Who doesn’t like a good dip? Anyway, the Versace I love Baroque
Bathrobe, runs you like $595 retail. Savage, I love Baroque? More like I am Baroque.
>>[LAUGH]>>I mean, I get it. The thing’s fire, but damn. Too broke for that Baroque? Have no fear, family, I got you. So here’s what you’re gonna need. Black and gray fabric paint and a brush. Some Rococo-looking ass fabric. A charcoal bathrobe. Paper, a blade, and
some thin cardboard for stenciling. That MF thing and some extra clips. Tie it, let’s get it popping. Now the real robe has an alternating
Versace logo printed all over in black. Now to get our pattern going, I’m gonna
use a stencil and some black fabric paint. Now, the print is made
up of two main shapes. The Versace logo text and
the negative space around it. So first, I’m gonna draw out my
Versace logo on a piece of paper. Feel free to use reference but as always, you get it. [MUSIC] Now, if I do say so myself, tie it. That we have our logo drawn out. It’s time to get cutting. Now I know, you guys know your way around
a blade by now from all my previous tutorials. So I went ahead and
prepped a stencil over the weekend. Now, that we’ve got our stencil cut out, we’re gonna start laying it out on our
robe with our gray and black fabric paint. [MUSIC] All right,
let’s hit it with this gray, family. I’m gonna start in this area,
just underneath the armpit. [MUSIC] Our stencil doesn’t have the island for
the R or the A, so be careful, family. Precision is key. [MUSIC] All right, family, let’s see how we did. [SOUND] Very clean. We’re rolling our way to a $595 road. Now, that we’ve got the beginning
of our block stripe, something to put in our gray stripe above. So I’m just gonna use my tape here, and paint in from the seam of the sleeve
to about three inches in from the end. [MUSIC]
[SOUND] Now, that the gray stripe’s dry, we’re gonna hit it again
with the stencil in black. Now, if your stencil’s a little
longer than your stripe, just cut it off at the seam. [MUSIC] Now, in the real world,
the logo wraps around the entire thing. So now, we’re going to add in
individual letters around the side, to give us the wrap around effect. So on this middle stripe, we’ll add
the V and the E next to our logo. Let’s get it family. [MUSIC] Now, that I got the logo
wrapping around here, just do the same thing with the gray
stripes on the top and the bottom. And remember to cut the letters
off at the seam, family. If you feel like you need to
clean up any of your logos, feel free to come in with your
gay paint or a black marker. And as you can see, I started painting a
little bit of gray on the sleeves already. I took some masking tape and masked it. Now, that that’s done, I’m just
gonna take the masking tape off and start hitting it with our logo. [MUSIC] Now, just wrap it with with a E
here at the bottom of the sleeve. [MUSIC] So now, all you gotta do is Versace,
Versace, Versace, Versace, until the whole
surface has been covered. [SOUND] I’m finally done with that part,
family, but it’s looking sick. It’s all gonna be worth it, when you’re luxuriating from your
balcony in your Versace bathrobe. Now, that we’ve got our pattern locked
in and our ink is technically dry. So I’m gonna start cutting
out our Ricoco accents for the cuffs, the belt, and the pockets. Now, the cuffs should start at your wrist
and come about halfway up your forearm. Now, the belt and the pocket are both
about the same height as the cuffs. Let’s get cutty, family. [MUSIC] Look at that, family. Your boy Tabasko, the tailor. [MUSIC] Tight, now as you can see,
we’ve got our pockets, our belt and our sleeve cuffs all cut out. Now, it’s time to call in the guns,
family. [SOUND] [MUSIC] [SOUND] Is anyone else seeing
this right now, family? I mean, look at this thing. You better get ready to meet all your
neighbors cuz you’re gonna be registered flex offender, family. I’m gonna be doing Versace hottie. Shout out, Princess Nokia, gang. And I cannot wait to flex this thing for
the gram. Let’s get it, family. [MUSIC] Damn, this robe has got your boy
feeling like a young god of leisure. So how do you think I did, family? Let your boy know in those comments. If you think I crushed it, give me a yeah. But if you think I took an L on this one,
which I didn’t, give me a nah, I can take it. But be careful, Cheap Thrills fan. With a great robe comes great relaxation. And PS, we’re gonna drop two
bonus uploads in September, but I’m not telling you when. Could strike at any moment,
so keep checking back, fam. You don’t wanna be caught sleeping. Stay boosted, family. Gang, gang. Thanks for watching, Cheap Thrills fan. Who else is gonna keep you
as started as your boy? Don’t forget to like, comment, subscribe,
show your grandma, show your mom, show your cousins. Click here for some more heat. And make sure to tune in every Tuesday for
some more wholesome time with your boy. [MUSIC]

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