DEATH TO SPIES (SMERSH). The Road of fire. Episode 1. Russian TV Series

DEATH TO SPIES (SMERSH). The Road of fire. Episode 1. Russian TV Series

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the Soviet intelligence recruited seven high-profile employees of the Reich. Only one man knew the names
of all those agents – intelligence officer Leonid Rushin, Deputy Head of the Soviet Trade
Representative Office in Berlin. Herbert Albert was the most valuable agent
of that group. He was the adjutant of the Head of the German Military Counter-Intelligence
Service Wilhelm Canaris. In Rushin’s documents,
JUNE 20, 1941 THE BARBAROSSA PLAN I order to start the offensive
on June 22, 1941… Herr Canaris? Heinrich? You scared me.
What are you doing here so late? Look, Jürgen!
Boss asked me to bring him something. Something? Did Admiral Canaris ask you
to break into his office at night and take something out of the safe? Don’t do anything stupid.
You know me. It’s just a joke. Do you understand? A joke! Bastard! Damn it! Attention! Alarm! Canaris’s office has been broken into! Faster! We shall take him alive! Rushin is listening. This is Max. Listen to me attentively.
We can’t wait any longer. Soon, they will come to you with a search. Make sure no documents
about our cooperation are found. -Is that clear?
-How do you know? Listen! Remember the main thing:
less than a day remains until Day X! All the documents and valuables that are
kept in the Trade Representative Office shall be immediately sent to the USSR. Destroy everything that can’t be sent.
This is it. Dmitriy Vasilyevitch,
I prepared the documents. This envelop contains the list
of our most valuable agents and means of connection with them.
We’ll send it together with the emeralds. The cargo shall cross the border
no later than in the morning of June 22. Summon the diplomatic couriers! SPIES MUST DIE THE ROAD OF FIRE
JUNE 21, 1941 Based on the novel by V. Vedeneyev
To Take Your Stone Who is there? Mr. Volkov? I’m your accompanying officer. I don’t have the honor of knowing you. Konrad von Butzov,
new head of the courier guard service. Me and my country were fine
with the previous one. May I see you papers? You speak German so well.
I can’t believe that you are Russian. I’ll never believe that a change
of guards is a coincidence that isn’t connected
to the nature of our cargo. You’re absolutely right. It’s very risky to carry emeralds
that cost 37 million Reichsmarks through a half of Europe.
Especially without well-prepared guards. This is why we’re here. You shan’t doubt our preparation. This cargo will be delivered
to the destination no matter what. Stop it, Mr. Volkov.
Frankly, it will be better if you gave your suitcase to us
while travelling across Europe. My brother heads the customs in Terespol. I’ll personally ask him
to let you pass without any problems. Let me repeat once more, Herr Butzov. The emeralds will stay
with us in any case. Until death thou you part! You know, I advise against threatening me because everybody who did so before
are dead. Such a weird coincidence! -You’re nervous.
-No, I am not. You perceive a simple joke as a threat.
OK. I won’t bother you. If you want to talk over a glass
of the French cognac – you’re welcome, my compartment is next to yours. Good bye. Listen to me. I don’t know this team. Therefore, attention shall be peaked. No contacts with the German guards. Don’t take water,
cigarettes or food from them. -Do you get it, Lieutenant?
-Yes, Comrade Captain. Very good. In case of unexpected circumstances, we’ll hide the package
and the stones into this belt. Do you know this model? Yes, sir. The Brauning-M of 1906.
Self-loading. A free barrel. Holds six bullets.
Caliber is 6.35. It’s one of the best pocket guns. Good. It’s not long-range but reliable. This is what we value it for. Don’t be scared, Aleksandrovskiy!
We’ll get through. BREST. JUNE 21, 1941 Yes, Comrade Commissar.
I’m reporting from Brest. Everything is ready to receive the cargo. The situation changed a bit,
Alexey Yemelyanovitch. The train will arrive in Terespol
not on June 23, as we had planned, but in the evening of June 21. It means it will be in Brest
at night of June 22. I don’t get it, Comrade Commissar. Does it mean
that Volkov is already on his way? What is the reason? Due to extraordinary circumstances! I don’t know anything about that,
Comrade Commissar. What don’t you know about? Igor? Don’t you know that according
to a trade agreement of 1939, Germany is sending us coal and machines, and we deliver metal and something else? And that we get
some valuables in return too? How are you going to meet Volkov? As the instruction prescribes. To hell with your instructions! Do you realize
what he has with him? You need to have a reinforced group
in a state of constant battle readiness! Who is with you? Shemerin? Yes, sir. The head of the guards is
Captain Shemerin, an experienced officer. Inform him about that too. If something happens to the cargo
or the documents, I’ll turn both of your foreheads green!
You’ll be the first, Yermakov! Yes, sir. I got it, Comrade Commissar. OK. If you got it,
then wait for the train and meet Volkov. As soon as he hands you over the cargo
and accompanying documents, fly to Moscow immediately. This is it. Igor! Prepare a reinforced group urgently.
Take only the best people. Instruct each of them personally.
You have an hour for that. Execute! Yes, sir. THE POLISH-SOVIET BORDER. JUNE 21, 22:10 Herr Volkov,
let me introduce my brother to you. Acting head of the customs
Erich von Butzov, at your service! I’d like to apologize at once.
We have a small problem, a shift in the schedule
of echelons with coal. The special train will be able
to pass the customs at 6 a.m. I can’t say that I’m glad, gentlemen. OK. Let’s act according
to the instruction. I suggest you and your people
shall leave the wagon immediately and begin external guarding. I ask you to connect the phone
to the international line too as I need to call Brest and summon a detachment
of the Soviet guards. Why complicate things, Herr Volkov? I assure you:
you and the cargo are absolutely safe. It might be better for you
and your partner to move to the building of the customs
with your cargo and stay there with all possible comforts
while you’re waiting. Thanks for your offer, gentlemen.
However, my answer is no. We’ll stay in the compartment and wait
for the detachment of the Soviet guards. And I ask you
to immediately leave the wagon. Let’s go. BREST. THE NKVD DEPARTMENT.
JUNE 21, 22:50 The special train arrives
in Brest in an hour. We’re leaving in 15 minutes. Yes, sir. Comrades officers! Comrade Major,
everything is fine at the railway station. Alexey Yemelyanovitch, don’t doubt us.
It’s not our first time. As for the rest… I don’t understand… The situation is not calm at all. Tonight, seven German turncoats
crossed the state border. They all claim
that the war will begin today. A clear instruction exists
for the commandment. Yes? I’ll connect you. No “buts”, comrades. An instruction is
an order, and orders shall be executed. As for the special train… -May I?
-Yes. An urgent international call.
Captain Volkov. Terespol. Shall I connect? -Faster!
-Yes, sir! I’m connecting you. Yes, Zhora. I hear you well. Hello, honey. Yes. No. They are not doing
any such actions. Then, act
in accordance with the circumstances. We’ll be there in an hour.
End of connection. Good luck to you! Captain Shemerin? Prepare the reinforced group of guards.
We’re going to Terespol. Yes, sir. JUNE 21, 23:45 Attention! Good evening.
I’m deputy head of the special department of the NKVD of the USSR Major Yermakov. Here is the permit
for unhindered passage for me and the special detachment of the guards. I’m sorry, Herr Major,
but I can’t let you into Terespol. I don’t know anything about your arrival. You shan’t know anything.
All you need to do is read it. The permit was issued by the Head
of the Chancellery of the Third Reich. Excuse me, Herr Major, but I won’t let you
pass as nobody told me about that. Listen, guard! I insist! You must let me and my people pass!
Immediately! To arms! Get ready! Stop it! Stop! Excuse me.
Your documents and permit to enter. Here you go. Well… Everything is in order. In an hour and a half,
please let these people into Terespol. -One second, Herr Lieutenant!
-At ease! Why in an hour and a half,
and not right now? I’m sorry, Herr Major.
I have my instructions and orders. At the moment, new equipment
is being installed
in the border region. In an hour and a half, the technicians
will finish the work and let you pass. OK, we’ll wait for an hour and a half.
But no more! Have no doubts. Everything is in order. Igor, there is something wrong here. I can see it, Comrade Major. Tell our people not to sleep.
Full battle readiness. Yes, sir. He doesn’t have a choice. Yes, sir. I got it. JUNE 22, 03:35 We’ll wait in the train. The detachment of the guards
left Brest five hours ago. Frankly speaking,
I don’t know what to make of it. Nothing. Keep your eyes peeled.
And I’ll do the same. JUNE 22, 03:45 An hour and a half passed long ago. I understand everything, Herr Major.
I’m sorry. But the technicians have finished
the installment works. Just 15 more minutes,
and I’ll let you pass. Thank you. Give me a light. The SS changed the border guards
on all positions. I can see that. -Battle readiness.
-Yes, sir. Damn it! Battle readiness, Lieutenant. -Help me.
-Yes, sir. The bombers are coming. Heavy bombers. Aircraft!
What does it mean, Comrade Captain? It means the war. Get ready for the battle!
Behind the car! Move forward! BERLIN. THE TRADE REPRESENTATIVE
OFFICE OF THE USSR Seize them! Who are you, gentlemen?
Why are you detaining my employees? Are you the Head of the Trade
Representative Office Herr Olenev? -Yes, this is me. What is the matter?
-Seize him! -Look for Rushin and his deputy!
-You don’t have a right! Grenades! Comrade Major, let’s pull back! Automatic gunners, move forward! Search the wagon! There is nobody here. Where are they? Damn it! Arrest everybody! They control the agents,
so I need them alive! Don’t let anybody in or out of the
building! Break the doors! Break them out! Farewell, Dmitriy Vasilyevitch. Farewell, Leonid Konstantinovitch. Where are they? Konrad! I’m fine. Catch up with them!
The suitcase! The main thing is the suitcase! Follow me, Lieutenant! Open the door! Open, immediately! Mr. Rushin, resistance is pointless. The door, damn it! Damn it! We’re late. What do we need the suitcase for?
Do you have the stones on you? Still, it’ll come of useful. Come here. I don’t believe
that a human may shoot as you do! Are you really thinking about it now?
You shall change the job, Lieutenant! Follow them, faster! What does it mean, Comrade Captain? The war, Lieutenant. What do we do? Don’t get scared.
No order to die was given. Damn it! I think they are out of bullets.
Mr. Volkov? Mr. Aleksandrovskiy!
Further resistance is pointless. Why act stupidly? We know that you’re out of bullets. Your offer? We guarantee you life! I give you my word. But you shall give us your suitcase. OK. With pleasure. Take it. Now the weapons! Throw your weapons away, please.
I beg you. He is so polite! Give me your gun. Now come out with hands up! As soon as they walk out, shoot to kill.
We don’t need them alive. Shall I take the suitcase,
Comrade Captain? Leave it. We won’t cheat them like this
for the second time. Leave him alone. Mr. Gradchenko,
how did you like our treatment? Herr Colonel… Pick him up. I’m am employee
of the trade representative office. I have no connection
to the intelligence service. I swear! I hoped for your prudence but in vain.
Give me his hand. Hold him well. Don’t do that! I’ll tell you everything! Sure. You’re welcome. I held a secondary position
in the intelligence service. I used to work with recruited agents
of the second and third class. Rushin was personally dealing
with the most important agents. I see. I don’t know much about Rushin’s list. But? But I know for sure that data on the IDs
of the most important agents were coded. How many of them are there? I think no more than seven. Rushin sent these data to Moscow as a list together with accompanying documents
and a cargo of emeralds. Diplomatic couriers Volkov
and Aleksandrovskiy took them to Moscow. Are you sure? Absolutely. I don’t know much about Rusin’s list
but I’m sure: the agents from that list
were passing very important information. Including that about Hitler’s movements. They also found a copy
of the Barbarossa plan. And other significant documents. So, they were not commoners? No way. These people are holding
important positions in the Wehrmacht, Luftwaffe, Department of Economics –
or they are people close to them. You said that Rushin coded the list.
Do you have the code? Yes, I know the code. Hans, contact Terespol
and von Butzov immediately. I’m sure there are news. Dear Herr Gradchenko,
I want you to make a very detailed list of the secondary agents
you have been working with. Their names, aliases and so on… All right, Herr Colonel. Why are you standing? Release our friend! Erich! We’re waiting for your orders, Herr Major. What orders? Catch them!
Take them alive. Move it! I got you. Follow me! Why? Why? Why? How far is it to the Bug, Comrade Captain? About two to three kilometers, no more. Freeze! Hands up! What’s the matter? Hold this. What’s going on? How are you standing
in the presence of an officer? Let’s get out of here! Don’t shoot! Take them alive!
Von Butzov ordered so! Are you alive? Where did they run? To the woods, to the right. We won’t come off by the river.
They’ll catch up with us. Come on, let’s go up, Lieutenant. Fast! Faster. Get down! Let’s get out of here. Butzov is listening, Herr Colonel. Konrad, send emeralds to
Berlin immediately, and most importantly – a package with accompanying documents. The package! Do you get me? To that end,
a plane will soon fly to Terespol. I beg your pardon, Herr Colonel,
but I have nothing to send you. I don’t get it. Where is the package?
Do you have it? No, I don’t. Unfortunately,
the Russians took it away with them. We were hot on their trail,
but the search still failed. What?! Damn… Damn it!
Do you realize what is in that package? The fate of the war might depend on it! Herr Colonel, the fact that they escaped doesn’t mean that thy will reach
their own people. What? I ask for your permission to prepare and
carry out a large-scale search operation on the both banks of the Bug River.
They could cross the border. Who do you plan to involve? All the free detachments
of gendarmes and the SS. Konrad, don’t let me down.
Report to me every hour. You’ll be held responsible for that. Who are you? Lieutenant Oliver Gronecke
arrived at your disposal. Great. Go to the detachment
of the gendarmes you had been allotted and block the Polish side.
Along this line. Then take a plane and fly
to the village of Zhivitsa. A detachment of the SS
has already gone there. It’s in 20 km to the east of Brest.
Divide them between this and this spot. Yes, Herr Major! And the most important thing. Study it. Please mind:
I don’t care about the younger Russian. He couldn’t have shot like that
even in theory. As for the older one… His surname is Volkov. I need him alive. Only alive! Yes, Herr Major. Let’s see. Shoot, German! Shoot. Who is shooting like this? Look how it should be done. Look! Alexey Yemelyanovitch,
I can’t let the enemy seize the deputy
of the people’s commissar. I have an order! Igor, damn it,
we’ll stay in Brest as long as we need. Alexey Yemelyanovitch! Comrade Major,
I absolutely agree with Captain Shemerin. We shall leave for Minsk immediately. I agree. The battle is close by.
The Germans have entered the city. I need to meet the cargo,
so I’ll stay here. I’m sorry but I don’t have a choice.
Comrade Major of State Security, being the head of your personal guard, I have a right to use force
and act in accordance with the circumstances
if something threatens you. The car is in the yard. You either leave with me now,
or I’ll kill you on spot. Decide! I trained you well… to my own misfortune! Into the car! Mark this place. Look there. Maybe we shall bypass them? How may we bypass them?
Everything is mined around us. Let’s wait, Lieutenant. The minefield is almost over. Be attentive and walk slowly. Damn it, Lieutenant! You shall go, Comrade Captain! You’ve become so smart! They will throw grenades at us! Forward! Hurray! Hurray! Come on! Be quiet, be quiet! We’re the Soviets. Hello, comrades.
Lieutenant of the Air Force Mezhentseva. You’re so cool,
Lieutenant of the Air Force Mezhentseva. Captain of State Security Service Volkov. Ilya. Demonstrate your officer IDs, comrades. I’m glad to see you, comrades.
Excuse me, Captain Volkov. It happens. Are the Germans in Brest? Only the encircled fortress
continues to resist. One more detachment is fighting
at the railway station, but I can’t say for sure. How far did they move forward? I can’t say. Nobody knows.
The only thing is clear: Brest is completely in their hands. What plans does the group have? To break to the fortress and fight. And to wait for the counter-attack
of our army that will undoubtedly
drive the Germans back. I can’t share your enthusiasm, Lieutenant. I don’t understand. What is there to understand?
You shall go on our own way. -Let’s go, Lieutenant.
-What? This is him! Don’t shoot at him!
Take him alive! Forward! -Let’s get out!
-But… This is an order! Where are you going? Go back! Cowards! MINSK. THE NKVD DEPARTMENT Good afternoon.
Senior Lieutenant Zvonaryov. I need to see Comrade Tsanava,
People’s Commissar of State Security. He’ll come down now. Here he is. Alexey Yemelyanovitch. -Hello.
-Hello. We need to urgently
contact Comrade Abakumov. Let’s go down to the bomb shelter.
We’ll call from there. Let’s go. How are you doing here? More or less… Why are we running?
Why didn’t we help them? There was no order to die. Let me remind you, Lieutenant:
we have a different task. But she… she saved us. I have to go back! Go back! Where do you want to go?
There? It’s easy to die. It’s much harder to execute the task
entrusted to you by the country. We don’t have a right to involve
into adventures and risk our lives. Do you get me? Do you?! Yes, I do. Follow me! Follow me! What are you saying, Yermakov?
Are you serious? Yes, Comrade Commissar. We don’t know the fate
of the diplomatic couriers and the cargo. We have information from Berlin
that Rushin died. The list handed over
to the diplomatic couriers becomes a real treasure! -Comrade Commissar, we…
-Shut up! The package contains a list
with names and coordinates of seven very important agents
who were passing information which, as we now know, was truthful. Can you imagine what will happen
if the Fascists lay hands on that list? Can you imagine, Yermakov? Yes, Comrade Commissar, I do. You don’t imagine a thing!
How shall we contact those agents? Where can we find them? We only know one of them,
with an alias Max. We know that he serves in the VI department
of the Reich’s Chancellery and holds a high position there.
How can we find others? How shall we contact them? We don’t know yet, Comrade Commissar. You don’t know, do you?
Then shut up and listen. Let Tsanava take the second receiver! I’m here, Comrade Commissar. I am giving an order to both of you. Organize a search mission immediately. Involve all the free
detachments of the NKVD and the NKVD
of the Western Military District. Report on the course
of the mission every four hours! Comrade Commissar, it’s impossible! The circumstances prevent it. Comrade Commissar! He hung up. What did you expect?
Don’t you know Abakumov? Let’s take a break, Lieutenant. How could you do that?
How could you leave your own people? Here we go again!
Are you a fool, Lieutenant? It looks like that.
You don’t look like one, though. I’m disappointed. Have rest. Stand up! Damn it!

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  1. I don't speak Russian, but I find the production values of Russian TV as good as anything my country (USA) produces. Otlichna, Russia.

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