DEATH TO SPIES (SMERSH). The Road of fire. Episode 2. Russian TV Series

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Ren TV Channel ZVEZDA TV CHANNEL STAR MEDIA PRESENT How could you leave your own people? Have rest. Stand up! Damn it! Stand up, I told you! Fast!
Don’t touch the weapons, hands up! Freeze! Look, Lieutenant,
don’t do anything stupid. You’re really close to that now. Shut up! Don’t you dare give advice to me,
bastard! You’re cowards! -Who are you?
-I’m Captain of State Security. It’s not true! A Soviet man can’t run away like that
when his comrades are fighting the enemy! -Look, Lieutenant…
-Tie them up! Comrade Lieutenant… Tie their hands!
Tie them, why are you standing? What are you going to do with us? We’ll hang you! And put notes
on your chests to warn the others! How nice! What a good idea! Lieutenant,
learn how one shall save the bullets! How are you going to tie me, honey?
From the front? Wait, or maybe from behind?
Or from the front? Lay the weapons of the ground, everybody.
I’ll count to five. One. Comrades, shoot! Kill these bastards! Two. Don’t feel sorry for me! Shoot! Three. No! What are you doing?
Fools! I ordered you! On the ground, everybody! Cover your heads with your hands.
On the ground. Comrades, I could kill you all right now.
But we’re not traitors. We’re officers of State Security,
and we have our own task that we need to execute at any cost. -Ilya, stand up!
-Yes, sir. Collect their weapons
and throw to the tree. Then take a knife
and stand behind my back. Please take your hands off my breast. Hold on, beauty. It’s hard for me too. Comrades, all we want is to go on our way. Don’t interfere with us. Because if I have to shoot,
I won’t miss, I promise. Don’t do anything stupid, girl. OK? SPIES MUST DIE THE ROAD OF FIRE
Episode Two Comrades commanders and soldiers
of the search and landing parties! There is no time
for additional preparation. But our Motherland expects you
to execute the order and hopes for your loyalty
to the Lenin’s party and our great Stalin. You’ll now get the search leaflets.
Distribute them! These leaflets contain data
about our two intelligence officers who are executing a secret task
of the commandment and need our help. Your task is to find them, no matter what,
and help cross the front line. I order you to get down
to business immediately. And come back alive! Good luck! Herr Colonel,
unfortunately, the search mission didn’t yield any results. However, we’re absolutely sure that
they couldn’t have escaped far away. They are somewhere by Brest,
no further than in 100 km from the city. That territory is under complete control
of our troops. How sure are you? For 100%. That’s why we’ll
immediately start a total search. We have involved all the forces we have
in the mission, including additional battalions
of gendarmes and the SS. Great. What about the local population? Yes. I’m editing the search leaflet
at the moment. That leaflet shall be everywhere, Konrad. On every pole. Print it and give
to everybody, including privates. Of course, Herr Colonel. I suggest an award
amounting to 5,000 Reichsmarks. This is not enough. 10,000 for each. To entice the locals,
add something familiar and important for these people. For example, a land lot,
three or five cows, I don’t know… What a great idea, Herr Colonel!
I’ll do that. Be sure,
the Russian couriers and their cargo will be in our hands
in the nearest future. I hope that you’re right. The fate of the Reich might depend
on those documents. Have no doubts, Herr Colonel. Good bye. -Oliver?
-Yes, Herr Major? This one. I need him alive.
Write it in the leaflet. 10,000 for each, but alive. Inform the commanders of the groups
and formations about that. I only need Volkov alive! How many of them are there,
Comrade Captain? Napoleon used to march with songs too.
But these ones feel well for now. What shall we do, Comrade Captain? The task didn’t change,
Comrade Lieutenant. We need to deliver the cargo. I understand that. Where shall we go? It’s a good question. I think I know a man
who will help us find the answer. Here… -We’re here now.
-Yes, sir. I can see it. The village of Labychi
is in 12 km from here. Do you see? Yeah. Vitya Kruk lives here.
We fought together by the Khalkin-Gol. Will he help? I hope so. He knows these places
like the palm of his hand. Herr Major? The Soviet troops are landing
everywhere from Brest to Grodno. Let’s get back! There, there! Retreat, faster! Faster! Move it! Move to the bogs, I told you! Execute him. I’ll tell you everything,
just don’t kill me! Our task was to find diplomatic couriers. I’m ready to cooperate.
I’ll do everything that you say! Where did you have to look for them? No concrete places were given.
As far as I understood, the territory of Western Belorussia
was divided into sectors, and each one was allotted to one group. My sector included the woods
around Shilovitchi and Lida. The number of the groups,
composition, level of training? There were no less than 20 groups. Each included an officer
and seven soldiers. I didn’t know my soldiers.
I first met them on the plane. Was it somebody from Abakumov’s department
who gave your instructions? Yes. Major Yermakov. We had to find the diplomatic couriers
and report on that immediately. Each group had a radio. A wave for connection?
Frequency and your call sign? The wave is UK 42.2.
The call sign of the Center – ART. My call sign is AKO-4. Is this frequency
and call sign of the Center the same for all the groups? I’m sure that yes.
We got the information simultaneously. Great. You may join your comrades now. The Russians don’t know anything
about the fate of Volkov and his partner. However, they organized a serious search. They sent so many groups
without any preparation, to imminent death. I’m waiting for your orders, Herr Major. Widen the circle of the search!
Up to the front line. Involve additional forces –
everybody who we have. And get frequency 42.2
under your full control. LABYCHI Of course, sir officer. Of course.
We have milk, and pigs. I may give you a couple of sheep too.
You’re welcome. As many as you want! Good. Of course, it’s good.
Of course! You’re welcome. It must have found a mole. Hold this. The dog is old, so it barks at anything. What a stupid dog! Who is there? Guess. Zhora? -Zhora!
-Who did you expect to see? -Sonya from the medical battalion?
-Zhora! She got married in 1939
to Lieutenant Colonel. Do you remember? -Zhorka! Aren’t you wounded?
-No. Get inside, comrades, faster! THE BARNIM SANCTUARY,
THE LAND OF BRANDERBURG Good afternoon. I beg your pardon,
but the resort zone is reserved for senior officers
and their families only. Sure, Rottenfuehrer.
This is why we’re here. Colonel Heinrich Albert,
military counter-intelligence. May we go? Of course, Herr Colonel.
But we need to search the car first. -New rules?
-Yes, sir. The foresters get frustrated.
They say, all the deer had been shot. And it’s a sanctuary, after all. We don’t allow weapons
except for personal ones. A rule is a rule. Here you go. Lord, Heinrich, this is a snake!
There is a snake here! What snake? Elza, honey, this is just a stick.
How could a snake get in here? But I saw a snake! You may pass. Thank you. Let them pass. Everything is fine, as you see. Do you realize how dangerous it is? We have no other choice, honey.
This info is very important. I love you. I love you too. Urgent. Leonid Rushin died. Because of that, I am contacting
you via an emergency frequency. Dmitriy Gradchenko is taken prisoner
and actively cooperates with the enemy. Due to that,
Soviet agents were arrested in Berlin. Some have already been recruited. The list of the arrested agents
in the alphabet order follows. Agnia. Berta. Buk. Vitold. Ditz. Further cooperation
with them is only possible if double play is taken into account. I’m waiting for a new channel
for connection. Max. You’re being looked for, my dear comrades! How can it be possible? So fast. Good for them! Right. They offer huge money for you.
If you’re alive. The money commoners
can’t even think about! Plus, the land, a house and five cows! You shall be extremely careful now, guys. Why are you so upset?
Be quiet, be quiet. What is it, honey? This is Zhora Volkov, my battle comrade. I told you about him a hundred of times. I would lose not just an arm
but a head too but for him! What is wrong, honey? I’m fine. What?
You’ve given everything away. You don’t even have spare trousers now! Don’t pay attention, Zhora.
A woman is a woman! Thank you! -Vitya?
-Yes? We need to get to our people.
Will you help us? -Oh, Lord!
-Of course, Zhora! Why ask? -Oh, my God! Five cows!
-But where shall we go? How far to the East did the German move? I think they have moved considerably.
Even without good battles. They invaded my Labychi
without any battle at all! I don’t get it! They walk for days,
and drive columns of the prisoners back! One can’t count them.
But it’s not the worst thing. They know how to work with people.
Bastards! They are already organizing armed groups
of the “people’s liberation”. You won’t believe it,
but people join those groups by dozens. Can you imagine?
It’s clear that we shall go to Minsk. There, the old border line is reinforced. Our troops will keep those dogs
for long there. May I join you, guys? Until the end. I wanted to ask you about it. This is it! This issue is decided! Because I was already thinking
about tying grenades to myself and jumping into their crowd,
to take as many as possible with me! Wait a second. Do you have grenades? I do.
There are lots of things here, Zhora. After the Poles, one may even
find a tank here, if one wants to. One wants to… This is it. When it calms down,
we’ll go to the sauna in the evening. And get on our way in the morning. I lack an arm, guys,
but even without an arm, I’ll show those bastards! They’ll run back to their sticky Berlin! I have no doubts about that. Comrade Commissar!
Not a single search group has come on air! I know. I know everything.
Listen to my order, Alexey Yemelyanovitch. If the threat of surrendering Minsk
becomes real, fly to Moscow at once. Do you hear me? I can hear you well, Comrade Commissar.
But what about Volkov? It’s a separate question. The Commander-in Chief keeps
this matter on his personal control. Agent Max has contacted the Center.
There is hope that Volkov is alive. It makes no sense to send
somebody to look for him. I think that if he has an opportunity,
he’ll contact us and inform on his whereabouts himself.
Hello? Hello? Alexey Yemelyanovitch? Hello? Damn it! Connect me with Minsk! Hello, Agata. Good evening. Good evening, Agata Frantsevna!
What do I owe the honor? Good evening, Mr. Chizhevitch!
I have a business to do. With whom? With whom? With the Germans. Oh, really? You shall tell me
about your business first. Mrs. Kruk, come on! Oh, God! Come on, stop it! I am telling you, it’s serious! It is, isn’t it? Then come to my officer,
Agata. We’ll think it over. And if the case is serious indeed,
we’ll go to the Germans. Let’s go. Come on. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be scared, Agata Frantsevna. I’m not scared. We have weapons and food. As for the road,
we shall think about that. You’ve been announced wanted.
You’re being hunted like beasts. So these roads must have been blocked.
They are not for us. What do you suggest? Let’s cheat on them. OK, Mr. Chizhevitch.
I’ll count on your honesty. Don’t cheat on me! Swear to God! I cross myself, Agata! Here you go. But mind!
The Germans give five cows, a house, land and huge money for those people.
And all that belongs to me! Where may I receive that? Look here. This forest is marked
as unpassable even on the Polish maps. However, I know a path.
We will win no less than 100 km, get out of this circle
and come out straight to Minsk. You’re still talking,
dear comrades, aren’t you? I brought you some honey. OK, I won’t interfere. One more time. Listen about a path through the forest. It says here
that they shall be capture alive! If we catch them inside,
how may we guarantee that? If they die, we won’t get the money. So? Plus, they may kill some of us.
Look what it says about that Volkov! Shall we inform the Germans? Are you out of your mind, bro?
The Germans? I didn’t expect that from you! Why do we need the Germans
if we can do it on our own? He is right, Arkhip.
We’ll catch them ourselves. In the morning, when they go out. This is what I think too.
We’ll kill two birds with one bullet. We’ll get the money and demonstrate
the Germans what we’re worth. Look at what we may do! How much will we give to Agata? OK, guys. Only two or three hunters
know this path here. We’ll cover about 40 km, and then… Freeze!
Hands up, if you want to live a bit more. -Hi, Viktor.
-Hi, Arkhip. -Can we make a deal?
-No. Look, Arkhip.
He has something on him. A belt. Take it off. We’ll examine it later.
Get them into the car, guys. We’ll take the three of them
to the Germans. Why three? Why? You crossed yourself!
You swore to God! You said that you wouldn’t touch my Vitya! It’s all right, Agata. With your bosom,
you’ll find a replacement fast! -Vitya! Vitya!
-Fool! Some green stones. What is that, Rygor? Look.
You’re the watch maker. Maybe it’s something worthy. Oh, God! What? Lord! These are emeralds! And? Do they cost money? How much? For just one stone,
you may buy the entire Labychi, and still have money
for five more villages! That is how much! Millions! Stop it! Arkhip, are there a lot of them? The entire belt. Hands! What do we do now? Divide them? Of course, we will. But first we shall decide
what to do with them. It makes no sense
to give them away to the Germans. He won’t share with you.
Don’t expect that. First, he’ll kill you, one by one. And then get back to you. Do you doubt it, relatives? -What?
-Nothing! Are you out of your minds? Do you believe him or me? You’re a dog! Arkhip, what is there? Well? Helped a bit, at least! Arkhip! Brake! Hold hands on the wheel! Damn it! The Germans are in front of us.
Turn around! It’s too late.
We’ll break through! Come on! Hold on! Stop! Stop, now! Damn it! Follow them! Vitya! Vitya! My honey! Vitya! Oh, Lord! My honey! What have I done? I’m fool!
Forgive me, I’m a fool! Separate! What is that? The Germans. And our prisoners-of-war. Don’t touch me. Hands off! Get off! Get off! Bastard! She didn’t have time to change, poor girl. Is that all that you may say?
Will we keep looking at that? We shall act! Let’s help Sasha out! Girl! Damn it!
Why did she go into the Air Force? Go to the girl, Lieutenant. Sasha, stand up!
Sasha, please! It’s all right! Why are you sitting, brothers?
Kill them! Freeze! Where are you going? -There.
-Let’s go. Be quiet. Come on, faster! To the left! There they are! I can see them.
Don’t shoot. I need them alive. They are running after the prisoners,
bitches! Let them run after them. Let’s go. We lost them here,
on the edge of the forest. -When?
-Four hours ago. I see. Four. Let it be 50 km.
It’s impossible! It looks like they are inside
of this square. Kayshovka. What is Kayshovka? What is here? Nothing.
A connection point, a post airdrome. We’ll fly there.
Oliver, prepare the plane. Yes, Herr Major. We’ll spend the night here. It looks like the Germans aren’t here yet,
but we shall check it just in case. No, Comrade Captain.
We’ve never seen the Germans here. Who needs us? We don’t interfere in anything.
Right, Kolya? Yes, right. What was here before, Gertruda Ivanovna?
A pioneer camp? No. A sanatorium for the best workers. And before that,
Counts Zaretskiys used to live here. A glorious kin. Very rich. Right, Kolya? Yes, they were rich. However,
it’s not the first time we see you. -What do you mean?
-Please look here. Kolya brought it yesterday
from the village together with milk. By the way, we have our own ghost here,
and a legend. Right, Kolya? Yes. We have lots of things here. A ghost? Yes, a ghost. A real one.
People say that Counts Zaretskiys buried their treasures here.
Nobody found them yet, of course, but this is because the ghost
is guarding the gold. People hear weird sounds
and don’t go any further. Gesha, stop it! Why? Isn’t what I am saying true? This is true! I heard it trice myself! Open up! Open!
Or my soldiers will knock your door out! The Germans! Guys, follow me! I don’t know about the ghosts.
But there are underground tunnels here. Follow me. Why did it take you so long
to open the door? I didn’t hear you. How may I help you? We may wait here. I believe that the Germans
are scarier than the ghosts. Thank you, father. Search the house! Sasha, give me your hand. It’s so beautiful! Comrade Lieutenant? -You may call me Sasha.
-Comrade Lieutenant, examine the left tunnel
of the underground. If you find the way out, come back. Here you go. Why are you standing?
Are you really scared of the ghosts? I am not afraid of anything,
do you get it? Execute. Why did you do that? Let me go with here. Stay where you are, OK? And now listen attentively. We’re in a great trouble, bro. If they catch us again
with these documents, we won’t be able to get out. It means the end of our mission.
That’s why we’ll leave the cargo here. We’ll find a secret place and hide it.
We’ll remember the place. And go our separate ways. -Separate ways?
-Yes. -You want to separate, don’t you?
-Yes. This way, we’ll have no chances. The first person to reach our people
will show the place. OK? And a reinforced group of soldiers
will be able to break through and get the package. Got it? Yes, sir. Don’t get scared, Lieutenant.
No order to die was given. This is it, Lieutenant. Remember. To the right from the tunnel,
make three steps. I told you the call sign
and the wave for connection. Let’s go up. -You’ll take our loud lady…
-No. No, no, no, no… I agree with you on everything,
Comrade Captain. But? Let her go with you. In case of need,
I won’t be able to help her as you can. Please. I’ll go alone. OK. Come on. Comrade Lieutenant! Comrade Lieutenant! I’m here. Comrades, I think I found a path.
It leads into the woods. What is wrong? Alexandra? And you said you weren’t scared
of the ghosts. This is it, be quiet, be quiet… See you. This is it, Ilyusha. From this place,
you’ll go alone, up the current. And we’ll go down. If you think before
doing something, we might meet again. Freeze! Lower your weapons! Turn around! Turn, I told you! Freeze! Lower your weapon! THE VILLAGE OF KAYSHOVKA.
THE POST AIRDROME What a good place! We’ll escape from here. How? What is there behind the car? -A plane.
-Right. What model? I think it’s French.
A trophy one… civilian. Can you fly it? Of course. This is great. Damn it! We caught him in the woods. Hold on, bro! What did you need it for, Lieutenant? Just tell me where Volkov
and your cargo are. Damn it, untie him, at last! Believe me,
it makes no sense to keep silence. Reaped out nails, knocked out teeth…
what do you need that for, my boy? Well? Why die in the Russian way
if you may leave like a human? I hope he’ll keep silence. What may he tell them? It doesn’t matter. Be quiet. Who is there? You’re being paranoid, Siegfried.
Who may be here? I told you, I heard something. Let’s go, come on! What is going on there? Herr Major! Good boy, he didn’t give in! Faster! -What do you have, Lieutenant?
-One second! Faster! It’s all in French!
I can’t find the twist! -What shall I look for?
-The ignition. Try this! -Well?
-Yes! We’re ascending! Damn it, what is going on here?
It’s impossible! Faster! Catch up with them!

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