Decorating Clothes with Rhinestones : Sewing Rhinestones to Clothing

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Hi, I’m Robin with and we’re
making a video for Expert Village on how to add jewels to your t-shirts and sweatshirts
to embellish them and give them a little flare. I’ve showed you how to glue them on, now I’m
going to show how sewing them on is very easy. It does take a little bit longer. But it is
quite easy. One nice thing about sewing them on, you can take it with you whereas gluing
them on you can’t. You can do this in the car. Put the jewels right where you want them.
Start from the back and just sew them on. One thing about the sewing on that is difficult
is getting them right where you want them to be. One of the things you can try is glue
them on with a glue stick first so that they would stay right where you want them. That
works pretty well. The thread should be doubled, knotted in the end. After bringing it up,
just put the thread through the t-shirt, making two passes. Make sure the thread is tight
and then repeat on the other side. On the heart ones, there is only two holes so the
bottoms stick out which is a good reason to glue them. To make sure the jewels were on
the t-shirt securely; you can glue and sew them on. When you are done just pull it out the back.

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