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hello welcome to nature’s color channel today I wanted to share with you my stone collection I share my stone collection on the saying that one of my followers can shoot a stone collection video The first question of what are gemstones is the diamond emerald ruby ​​sapphire and topaz Important features of precious stones; crystal structures, light transmittance and light reflection properties. Therefore, when you look at some precious stones under light, different color games can be seen. The emerald, which has the title of queen, is in different shades of green and green. The emerald with darker shades of green is considered the most valuable. Ruby
Yakut is considered as the magical stone of love and beauty in history. The rubies are among the most precious stones in the world. The natural stone is the hardest structure after the diamond Topaz stone, known as the symbol of beauty and splendor since ancient times; yellow, blue, white and transparent can be found in different colors. Topaz with a hard stone, glassy-looking, transparent and translucent with different forms Purple violet (lilac, purple, lavender) color of the AMETIST, is a transparent (transparent) stone. It is also known as the LAKE or LOVE STONE Because it looks like a fire flame, it gets this name. They are red, orange, reddish-orange towards light to dark hues. They have an iridescent appearance as different color particles, mainly flame color. These are also a mixture of smoky quartz crystal quartz, brown, gray and black color. The brown one looks as though some smoke is trapped inside it. Black and gray colors give a bog view These are called quartz crystal stone. Crystal Quartz is a transparent and transparent type.
It carries glassy sheen, colorless or blends of different colors.
The distinctive feature is that a different color combination creates a shaky, swirling, fluctuating image due to the glow of the sparkles Natural Fluorite is like a flower bouquet with its eye-catching colors. It is a pleasant stone which is wanted with its glass shine and rich colors.
It is the most colorful mineral of the earth. Be sharp, MOR, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, COLORLESS, RED OR ORANGE, PINK, WHITE, BROWN, BLACK or MULTI COLOR may be. Kristal Kuvarsın az (nadir) bulunan cinsidir. Çok eski çağlarda mühür ve sembol yapımında kullanılmıştır. Günümüzde ise oyma biblo, dekoratif süs eşyası ve mücevherat yapımında kullanılmaktadır This hematite is a metallic, dark gray stone with a heavy mass due to the iron found in its structure.
The color is black, gray or reddish brown. Its brightness is metallic. It is usually opaque, not transparent. Some are semi-transparent This aventurine stone is a light green colored quartz type with a granular structure in the form of spherical appearance in the form of granules. pure silver it blue opal calcite quartz rutile quartz this is crisis this honey opal mussel obsidian is a natural glass formed by the volcanic lava flowing with water and freezing extremely quickly.
Sharp, easily machinable and fragile. It is located in places with volcanic activity.
The glass is bright and translucent. purple jade milk opal black chalcedony I would appreciate if you support and subscribe to my channel

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