DIY Glitter Animal Jewelry Storage | Room Organization | ANN LE

DIY Glitter Animal Jewelry Storage | Room Organization | ANN LE

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  1. This is so cute, I love your chanel. You are so creative! Love all your diy's. Looking forward seeing more of your video's

  2. the hair spray really works, i already try it, by the way i love what you do, thank you so much, you inspire me a lot!!

  3. I just knew there was a reason I was holding onto the empty Yankee Candle Jars 🙂 and I always wondered about the animals to stick on top. Thank you for this video.

  4. I have a question, and i hope you wil answer it, i would appriciate it! How did you get know this on youtube, how did get a short of famouse on youtube! I really hope you could answer this!

  5. Stolen from lisa pullano..?
    One of her older diys are made like this one..
    Anywhoo…this ones good too…

  6. i love this what a great idea going to try let u know how it woks out going to try to embsoing powder from my stamping days will let u know how it goes getting the animals tomorrow bye

  7. Aaawww…too bad. I love glitters but I am allergic to them 🙁 im allergic to small particles and dusty stuff coz i have asthma 🙁 Great video BTW! 😀

  8. I showed this to my little sister and she had an awesome time making this project with some of her old toy figures 🙂 turned out really cute !

  9. That is pretty awesome i mean you should've been gifted in art or something cause you are amazingly artistic and unique and i am really inspired by you and plz sub back to me

  10. @Ann Le {Anneorshine} I always do crafts with glitter and use hairspray for the top and it always works perfectly! Keeps the glitter on and leaves a shiney finish

  11. Hair spray works great! It does not dull the glitter at all! You may need a couple of coats since usally putting hairspray in your hair takes a couple of coats (should do in a well ventilated are because whatever room your doing this might stink like hairspray) but hairspray works great!

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