GEMS IN THE THAMES – The Mystery of the Garnets found Mudlarking

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So you join me down on the Thames foreshore on a wet and windy day, and I’m going to tell you about the secrets of the Thames garnets So the garnets we find it very small and
we’re not sure why they’re here. There’s two main reasons they would be here and
that is first one is jewellery making, and the second they were used in industrial
purposes This is a spot known for its garnets and
I’ve just spotted the first one here so I’m just gonna show Nugget where it is, and yeah
it’s just there look so, we pick it up and you can put it in the palm of
your hand and there we go, that is an uncut natural garnet but it’s not native
to… ah look, we’ve got a dog here as well look at looking at us
yeah so it’s not native to England or Britain so these were imported and we
don’t really know why they’re down here but they are they’re beautiful little
things and yeah it’s a strange little mystery about why they’re on the Thames
and it looks like he’s found one himself I found one but I dropped it, there we go that’s
bigger than mine, how cool is that? It’s got lovely facets on that isn’t it, how close can we get on that? Beautiful. Here’s a better look at that garnet
much closer view – beautiful Like I said these aren’t naturally found
in the UK so they got here somehow we’re just not sure. I’ve just spotted another one. right there Shining like day, alright let’s get it out a little bit smaller. There it is, garnet number two Let’s go get some more. there it is, you see it? Right in the middle of the screen That is a garnet See it has a reddish color
to it, almost has a crystallized shape very pretty See if there’s any more Look at that one, it’s a larger one there you can see it a little bit better there’s another one, a little bit bigger than the last I’ll take it! So let me tell you about the secrets of
the Thames garnets According to Robin Hanson at the Natural
History Museum they’re not native to this country so they come from India or
Asia So what were the uses of garnets there’s a couple of theories one being they were made for jewellery and another that they use for industrial
purposes such as abrasives Garnets have been used for centuries, going back to Saxon times there’s been a hard in Staffordshire Beautiful pieces of jewellery with
pieces of garnet in it and also recent hoard in Norwich Garnets also have a hardness of 7.5 on
the Mohs scale which makes them ideal for industrial use such as abrasives,
sandblasting, water jet cutting polishing and sanding. Maybe shipment fell
overboard and that’s why they’re all there… But we just don’t know… Garnets are the birthstone of January and also according to
garnets cleans and re-energizes the chakras it revitalized purifies and balances energy bringing serenity or passion as appropriate
it also inspires love and devotion and activates strengths and survival
instincts bringing courage and hope The biggest garnet to ever be found on the
Thames foreshore as far as I know was found by Florence
Evans’s daughter she’s only three years old, but the garnet was one inch and a quarter thick it’s a real big big Gem and it looks beautiful in the hand one of my Mudlarking pals Alan Murphy –
check out his Instagram in the description below has come up with a
theory that maybe the Dockers tore open the bag the garnets fell in the river
and they came back and picked them up lster Basically we think they might have been stolen dropped overboard and then picked up later on. My Mudlarking friend Jason Sandy has done a lot of research into the
garnets but he actually sent some garnetss off to guy called Kit Casati in America,
he believes they are actually gem quality so they could be used in jewellrey after all. Jason also found a really nice garnet that was cut and he
sent it off to a to jeweller in Scotland and i sent him back set and a necklace
which then gave to his wife so far I’ve sent garnets to three people
Steve Man in the Hat check out his YouTube channel he’s come up with some
amazing items including rings and pendants check out Etsy store for some
really good inspiration Since Steven taught himself how to turn
the trash he digs up metal detecting into lovely treasures to be adored and
given a second life, he tells me nothing has been quite like learning how to
silver solder and turning some of these beautiful coins which don’t look like much
when he digs him up into something really quite amazing. I gave him a few
river thames garnets when he came down to London and he set them nicely in
securely in the crown of this ring using an old silver two Shilling piece that he dug up Here’s another great example of a very
imaginative marriage of finds is a silver Australian shilling with a
Magnum shell casing finished off with the Thames gernet I believe this one is
now sold but if you want another one get in touch with Stephen via his Etsy store
and I’m sure he’ll make you another the links are in the video description also gave a few to Bruce basil he’s in
America he came over here to Mudlark and I gave him a few and he’s come up with this
beautiful pendant and last but not least I sent some too Wendy Meister
she’s a jeweller in East London and she’s taken some of my ideas and turn them
into reality and you can see here that I’m wearing some of the very charms that she made so as you can see a clay pipe with a garnet it as the burning ember
and a skull both these items are available to buy on a Folksy store you’ll
see the link in the description so they are the Thames garnets all found
by me from the Thames foreshore so if you would like one of these to use in a
piece of jewellery or in a pendent or whatever else you can imagine
please email me on the email address you see at the end of the video and I’ll send
you some for free all I ask for in exchange is a photo of your creation
that I’ll then use in a future video so come and get them! well as you can see Loxie
is modeling the clay pipe here, not sure if she’s a big fan but it’s a beautiful
necklace and you can win one along with all the other bits individually I’m going to set up a competition in a few weeks time so please subscribe and hit a notification
bell and you could win one of these very own necklaces or even the bottle
earrings for yourself stay tuned and be lucky Oh Yes right down both my wellies! I knew that was coming as well

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