GEMSTONE SOAP D.I.Y.  ❤ mimi’z world

GEMSTONE SOAP D.I.Y. ❤ mimi’z world

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  1. I love suggestion #2 the best. It looks like the crystals are coming from a large crystal base. Basically, I think it look more authentic….thank you bunches! I’ve literally written down the entire ingredients already and saved it to my favorite DIY’s. Everyone is getting soap from Christmas…pretty soap. Lol my daughter wears crystals like these in her necklaces and that’s how and why I clicked on your channel. I know she’ll truly love these on Christmas. She’ll use it as decor in her room and not as actual soap. I love it in the cloche because it looks like it real crystals that nobody can afford or touch. Yay! Now I’m a new subscriber to your channel! 🌝

  2. Id love to see how they are when using them as actual soap. Do the small pieces break off? Is it practical? (Thinking of making for a gift). They are stunning!

  3. I am so in love with this project everyone in my family is getting one for the holidays! I do wish you would have listed how much soap base you used for each one or what size those containers of soap base were I pretty much have to guess lol. Either way bravo love I'm so excited to make these!

  4. Me encantó el color es mi favorito se ve súper bien lo intentaré… pero el sólo ver el vídeo me enamoro y pensar q lo natural es creación de mi Dios

  5. Wow how do you not have a million subs?? Not only is this hella informative the editing and visuals of this is mad clean. I LOVE this!! Question tho: I love the shape and look of this… is it possible you can make a bath bomb version of the crystal gem stone?

  6. This is so beautiful. I want to make it but not sure how practical this would be, I mean if I was washing my hands how would that work. I guess I would just make it and leave it there?

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