Gemstone Therapy: The Body-Centered and Soul-Centered Model of the Aura

Gemstone Therapy: The Body-Centered and Soul-Centered Model of the Aura

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The Body-Centered Model is a model, it’s a viewpoint, of the organization of our energetic selves,
if you will. It starts with the physical body in the center. I’m going to give this guy a little smile
because he’s happy. Alright, and, I don’t know if you can see
him that well, but this is the physical body. And around it, and many of you are very familiar
with this model, around it are the different layers of the
aura: the supra-physical, the emotional, causal,
mental, and so forth. And the understanding from this Body-Centered
Model is that our spiritual self is somewhere out here– this being of light that we are is somewhere
out here. It’s non-local, you can’t really identify
exactly where it is, but we have a sense that it’s out here somewhere. This is a very helpful model to use at times because it’s a way that we can, when we palpate the aura of ourselves or someone
else, what we’re palpating is the different layers
of the aura, and so this model is verifiable in Gemstone
Therapy and in other energy modalities where there’s
energetic palpation, you can prove that this model is truth– it works. It’s the model that we use when we do a Main Ray test on someone else. It’s a very workable model. I want to show you another perspective. And this is the Soul-Centered Model. And in the Soul-Centered Model, this being of pure light, who you are truly,
is in the center and is surrounded first, we can be general here, let’s say mental layer, then an emotional layer, or causal. Let’s say causal. And then an emotional layer. And then, surrounding this is the physical
body. So the way this works is that, “Okay, here I am, my physical body,” deep inside of me and progressively deeper are, is an emotional, a causal, a mental, and then, at the deepest core, place within
myself, is my spiritual highest self, soul, there’s different names for that divine aspect
of who we are. And if you close your eyes and sense that
part of you, that place of highest knowing, that spiritual
part of you, it’s easy to understand the truth of this
model. Indeed, deep within is myself and then all of this else surrounds me in
some way that’s sometimes a little hard for the mind
to figure it all out, but this model is a way to illustrate it. And, this model is also truth. Both models coexist. They are both ways of looking at it. Don’t get your mind caught up in a knot trying
to superimpose the two– they’re different viewpoints. One is a Body-Centered Model and one is, I call it a Soul-Centered Model, because “soul” is a very short word– it’s easy to say, easy to write, but there are many terms for this higher intelligence. Both of these models are true, they’re verifiable. Another way to look at it is that in the Soul-Centered Model we’re on the inside
looking out at our life and in the Body-Centered Model, we’re the
outside looking in. When we are trying to discover the Main Ray
for ourselves, we use the Soul-Centered Model.

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