Gold-Filled Saturn Footage Chain

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We offer several different options for
14-karat yellow gold-filled satellite or saturn chain. This chain link style is
also called rosary chain and it features beads that are clasped into place over a
curb or cable chain. The beads are usually separated by anywhere from half
an inch to an inch of chain between each one and the beads themselves are pretty
small. These are usually like 2 to 3 millimeter little rondell or round
beads. And I’m showing the chains like this because I think Saturn chain is
particularly well-suited to layering – especially when you mix up different
types of saturn or satellite chain along with plain cables or curbs or other
styles. These just look really great when you have the beads kind of interspersed
and lining up differently in layering. These are some of the most popular
gold-filled chains on the market today. Now you’ll notice that a lot of these chain
styles have very tiny links. So you will need to finish these necklaces with
either crimp ends or maybe use a reamer to widen out one of the final links and
use our smallest gold-filled jump ring option – the GJ33, which is a 24 gauge 3
millimeter jump ring. And it’ll work with a couple of these saturn chain footage

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