Guild Wars 2 – Amalgamated Gemstones Gold Farm

Guild Wars 2 – Amalgamated Gemstones Gold Farm

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Amalgamated Gemstones are a nice source of
daily income. The way it works is that you will get a Hero
chest from various meta events and Gemstones are in their content. Simple as that. You can get one per day per map so as right
now it’s up to 8 gems every day. With other loot along the way, you can end
up with more than 20g with just a little effort. All these meta events begin at fixed times,
you can jump maps and do them one after another. You can see all times here and I’ve also put
a link down below for timer on the wiki. Pretty much all of those events require at
least semi-organized groups and organized maps fill up pretty quick so you have to keep
eye on LFG always at least 10 minutes before event start in the timer. Meta events in the Verdant Brink are split
between day and night. I have a detailed guide for the entire thing,
so if you want to participate check it out a link is down below. However, for the Amalgamate reward, all you
need to do is kill one of the night bosses what spawn with 20 minutes on the night timer. The easiest one is Matriarch above the Pact
Encampment waypoint, just use the chopper what lands nearby. Tarir Meta in the Auric Basin is also long
and complex and again if you wanna participate in its entirety I have a full guide. For an amalgamated reward, you don’t have
to participate at all because it will be in the first Grand chest what you will open. And those are available under the Forgotten
City Waypoint for everyone after meta is done. All you have to do is find a finished map. However, you will need keys so meta farm every
now and then is necessary. Same as before the Tangled Depths Meta is
very long and complex and again you don’t have to participate in the entire thing but
I have a guide if you want to. The important part is the final Chak Gerent
rush. Choose one of the 4 lanes what spreads from
the Ley-Line Confluence Waypoint and deal some damage to Gerent itself when it pops
up from the ground. Then wait till all the lanes finish and loot
the final chest near the waypoint. Dragon’s Stand meta is also long and technically
you have to participate only in the final fight with Mouth of Mordremoth but it’s almost
impossible to find a spot in the map in that stage so in most cases you have to participate
in the entire meta. It’s easy and straight forward, you pick one
of the lanes, escort NPCs, destroy 3 towers and then fight the boss. I have a full guide if necessary. Choya Pinata in the Crystal Oasis is the fastest
and easiest of all events mentioned here. It spawns next to Amnoon waypoint shortly
after successful Casino Blitz meta. Blitz itself is about collecting coins in
3 rounds in the city area, but for the Amalgamate reward, you don’t have to participate. The Path of Ascension meta in the Elon Riverlands
is really long and annoying, and if one of the events isn’t really worth it, it’s this
one. It begins near the Augury’s Shadow waypoint
with several escorts, clearing and defense events centered around Follower Kaidenna,
what ends up with entering ancient teleport what brings you inside the Augury Rock. There you have to kill Branded Josso Esher. But that is not the end, now you have to wait
quite some time for the final part of the meta. The Doppelganger. It begins with the collecting of escaped magic
and once it’s done, one random player from pretty much the entire map will be chosen
and his legendary version will spawn as an enemy and start to chase him. If that player dies or leaves the area, the
event will fail and restart with a new target. The Amalgamated loot requires just the kill
of Doppelganger. There are 2 meta events in The Desolation
Junundu Rising and Maw of Torment. They are equally long and both will reward
you with Amalgamate but remember you will get only one per map so you can choose between
those 2 events. Junundu Rising starts south-west from the
Lair of the Forgotten waypoint with collecting of sulfur for 3 separate events, you should
deposit to all 3 for maximum loot. After that you just join one of the big worms,
kill few champions and sieges nearby and loot 2 chests in the Fort and Firebase. Maw of Torment begins just south from the
Darklands Waypoint. 3 separate escorts will head towards the portals
inside the Mouth of Torment. Once you are in the portal stage, kill mobs,
pick up residue, grab spike from the barrel and apply it on the portal. After you close all 3 portals Legendary Forged
Demolisher spawn a bit north-east. Kill him for your Amalgamate. In the Domain of Vabbi are again 2 meta events
to choose from and one is significantly shorter than the other so let’s start with it. It’s called Forged with Fire and it all happens
in a small area inside the Foundry north-west from The Necropolis Waypoint. You have to kill cannons, commander and 2
legendary hounds on the end. Fast and easy. The second meta The Serpents’ Ire happens
in the Grand Court of Sebelkeh north from Market Ruins waypoint. First, you have to find and defeat 5 Forgotten
Zealots. They spawn randomly in the entire area. Once it’s done they move into the middle. They will split into 5 different spots and
players with a lot of CCs have to kill them as fast as possible. And in the last part spawns the legendary
Ysshi Hessani and his pet Hydra. Ysshi often switch between melee and ranged
resistance so be prepared for that Kill them both and get the Amalgamate reward.


  1. It's not wise to SELL the amalgamated gemstone, if you ever want to craft a legendary. You will need 250 of these and if you had sold them, you will need to farm 32 days to get 8 gemstones and that's quite a lot, believe me.

  2. ya after this event is over it's going to be hard to do pof metas for the chest not lot of people do them just Hot metas , so i don't know where this video was going you should of posted this before the event came live

  3. Excellent vid & tips. Don't worry about the nitpickers you're doing great work providing the community with these tutorials.

  4. What I really think we need is an in-depth guide for Dragonfall, and how the map really works. It's not so straight forward.

  5. I think verdant brink matriarch is the fastest because you don't need to wait in the map and you can waypoint to the map with no squad and get to the boss the moment it spawns

  6. Or this incompetent piece of anet changes back the drop rate of rare minis so i can sell them for several hundred gold instead of 25g, these fuckers

  7. this is so helpful! i need 100 more gold for griffon and its been a pain… thank you for the video, i don't know how you get up to 20 gold i always get only 8 9 10 in total at the end of the day!

  8. Hello wonderful Mr Tekkit – I adore your work and I am going to support you but I just had one question and dont know where to leave it regarding the crafting nodes and your tekkit TACO plug in. Is there a way for me to turn off the notes you added to all the crafting stations. As I am experienced in them I rather find this to be visual noise and would love to just switch that bit off ? Thanks so much Wyld

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