Heavy Machinery vs. Johnny Silver & Alex Keaton: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019

Heavy Machinery vs. Johnny Silver & Alex Keaton: SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 10, 2019

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  1. People are complaining about heavy machinery having squah matches, which i get. But if they allowed the beaver boys (the other team) to have a legit match with them, they'd probably give Heavy Machinery their best match

  2. Why the f**k aren't HEAVY MACHINERY the SD! TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS??? They're certainly better than most of the teams on the roster. Again, WWE Creative has no idea how to book talent; what a f**king surprise!!! 🇨🇦👊🤙

  3. All these great tag teams in wwe and yet we get more squash matches. For example where are the Revival and the New Day, aren't they supposed to feud with each other on SD?!!

  4. The SmackDown Tag Division isn't worthy now. Most of the dominant teams are performing at RAW.
    Jeff Hardy is injured so Hardy Boyz are out of action.
    2 genuine teams left on SD are, Heavy Machinery & New Day & both FACE. That's why may be Revival were brought from RAW.
    Time to bring back AOP. They will be perfect for SD Tag Division.

  5. I feel that heavy machinery and viking raiders are being under used right now but I hope they get to show what they are made of soon

  6. I will never understand why people like heavy machinery. They are one of the most embarrassing Tag teams in the division. I especially can’t stand Otis. He is a country hillbilly bumpkin. How in the heck does WWE allow him to do that?

  7. Alright alright. It was a decent matchup. But however, maybe for next Smackdown, we add this one lil' tweak:

    Heavy Machinery: vs. legit any two people on the roster who are even remotely recognizable.

  8. compactorhas to be the best move ever, I wish WWE would give these guys more air time they are full of potential and awesome to watch.

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