Herkimer Diamond and Silver Giveaway!!!

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I wanted to try something a little bit different
so I’m gonna do a random giveaway. And this is gonna be everything that’s in
the giveaway. This is a Herkimer Diamond which is a double
terminated quartz crystal from upstate New York. 1901 barber dime all wrapped in silver. And
these 2 are in my groundscore videos from paradise falls. I mainly communicate through Facebook, through
messenger and can also do emails to exchange shipping information. I do NOT have WhatsApp and I probably wont
be getting one anytime soon. To Win just simply Like, Share, Subscribe
and Comnent your name below. And Christmas Eve I’m gonna put all the names
in a hat and draw out a name at random and announce it on Christmas. Here’s your chance to get some crystals, these
2 are from paradise falls and this crystal here I wrapped from my claim in Fonda. And good luck and I hope to be doing more
of these in the near future, more giveaways. So hit that bell icon if you wanna stay in
the loop. Good luck everybody.

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