How I Style Gold Jewellery | Haley Kim

How I Style Gold Jewellery | Haley Kim

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hi this is really today I’m going to show you guys how I style called early [Music] nowadays I only wear gold your is as if completely means my skin tone better than Shilpa and he has a warm feel my phone is a bit simple so I love to layered early to spice it up and also summer is coming soon so I think it is the time to wear gold jury I’m going to show you three different looks today the first look is a mix of blue and gold jury a la mix of colors within the pieces as a result fun twist on a classic gold I think you could accessorize a simple outfit with this unique necklace and bracelet this accessories are all from Ana Luisa and collaborate with them in today’s video this brand has both classic and stylish Spice together and they say all find Jolie’s whenever I want to know the brand I always find and read their mission statement and their mission said to offer same high quality direct to you normally big brands charge you 10 times to cost of production like retail marketing and other things but Ana Luisa eliminate the retail markup to keep the price as fair and accessible as possible with high quality products so I’m so happy to collaborate with this kind of brand who care for customers rather than focusing on sand more first one I got these medium hoop earrings which are made of 14k gold I love how flexibilities to wear because I struggle with a lot when I worship products it’s just everyday hope so I would match with any office and any accessories the necklace is subtle and delicate has a modern yesterday if I wear a kind of a deep neck top or off short at half you can make the necklace stand out more and to mix with the necklace I also got a twist bracelet also with blue and gold I like this unique design and it goes really well with jeans I think second look I created is combination of white and gold I love when these two colors mix together when I miss gold jewelry with white top it makes gold more beautiful I think firstly I loved his hair clip it changes the alpha by two such a elegant way I put this one on my side hair but you’ll be also cute wearing on the back we’d half-up half-down style I styled this hair clip with both hoop earrings also from ASOS I love wearing a bold hoop earring alone as it makes chic statement especially when I do my hair back or in a bun with my friend [Music] this ring is a twisted design with gold and white very unique also from ASOS the last load is just a simple everyday look nowadays I only wear it is very often and many other guys ask where these mini hooks are from and these are all from Claire’s which you can find anywhere in the town or say in the UK I normally wear a simple study my second piercing as it looks more stylish these earrings are my go-to earrings sometimes just go to sleep without taking out and the Rings are from ASOS and even though they are not real gold it doesn’t look cheap I lose rings very easily I wouldn’t invest that much money on wings so I just get any from ASOS or top shelf or double prices so these are our minds regaled accessory styles I have so much fun to make this kind of video because I can tell you about more details better than telling you just where they’re from I hope you guys enjoyed this video and we will see in the next one bye


  1. 한국 자막도 보실 수 있어요 <3
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    Discount code: Haley10

  2. Hope you're enjoying your time in NYC :). If you're interested, try visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art!! Know that the Metropolitan Museum is pay-whatever-you-wish and the MoMA is free every Friday from 4-8pm

  3. yayy! love u haleyyy! thanks for giving us ideas slaying these accessories! have a great time in ny and im so happy for u♡

  4. 햇살 받는 헤일리님이랑 골드랑 너무 잘어울려요 ㅠㅠ 이런 영상 자주올려주세요 🧡

  5. OMG 😍😍 how you get a beautiful skin in your body?? Are you skin care at a beauty salon?? 💖💖 i love your tan skin so much

  6. 헤일리언니💓 선댓 후 감상입니다! 스타일링이나 메이크업부분에서 참고도 많이하고 배우고 있어요 🙂
    You are my favorite youtuber! I can get a lot of styling tips from your video thanx XD

  7. me : scrolling pictures of jewelries on pinterest and being crazy about it

    haley : uploads a video on jewelries

    me : … she read my mind

  8. Your videos are works of art. Absolutely in love with your video style, so unique! Binge watching your videos nowww

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