how to check Real diamond or fake diamond ( hindi / urdu)

how to check Real diamond or fake diamond ( hindi / urdu)

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first click on subscribe my channel to join for next video and sport me hello friends my name is irshad in this video i am going to teach you how to check diamond i will tell you four way to check real dimond it Real and fake diamond 1. first scratch a line on mirror by Dimond now see line if diamond is real mirror will tear like paper, or it will skrech on mirror like wood dust. second see a word through diamond if you can see word clearly 4. fourth way to stream on diamond by your mouth if its fake it getting Boller longer time. that mean this is fake dimond if diamond is real that you can’t read a single word through dimond . 3 . third one is heat the diamond by fire but if you have real diamond its not going Boller . like mirror. if it getting heat that mean this is fake if Diamond is real you can’t heat Diamond by fire it getting cool less then 3 second . but fake diamond is heat like iron.


  1. Are yrr sidha sample rakho aur jor dar hatoda maro… diamond hoga toh hatode me farQ ayega… fake hua toh chur hoga

  2. अंग्रेजी भाषा नही आती तो इसमे कोई शर्म की बात नही, क्यों कि ब्रिट्रेन का कुत्ता भी अंग्रेजी में भौकता है परंतु बार बार फेक शब्द को फैक कहकर अंग्रेजी की टांग ना तोड़ें ।

  3. best way to detect the artificial and natural diamond is the x ray has beennot passed in natural diamond but it passed through in artificial diamond it is the best way to protect the artificial diamond

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  5. Bewaqof insan heera ho ya zerqoon garam karke pani me dalo gay to toot jaega .timit h diamond ki ek.logon ke diomond kharab karaogay tm.

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