How to Create a Contemporary Design with Gem Stones

How to Create a Contemporary Design with Gem Stones

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Hi, I’m Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails. In
this video I am going to show you how to do a ballerina nail with some gel polish designs.
So for this design I have already created a ballerina shaped nail in acrylic. I’ve
used Warm Natural Beige acrylic powder and we have created this for the tip. What we
are going to do now is add the design to it. On my pallet I have got a little bit of Back
to Black and then we are also going to use Silver Sparkle as well, pop that on the pallet.
And that’s because I need some good control, so I am going to apply it with a detailing
brush. I am going to go up the centre to a point and then back down and give it a curve.
Same again both sides and fill that in. I am going to make sure that both sides are
symmetrical which is the hard point. Make sure you are right to the edge and cap the
tip. That can go into the lamp for one minute. Now I am just going to put a second layer
just to deepen the black and then once you are happy with that second layer, you can
then pop that into the lamp and cure that for another minute So now with the Silver
Sparkle we are going to do the same kind of shape going up. This kind of design really
exaggerates the tip of this nail. Again, we need to make each side symmetrical. Take this all the way up to the top. That can go into the lamp now for one minute. What I am going to do now is pop some crystals on right at the sides. Putting them on with brush-on glue,
but I am also going to seal them so at the point where the colours meet
we are also going to pop one right at the top. Oh, it’s a bit gorgeous, that is. Let that glue dry and once that’s dry we are going to seal this design with the Mega Gloss. It’s also going to seal the stones. So those gems are going to get sealed as well which will keep them on for longer. Going to pop that into the lamp for one minute. Now that’s completely set I am going to finish with some almond cuticle oil. Give that a rub a dub dub. Rub it in and that’s that design finished. It’s really simple but really effective.


  1. lovely🌹🌹🌹💋💋💋!!! i have a question ?? iv tried to use gel to do nails and i do everthing thats shown n still it will not stay on me .! what els can i do

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