How to cut Gemstones: 7 The Reveal

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hi I’m Steve Moriarty from Moriarty’s
gem art and now after two days our stone has finally been freed from the dop and
that’s partly because we used a cone dop and those are the most difficult to to
get the attacked to dissolve the the epoxy but it’s free now so let’s let’s
take a look and see what we got that looks great so this is a citrine
this comes from Uruguay and it’s about the only place you get this great orange
color this is cut into a standard round brilliant with on stack mains and let’s
see what it weighs so a little over five point 90 carats so
hopefully this helps you in cutting your first stone or your fiftieth stone you
know some of the keys that I found people have difficulty with is is using
the loop and actually being able to see that their stone that the facets are
polished and doing this you kind of need to get the facet to reflect light and
just at the point that it quits looking bright and highly reflective you’ll
start to see where you can see the actual scratches and little divots in
the stone that you need to continue to take out so practice being able to see
the facet you know as you cut on different laps make sure you can see the
difference in the inequality of the scratching because you really need to
see this otherwise you’ll never get a great polish on your stone so hopefully
you’ll keep watching because we’ll do more videos I’ll teach you how to use
some others polishing laps and some other techniques for cutting so again
thanks for watching we’ll show you a video and some pictures of the finished
stone right after we’re finished

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