How to Finish Your Jewelry with End Caps-Friday Findings

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Hi there, Sandy here. Welcome to another Friday Findings video at Today I’m going to talk to you about another
finding that you can use in so many different ways. They’re so useful and those are end caps. So here I have in front of me a selection
of end caps and these are all from and when you purchase them, you’ll find that
the size given, it usually gives you the inside diameter. So these ones all are given as 6mm. Actually these ones as well because they will
hold a 6mm cord. So keep that in mind when you’re ordering
end caps. If there’s only one dimension given, it most
likely is the inside diameter telling you what kind of cord it will hold. And you can see that you can get them very
decorative. These ones are called Pagoda, they’re copper
plated and antique pewter plated brass and this one is called raised flower, but they’re
all end caps. And these ones are plain, nice if you want
your beading or something else to be the star of the show. So these are 4mm and these are 2mm, nice to
end a very fine cord. And again like I said, these are 6mm. Now you’ll notice that they come in two different
ways. They either have a loop at the top or they
have a hole and the way you would use these ones is to put a head pin in through the inside
and then the head pin will stop on the hole and then you can put it out the back and make
a loop. And these are bead caps, well, because they
cap a bead. You would slide a head pin through that or
a wire and then that would go through the hole of the bead and then it would cap the
bead and add some decoration. The end caps are really for concealing the
ends of things. That’s how you can remember it. So whether you have braiding or beading or
something else you want to cover up the end of, that’s what an end cap is good for. Here’s another end cap that I just adore,
this style, this blooming tulip. You see these in lots of different finishes
and sizes. In fact I have a few. Here’s a kumihimo bracelet that I made. If you want to learn about kumihimo braiding,
you can go to the link that I have up for you, but I finished the ends with some of
these caps. Here’s more kumihimo braiding. Again, the same design, smaller, but if you
don’t want to use these for kumihimo, but you think they’re beautiful, you don’t have
to use them as an end cap. I did a video not too long ago on how to use
one of these blooming tulip end caps as a pendant for a necklace and I think it’s very
lovely. It’s a very dainty and delicate piece to wear. So what else can you do with end caps? You can again cover up cord. So this is a bracelet on my channel and it’s
made, it’s a very popular style. I’ve seen a lot of these on Pinterest just
with several strands of hemp cord and the ends are just gathered up and glued into the
end cap. If you’re using one that requires a head pin,
don’t forget to put that in first before you add your glue. And then you can see I just did a wrapped
loop here to finish everything off. Here’s another example of some beading I did,
this time for a necklace using super duo beads and I just wanted short sections of this beading
on my necklace and so to finish it off, I actually used these end caps. These are also from like the
other ones I showed you, only these are 8mm. Again, head pin going through with a wrapped
loop to finish up. I only had two of these end caps so I put
them closer to the center of the necklace. So to finish up the other ends and actually
you can see here this is how I ended it, with two beads and all I have in here, you can’t
see it, but the second bead is done just like this one except that I glued it in there with
some two part epoxy. In this case, it’s a little off kilter because
I slid a head pin in there and kind of figured out a way to finish it up. So you can really get creative with these
and use them in lots of different ways. Here’s an example of a finding that I’ve shown
you in a couple of videos because it has a lot of different uses. It’s a hook clasp, but you can see it also
sort of functions as an end cap because you can put the ends of some leather in there. I mean, this could be a bracelet all by itself
by gluing the cord in there and then it goes through the loop and hooks on. Obviously I need a longer piece of cord. So you could also use any kind of leather
cord if it’s the right size, which this isn’t, to go into your end caps. So I hope that’s given you some ideas. I hope it’s encouraged and inspired you to
take another look at end caps and different ways you can use them. So if you’re interested in any of the supplies
I used, click on the little ‘i’ in the upper right or the link in the description box to
go to my blog post where I’ll have links to the supplies for you. Be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already
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these tutorials. So happy creating. Bye bye.

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