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experimental grey hair nunekhiia we’re gonna need red, violet, yellow and blue semi permanente hair dye conditioner and blonde hair level 9 to 10. I’m using directions semi permanent hair dyes but you can use any semi permanent hair dye that you want so before we begin you need to know that the primary colours red, blue and yellow make the complementary colours which are violet, green and orange and the combinations of these colours make grey basically all of these colours cancel each other out So if we were to mix these colours equally we’d get the grey colour but, because we probably don’t have white hair we’ll need to have in consideration the colour base we have so, some of you or most of you will have a lot of yellow hair so you need to have in consideration that you need less yellow in the mix and that you also need a bit more violet so you cancel the yellow out of the hair in the graph I show you what colours you need to cancel what colour out so for example blue cancels oranges Purple/Violet cancels yellow out and red cancels the green and have your hair colour in consideration for when making the mix then tweak it until you get the grey/silver you like and before you jump into the bigger mixture and put it in your hair remember to always do the strand test first silver grey hair achieved! don’t forget to subscribe :3 violet toner rainbow hair tutorial

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