How To Get Xbox Live GOLD For “FREE” 2019! FREE Xbox Live AUGUST 2019! (FREE Xbox Live Gold)

How To Get Xbox Live GOLD For “FREE” 2019! FREE Xbox Live AUGUST 2019! (FREE Xbox Live Gold)

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How To Get Free Xbox Live Gold 2019, How to get free xbox live I’ll be showing you how to get free Xbox Live Gold, 2019 And yeah, it’s none of that crap that you see on the Internet where people whip out their mobiles, you know They show you this thing. Do you have to do survey or you have to like download these apps? No, those are all fake. Okay Those are all fake cuz none of them work They just want you to go in the app Whatever they’re telling you to go on a website and then they get money from yous bloomers ads But then surveys but you never actually get Xbox Live for free or xbox clothes for free. So guys today I’ll be showing you an actual method that you can do right now to get Xbox Live for free as well as some free games, you know, so guys hopefully you enjoy today’s video and yeah, um before I get into the video, I just also want to say you know Please do not you know, as I said Please do not fall for these scams as well because some do you ask you for your password and your username? Never ever give those details, okay, but wealth or disease So guys in today’s video as I said, I’ll be showing you how to get free Xbox Live, you know It’s 2019. You can still get it and this will always work Okay, but before we get into the video, I just got a couple of things to say. It’s really quickly under a minute Okay, so basically these channels I’ve been copying my name and I said 1 2 3 or PC. That’s me I just want to say I’m the river and I said 1 2 3. Okay, because obviously I got terminated with 20,000 subscribers now a Lot of people who’ve been copying me are now ranking for my search as well as me because I want to go 1,000 subscribers now So guys, please stop copying my channel. I don’t pretend to be me. Okay, I don’t mind wherever you can you know Take inspiration from me. But like please do not try to pretend to be me. Okay, it doesn’t make my day guys Come on, like I put so much efforts into my videos and for you guys you just copy it and also get Sometimes more attention than me or my new channel is just it just it just doesn’t feel right guys So, you know, please you know have some feelings for me like how I feel think about that and my guys Grew out more moaning. Let’s get into the shout out so that today shout I’ll I think it was cool a real screen right now Shang Xue Yeah, make sure you guys subscribe to his channel link will be in description down below if I remember Yeah, so go and subscribe to him If you want a shout out we have to do subscribe to the channel turn on notifications and like this video I’ve got programs and apps that can tell me if you have done those steps And if you have moving 24 hours I will heart your comment and reply saying you have been entered into Miranda picker and then you I Will do my random pick our next video and then you can have a chance to get a shout out Anyway, guys, let’s actually now get into the video and how to get free xbox live gold Yeah, let’s just get into it. So guys, it’s really simple you need friends for this. Okay? No, no, like a lot of friends none of this thing FC like being online at same time So basically, whoa, let me explain. So basically you need a friend that has Xbox Live Okay, presumably that you an X because you do have a friend with Xbox Live or just get a friend Um, so yeah, if we have a friend of Xbox Live, it’s pretty simple Okay, once you have a friend xbox live you can listen again for free honest for yourself as well. So you want them to Come to your house. Oh it cannot even you know the afternoon come to your house They can change your password and then you know they can tell you over the phone the new password and you know the contingent back off through it, but basically what they have to do is Sign into your xbox and once they have signed into your xbox, obviously You still wouldn’t have the extra life because their account but if you do go into settings and change my home X books Like if they click my home Xbox for that account What well don’t worry about this yet. Ah their house Xbox Live will still be there, but also will be at your house now So basically you get Xbox life Yeah, so you get Xbox life if they put my room Xbox on um what that basically does is it shares it across all accounts? on your xbox so that person who signed in or other accounts as well as him on your Xbox that’s been signed into Will have Xbox Live so guys G go and change my home Xbox is really simple It’s in the settings. If you still can’t find it somehow to know how you want you can lease you just google it but it’s easy just ya own settings have change it to my home Xbox and Once they have logged in and done that they can just sign now it doesn’t matter if they sign now and once they have signed out you can log into your account in your xbox and Then you can have free Xbox Live Gold if they have Xbox Live Gold So then you can literally play with them at the same time as well So let’s say they go back to their house and you can be playing in the same lobby I there same time with one xbox live subscription and that’s the best way to get free xbox live right now in 2019 the quickest way because what other ways do some avoids I do what it takes ages to do So yeah, that’s how you get free. Xbox live gold But I also want to say if they have any games that they have downloaded and they have purchased or even for those free games It will automatically downloaded onto your Xbox as well Well your download trailer check Sukanya game library And then after you have to manually download them or comma before default where it downloads by itself for you, man But you see when it happens So let’s say they have unload FIFA 19 if they have FIFA 19 You can download it as well if they have cool duty black ops for you know that good of a game But yeah If they do have that you can download that as well Whatever download it was but the only thing is if they have a disc game and you want it Yeah, they can’t you can’t share that but like downloadable games can be shared. So yeah, hopefully you guys Enjoy today’s video cuz I certainly enjoyed making today’s video if you guys want more videos like this Be sure to subscribe to the channel and like this video and comment down below. What would I should do next? Okay I’m thinking of doing the free xbox live codes giveaway as well as show you how to get free xbox live So without further ado guys, Oh beat way whoa. Whoa, we’ll have a sorry guys. I’m ending the video I don’t know why I’m talking about. Alright, so yeah guys hopefully enginee in the shout out and yeah. Peace guys. I’m just tired I’m going to bed. So peace


  1. Thank u bro my friend glitched his Xbox to the point where he has unlimited Xbox live gold and I asked my other friends to they said they don't know about the method and there memberships where going to expire and they couldn't get it then I asked my friend that I new alhad unlimited Xbox live he said ya and now I'm playing fortnite with him

  2. Hello i just want to thank you about this very helpful video about how to get free fortnite on xbox without xbox live ?but this methode Doesn't work anymore, If you want to play fortnite on xbox without xbox live just use it always works for me, thank you and keep uploading!

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  7. So I just shared xbox live gold with my friend who didnt have it and what happens if I remove his xbox home console? Will he lose gold?

  8. thanks for the Information but I don't have a friend that have live gold so… I have to finde a other way to get it (sorry for my bad englisch I'm German)

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