How to Make a Gold Filled Charm Necklace

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Go to for all of your beading supply needs! Hi this is Julie from and today
I’m going to show you how to make a easy and elegant gold filled charm necklace which is great to give as a gift
or to keep for yourself. What you’re going to is need some
gold filled chain. I have a piece right here which has these lovely varying links. You’re going to need a clasp. I have a little lobster
clasp. For my other half of my lobster
clasp I have a jump ring I have two split rings which will attach
the clasp ends to the chain and then I have my charms. You can see
there’s a wide variety of charms available. I have a little fleur di lis, an owl,
an cross and a horse shoe for good luck. So really it’s whatever your personal
preference is or if you’re giving it as a gift it would be nice to do something which
would be meaningful for the recipient. The tools you’re going to need is a ruler
to measure out your chain, a pair of flush cutters and depending on the size of your split
ring you might need a split ring opener. I know I’m actually not going
to because my split rings are pretty small and fragile and these are going to be a little bit too wide. It’s going to open up my rings
a little bit too far. So I’m not going to need these but you might
need them depending upon your split ring. So to begin what you’re going to want
to do this cut your chain length. I’ve actually already precut this to eighteen inches. So you’ll cut yours to a desired length. I’m going to choose the fleur di lis. This already has a
jump ring on it so I’m just going to slide my chain through my jump ring. I wanna take a split ring. Now normally split rings are really hard to
open and you’re going to end up messing up your fingernails
but these ones are very delicate gold-filled so I’m
just going to put my fingernail right between the different loops just open it up enough and then what I what to do is I wanna
take my closed jump ring this could be a little hard to see just put that on there. I’m going to take the end chain link on one side of my necklace and put it on there as well. Just pull it around. So we have that secure in place. So I’m just gonna go to the other end get my nail just in between those coils. So that’s on there. I just actually just pulled that all
the way over and it’s now completely secure. Then I want the other half of my clasp put that on there as well. And there you go it’s really
secure you can see. We’ve got an completed clasp and actually our
entire necklace is now complete. So that’s all there is to making an
easy and elegant gold filled charm necklace. If you want to do an alternative
to this you can use silver filled or sterling silver and make a lovely
necklaces in no time. Go to for all of your beading supply needs!

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