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(upbeat music) – [Tresha] Hey guys welcome
back to the channel, it’s Tresha and I’m excited to share
another great DIY idea with you which is a jewelry display case. I know for me I am guilty
of laying my jewelry on the counter and not storing
it away in a safe place because I didn’t have one. If you’re doing the same thing, this is a great project for you. So let’s make one. To start of you’re gonna need three frames from the Dollar Tree. I use these eight by ten
frames and if you don’t have a Dollar Tree, you can always
go to your craft store. First, we’re going to remove all
the contents inside the frame. Next, you want to remove the
frame tabs using pliers. Afterwards, I went outside
and spray painted my frames but I didn’t show it on camera. But if you like the
color of the frame as is, you can skip this step. While my frames are outside
drying I’m going to take the frame backing and trace
it on a piece of foam board. As an alternative you
can use poster board. Using my Xacto knife I’m
going to cut along the line that I just traced. For the bottom of my
display case I wanted to use this pretty marble
contact paper that I had so first I’m going to unroll
it and trace an outline of the foam board. Then take my scissors and cut it out. Next separate the
backing and contact paper only on one side and then
stick the exposing side of the contact paper on the foam board. Using a card smooth out the
contact paper while slowly removing the backing. This helps remove any bubbles. Next I’m going to add a bead of hot glue on the inside of the frame. Then attach the backing. To ensure the backing
stays intact, I’m gonna add another bead of glue
on top of the backing. Next I’m gonna add some more hot glue on the front of the backing and then attach the foam board on top. Next I’m going to add E6000
to the top of the frame. Then attach another frame on top. Now take out your third frame. I’m going to glue and screw
on this cute little handle that I found at Hobby Lobby. I’m sure you’re probably
like why is she gluing it on and then screwing it in? So I found that it was so
much easier to glue on the handle first, and then add
the screws later because those screws are just so small to manage. Now I’m going to glue and
screw on a lock set that I also purchased from Hobby Lobby. First you want to glue
and screw one side of the lock set to the frame that
will act as your door. Then the other side of the
lock set to the display base. Now I’m going to glue
and screw three hinges on the opposite side of the handle. I place the hinge at the
top, middle, and bottom side of the display. To finish the frame door,
I added a bead of E6000 along the inside of the frame door. Then I place the glass inside. And to make sure it was
really secure I added another bead of hot glue on
the top side of the glass. If I did this project over
again, I would’ve only used the hot glue on
the inside of the frame because the E6000 darkened
my beautiful metallic paint. Now I placing the display door on top and connecting the bottom part
of the hinges to the base. Here’s a tip, I use one
of those one step hangers to make a small hole where
I’m going to add screws. If you’re not familiar with these hangers, they help hold artwork on the wall. But you can always use a push
pin if you don’t have one. Do you notice the little feet on the side? Well I thought I was going
to be able to use it as a stand but it just didn’t work out. When I set the stand up, it
looked like it was tipping over. Definitely didn’t want that. I decided to use the
display for my necklaces so I’m adding a couple of
clear mini command strips on one side. And last but not least, add your jewelry. (light music) Now that you know how to
make one, you can store away your precious items in a better place. It’s so pretty to look at. So what do you guys think? Are you gonna make one? Thanks guys for watching. If you like this video and
would like to see more, please give it a thumbs up and subscribe. It’s free. Also let’s connect on Instagram. I’m @DESIGNSBYTRESHA. I would love to share your work so tag me. And I’m on Facebook now, @IMTRESHAJA where I give commentary on my videos and share other ideas with you.

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