How to Make a Jewelry Organizer

How to Make a Jewelry Organizer

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Hi, I’m Jen from Online Fabric Store. A jewelry frame is a great way to keep all of your jewelry together without getting tangled. Better yet, it’s quick and easy to make. So let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: a frame, a 1/2 yard of lace, I’m using gold raschel lace fabric, 7/8 inch wide satin ribbon, scissors, a ruler, a fabric marker, and a hot glue gun. Take the frame and place it on top of the lace. Trace around the frame and cut. Cut two pieces of ribbon that are at least as long as the width of the frame. Place the frame face down. From the top, measure down 6 inches on each side and mark. From that point, measure down 3 inches and mark on each side. Glue the ends of the ribbon to the inside ridge where the marks are. This frame has multiple ridges and I’m using the first ridge for the ribbon. Let it sit and dry for a few minutes and cut off the extra. With the right side facing down, start gluing the lace around the sides of the ridge. This time, I’m using the second ridge. It’s best to use an object like a pen to press the lace against the glue so you don’t burn yourself. Trim off the extra lace and it’s done. The lace is for earrings, and the ribbon is for bracelets and necklaces. You can hang this frame or lean it up against the wall. Thanks for watching this OFS project.


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