How To Make Beach Glass Jewelry

How To Make Beach Glass Jewelry

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  1. Dude, why don't you just turn it over and drill from the other side before breaking through? That way you won't have breakage…

  2. We have people say that they can do this with success but we haven't had any yet. The main issue is lining up the holes. Because we are still in essence doing this by hand there is always a little drift and the holes rarely line up. After trying many methods our best success has been using a medium speed/pressure on the drill. Also, not all materials are easily drilled on both sides. Some are curved/shaped so the material doesn't stay in position. We opt for the right speed and pressure. Thanks!

  3. If you tumble the glass it is "tumbled glass". Beach glass comes off of beaches. Selling or calling tumbled glass beach glass is called fraud.

  4. I use a dremel type drill at 2800 rpm and can drill through the glass in a very short period of time, I hand drill mine and don't use a stand like in the video but it would be a good idea for the very small pieces that I drill for earrings

  5. @mysunnydays2009 Hello, you can find all these products by visiting the website listed in the video description. Search for item number 349-022/3 for the diamond twist drill bits and item 117-037 for the drill press. It is all attached to a Foredom flex shaft, item 117-534. Give us a call if you have any questions at 1.800.545.6566.

  6. Hi. we used the Alumnium oxide media 33941 6with some water and a drop od dishwashing liquid and ran it for a couple of weeks. Some people use the 80 grit Silicon carbide grit 2000005 and mix with water to make a slurry.
    I hope this is of some help.
    Mark N Tech

  7. What drill press are you using. I have just purchased a Foredom SR, an upgrade from my Dremel tool. Thanks for this instructional.

  8. Hi Cheryle, Congratulations o upgrading to a Foredom Flexshaft. the drill press in this video happens to be the DP30 and is perfect for use with the #30 handpiece. you can find it here at this link.
    Rio Grande also sponsors a FREE online flexshaft class on things you can do with the flexshaft. you can check it out at this link.

    I hope this help and thanks for watching.
    Mark N Tech

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