How to Make Chain Earrings with Dangles | Making Jewelry

How to Make Chain Earrings with Dangles | Making Jewelry

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Hi, I’m Tam, and I’m going to show you how
to make a pair of chain earrings with briolette dangles. I didn’t finish this one, because I just wanted
to show you the different options you could do. This is basically a ready-made chain that
you can buy. So you can buy thicker, heavier, finer, whatever
you’d like. And you could make them very, very long, and
suspend them from the ear-wire like that, or you can make them very short, and suspend
them from the ear-wire like that, or what I will do here is probably do something like
this, where it’s suspended like this, and then you have a little bit of the chain hanging. I’m going to measure this, so this is about
five inches of the pre-cut chain. I’m going to measure that here, and then you’re
going to use your snippers, and cut off one of the links. Okay, so I’m going to lay this out like this,
so I can get the same sort of feeling going on in the other earring. I’m going to show you another technique of
attaching the briolettes with the wire, so I’m going to put a piece of wire in here,
about a third of the way down, so it’s about there on the wire. Then I’m going to make this sort of U-shape
with my fingers and cross it like that. So basically, I’m making a dangle right now,
before I add it onto the chain. This is a little bit different, because instead
of making the loop as a regular wrap chain, we’re using this rounded U or a V, and then
we’re just going to wrap here and make the coil, like so. Then you’ll have something like this. It’s a little bit crooked, because it’s going
to dangle like that on your chain, so that’s fine if it’s a little bit crooked. Then now we’re going to make the coil here
and I’m going to coil into this space that’s here. I’m going to make this loop like this and
then I’m going to attach it. I didn’t attach this one to the bottom, so
I’m going to do it here. So I’m going to do it two links above
the bottom. So I have this, so the link is inside the
loop that you made with the wire and then you’re going to hold the loop with your left
hand, if you’re right-handed, and then use the other pliers to just wrap in the center
to meet the other coil. So there we go, and I’m just going to close
it a little bit. I’m going to close that, so it doesn’t stick
up the wire. It’s okay if it’s crooked, because the whole
thing is going to dangle sort of like that, as opposed to straight down. Now I’m going to sort of eyeball and attach
the rest of them. I’m going to do this piece right here, so
that goes here. I’m going to wrap this on first and then add
the link. That goes about here. I mean if you want to be really precise you
can measure and count. I like to just sort of eyeball everything,
because that’s the whole idea of handmade jewelry is that everything doesn’t have to
be precise. That’s the second one.


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