How To Make Gemstone Chip Earrings

How To Make Gemstone Chip Earrings

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To make these earrings we’ve got wire. This is 24 gauge wire and it’s silver-plated. We’ve got two silver plated head pins and Two earring wires that are also silver and then for beads we’ve got bead chips. These are fun. You might see these at a bead show or bead store They have to come on a string and they’re like little Miss shaped pieces that have been drilled through and they’re fun to use stacked together. So we’re going to use these little gemstone chips these are actually kyanite which is a nice blue gemstone and to go with those we have a pair of pearls that are kind of a silvery blue color for our tools We’ve got chain nose pliers round nose pliers, and then we’re also going to use wire cutters To make the earrings the first thing we want to do is cut a piece of the 24 gauge wire and This piece is about four inches long and we’re going to use it to make a little Connector using our gemstone chips. It’s what we want to do is put a wrapped loop at one end and to do that I’m going to use my round nose pliers. I’m going to come in about an inch and I’m going to make a 90-degree turn in the wire I’m just gonna bend the wire towards me ninety degrees and then I’m going to reposition the pliers to the top of that Bend and I’m gonna go around the pliers I’m gonna reposition to the next other part of the plier so that can finish making the loop Bring the wire around now. I’ve got a nice little loop there and to make it a wrap loop What I want to do is hold the loop. I just made and then Wrap using this tail two times around the stem Of the wire so there’s a wrap loop at one end I’m going to trim that little piece of wire there with my wire cutters. I’m putting the flush side of the cutters against the project so I won’t have any points sticking out and Then I just want to use my chain nose pliers to push that little pointy end down and that’s going to be one end of our little connector and Now we can feed our chip beads onto this And I think it’d be nice to do about 15 of these little chip beads and what I like to do is just dump a few out in my hand like that and then sort of fish them out with the wire I Don’t want the really big ones. I’m going to save those for a different project. I want some of these smaller ones I’m gonna count out 15 of these and I just tilt them onto the wire like that is a good way to feed beads onto wire and That’s for there’s five. I think that one’s a little too chunky. I Got some of these smaller ones. Six Seven Eight Slide those down Nine Ten if you wanted to do a smaller connector, you could stop there with ten, but I want to do five more anything Just do more here. Do five more of these. These chips are so fun to use stacked together. They look really pretty Group together individually, they’re kind of odd-looking There’s three more do two more but all stack together. They have a lot of movement and shine The shapes are really fun together so there’s our fifteen chips see how pretty look together Now what I’m going to do is make another wrap loop just like this at the other end And this will be a connector in the middle of the earring to do that. I’m gonna do the same thing I did at the other end. I’m use my round nose pliers let me go as close to those beads as I can all the way down there and I’m gonna make a 90 degree Bend and Then I want to put my pliers at the top of that bend So I can use the round shape of the pliers to make a round loop in the wire So I wrap it all the way around like that, but my other side the pliers in my way I can’t complete the loop unless I move the pliers over to the other jaw Now I’ve got a complete loop And I hold it across like we did before and then wrap this tail around the neck two times There’s another wrapped loop and I can use my cutters to cut the wire like that and there’s our neat little connector that make a nice little necklace if you put some chain on it or You could make a little bracelet out of it, but we’re going to use it to make earrings So what we want to do is hang a little pearl off the bottom and to do that I’ve got a head pin here silver head pin I’m gonna feed it on to put my pearl onto the head pin and Then I’m gonna make a wrapped loop in the top of this pearl just like we did before Pinch it right above the bead 90 degree Bend Reposition the pliers to the top of the bend and I’m gonna go all the way around as far as I can Move the pliers so I can finish making that loop around But before I make my wraps, which is the next step–when you grab it this way and wrap it, I need to feed it on to our chips here or a little connector. Otherwise, they’ll have two closed loops and they can’t connect So I’m going to feed that on Now they’re connected and now I can hold that loop that we just made across with the my round nose pliers and I can make my wraps like that and Then trim with my wire cutters which you don’t cut through your project only went from the tail there and There’s a little dangle and then the last thing we need to do is just feed this onto the earring wire and then press the earring wire closed with your pliers. And to make a matching one, you’ll go through all the same steps. It doesn’t take very long at all and you’ll have a beautiful pair of gemstone chip earrings featuring these pretty dangling pearls.


  1. it's better to just measure how big you want your piece of chips to be because no matter how you look at it if you put 10 gemstone chips on one earring it may take 13 on the other to be the same size so you're better off just measuring.

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