How to Make Jewelry : How to Make Wire Jewelry Necklaces

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Hi this is Debra Windsong with Expert Village.
In this segment I’m going to show you what you can do with wire that is flexible. So
today I thought I’d work with some very small light beads, so I picked a fine wire, so that
the beads can actually be thread on there without a problem. I measure it by, a lot
of times, just holding it up to my neck and seeing where it falls, and then I just start
stringing. Sometimes I string different arrangements on the same string of wire, just to see what
section of it is looking better and it look like it works. The ones that don’t work I
take those off and I kind of expand from there. So what I was thinking about doing is taking
this larger piece and hanging it from this piece of necklace. When you’re hanging a bigger
piece onto a necklace, you want to be able to figure out where it’s going to go first
before you actually make your bend, and I’ll use these round nose pliers to make a bend
once I know that. That’s because the size of your circle that you use will depend on
which size of the bead that you’re going to put it next to. Once you have the necklace
the way you want it to be and you’re sure that you’ve counted your beads and that they’re
all even on both sides, you can go ahead and put on your clasp you start with putting a
crimp bead on your wire, and then I’m going to use a trigger clasp and you’ll want to
threat that back around into the crimp bead, bring it up so that it’s tight but not too
tight. Then you use the crimping pliers. You’ll squeeze this crimp bead, and it makes a crimp
right in half, right in the middle, and you turn, and so one part of it is used to do
that, and then at the end, it squeezes both halves together. Give it a tug and make sure
that it’s holding, and trim the excess. So now you have your trigger clasp on the end
of the wire. So on the other side, I like to add a length of chain, and what that will
do is make it adjustable. So usually you cut off two or three inches, depending on the
length of the rest of the necklack, and what we’ll do again is put on the crimp bead, crimping
the bead in half and then using the other end in the front to fold it. Now you can change
the length of this necklace.

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