How to Make Rock & Gemstone Jewelry : How to Make Rock & Gemstone Jewelry for Men

How to Make Rock & Gemstone Jewelry : How to Make Rock & Gemstone Jewelry for Men

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Hi there. On behalf of,
my name is Candace Copeland and I’m going to be showing you a little bit of what some
of the finished product that I do in the passport collection. So the variety goes in anything
from, this is a very beautiful, very heavy silver bead, with this absolute assuris size
type of bead with a lovely drop earring to go along with that. So that’s one example
of something a little sparkly. Along that same line, this is gorgeous. It looks like
ice melting on your neck so on a really warm day it just looks so inviting. And the tassel
comes from a symbol. It’s known as a rosary tassel and they just make wonderful finishes
for dropping of your crystal pendant. Then I’ll go onto, oh I’ll stay with the crystal.
This is another. Look at the yum colors of this, the purple and the gold. It’s just,
they’re all faceted and they’re absolutely, those two colors together just make up a beautiful,
beautiful scrumptious piece that flatters any skin tone. Then I’ll go into more on the
heavier side. This is my signature red pearl and turquoise. This is just a beautiful piece,
very mixed, and very gorgeous gorgeous piece. This one is an interesting one. This is one
that I collected, the prayer wheel, prayer box, and these little beads here came from
Israel, there peace studs on them. Then there’s these old antique, these green from the trade.
Then there’s these little Tabitan knives that symbolize cutting away of life’s illusions
and those things. And then I go back into something quite large. Again with my red pearl
and turquoise, which is a definite passion of mine. So I’ll go anywhere from something
very large to something very delicate so I’m not totally boxed in into any one thing. People
know my work by the Passport Destination because it has such a specific look to it and sometimes
they’ll see the lighter things and go wow that’s really different for you to do that.
So it’s all fun and it’s all wonderful and I hope to be able to sell some to you. Give
me a call.


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