How to Make Rock & Gemstone Jewelry : Making Rock & Gemstone Jewelry Without Tools

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Hi there! On behalf of my
name is Candace Copeland. I’m here to kind of share with you. All of sudden you’re out
traveling. Maybe you’re in Morocco and you find some fabulous beads and you want to spring
them at the moment. My suggestion would really be whenever you go traveling, always carry
a little bit of beading wire if you think that might happen, because many beads have
very small holes. You might be able to use a string such as this on larger old pieces
such as this and sand-cast beads. These are African and these are from Nagaland. That
was really a great way that I can do it on the string. The beads that I’m looking at
that I decided that I just purchased that I want to string up are this big gorgeous
chunk of red coral from the south China Sea. I probably won’t have a lot of findings, but
let’s just pretend like I was able to find a little bit of silver. I’m going to start
off putting a little bit onto the side here. Then I found something that was really unusual,
black lava rock. Now that has got to be tough into a round perfect ball without it disintegrating.
Anyway, this one’s going to be a little bit more on the primitive side of light. I don’t
want anything too fancy. I’ve got a few silver. These would be like coin silver beads. These
are beads that have got a lot of pewter in them. Probably some tin, but they give a great
look when you’re wanting to do something that’s chunky and fun. These are gorgeous. These
big chunked out big, big pieces.

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