How to Make Your Own Jewelry : Jewelry wax molds

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So after you’ve made your mold and cut it
open with your exacto knife leaving a nice button area, what we call a button an area
to feed your wax through as to reproduce your piece for the next casting. You would take
it and get some steel plates, I cut these out of steel, and you can use aluminum a heavy
duty aluminum. Whatever works best. They also have mold clamps that you could use that hold
it for you. You basically want to hold it real tight with your thumbs on the top as
to keep it nice and tight in the middle as well and you will come to your wax injector.
This is a hand pump wax injector. They also have them where it has a compressor to create
your air pressure. This is just done by hand. And inside this is just basically a molten
wax as you can see a little excess here that’s what we’re going to shoot in and use for
our next casting. You then would push it onto that nozzle, hold it for a few seconds depending
the size of the piece, or whatever you’re working with, pull it off and then you want
to let it cool you can see that it’s still a bit molten in there. So once you’ve shot
your wax, injected your wax into your mold, uh rubber mold you then remove the top layer
and then have your piece that you can work with to create as many times as you choose,
as long as you have the life of your mold will last, which is usually quite a long time.
So this is how we make multiple pieces of the same object. You would take that and go
through the casting process again, spraying that on the base. You could do ten of these
at a time depending on what your project may be.

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