How to Use Moonstone: Qualities & Benefits / Crystal & Gemstone Basics by Sloane Rhodes

How to Use Moonstone: Qualities & Benefits / Crystal & Gemstone Basics by Sloane Rhodes

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Hi, Everybody Sloane Rhodes here. I wanted to talk to you about the Gemstone, Moonstone So here is what moonstone looks like this is a tumbled smooth moonstone. It’s rather translucent kind of an off-white Kind of Milky Color has a little bit of dark in it. There’s another one Beautiful no idea so I a pretty stone has some striations in it and Moonstone is as it’s named is associated with the moon and the qualities of the moon so the qualities of the moon would be psychologically and emotionally would be Receptivity kind of Divine feminine type [or] qualities that beautiful receptivity that’s opening that allowing that Absolute Trust and Faith in your intuitive side and they say that if [you] wear Moonstone here, I have a faceted, Moonstone So just adore and love cuz I rarely see it fasted that if you wear Moonstone, it helps you accept your abilities your pSychic abilities your intuition Accept the information that your guides and angels are giving you which is a really beautiful thought because it’s kind of sad to think that You know here. We are being given guidance, and we are not accepting it because we You know we just kind of don’t believe it or we are closed off to it. So moonstone is a great Stone to help you open and receive You know you get you kind of get the feeling it’s very feminine in that way you know [there’s] traditionally What we consider to be psychologically and emotionally the sort of more feminine qualities the moon is associated with the unknown Not the unconscious You know these very deep kind of emotions and qualities, and you know even when I’m when I’m holding Moonstone And you may experience this yourself as well. You know the energy I get from it is one That’s very calming which is one when stone is also known to do is help calm the emotions But there’s a lot of depth there. You know and it’s a very powerful stillness kind of Which you know feminine energy is a very powerful energy And so moonstone even though it looks very soft and gentle and does have that Association with it. You know never underestimate its powers, it’s it’s amazing in fact People have often used it for lucid dreaming. I haven’t used it for this purpose, but Doesn’t mean I won’t I’d like to try that. I try to use the stone when I give my lucid dreaming But I know it’s a fantastic stone to have I love it. It’s got a great energy So we know when you’re in the gem store? You know put your hand over it feel the energy you know the great the greatest ways to work with crystals and gemstones is It’s just an intuitively guided process so really trust your own intuition feel the energy and a Tune to it and and let you know you’ll you’ll figure out which ones You know want to come home with you? Which [is] a great thing about working with gemstones and crystals so anyway I hope you find that helpful. Enjoy the video if you did please like share and subscribe, we’re leaving a comment You know I appreciate it and in the meantime. I really wish you well, and I hope that you’re enjoying You know playing with and working with crystals and gemstones?


  1. First at all thanks for your amazing videos,
    What do you mean by feminine stone?? Men can't use its abilities ?

  2. Today my daughter was playing in our backyard and found a moon stone, she washed it and gave it to me because she thought it would make me feel better and it did (I was having a rough day) she often finds stones since she was about 1 and a half. She collects them and when we are at the beach she is looking for them and putting in a bucket. She is 6 and my husband and I have noticed how passionate she is about them. I knew nothing about crystals until I notices her love for them and decided to learn a bit… Nature never cease to amaze me.💕

  3. Linda, I really love your short and informative vedios, I love crystals too and I want to work with them, where and how should I start.

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