I sold all my gold chains and got…

I sold all my gold chains and got…

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good morning good morning good morning
what a beautiful day it is what a beautiful glorious day it is we have
woken up this morning and we have another shot **** everything up this
morning with an epiphany right I’ve been feeling real down and stuff like that
but I realized that I have a lot to be thankful for and over the last few days
I’ve been thinking that I need a serious change in my life and I want to take
control of my life I want to do things different so I knew that in order for me
to do things differently and to be more efficient at the things that I’m doing I
needed to downsize because I want to simplify my life right
but also I want to like change me and become the person that I want to become
or become the person that I want to be and do the things that I want to do and
in doing that I have to have to let go of things I have to reinvent myself and
I have to absolutely have so I think that’s the most important thing I
absolutely have to get out of my comfort zone so
getting out of my comfort zone means doing things that my pride wouldn’t
ordinarily allow me to do and you know going places and being brave and being
bold and just you know whether it be offering up your services or whether it
be getting rid of something that you were you were you were attached to and
that’s one thing I never think that you should get attached to to material
things because they’re just material things they mean nothing so I’m headed
to a train station right now I’m gonna get on a train and go to New York and go
to Jewelers row and sell some jewelry that spends more time sitting in my
jewelry box then around my neck or around my wrist because it just makes
sense to get rid of it especially especially right now because that was
kind of some of the things one of the things one of my items that I didn’t
want to get rid of and I don’t know for some reason like that stuff like you can
get attached to it and I think that letting go of that will help me reinvent
myself and it’ll help me breathe there to help me feel like I’m less I’m less
tied to something I don’t know it’s weird but and not to mention getting rid
of that we can get another drone right it’ll be droning again so I think that
that my artistry is more important than having something material that doesn’t
mean anything like a gold chain around your neck means nothing to be honest
like what does that mean what does that signify it doesn’t you walk in a room
with a gold chain and what does that mean it mean it really means absolutely
nothing so like why do we spend so much money on gold chain why did I spend so
much money on jewelry actually I know why I did it I did it
actually four times like this you know so like exactly what I did it for is
what I’m using it for I knew that having something like that it’s like having a
vault or it’s like having a bank account around your neck kind of sorter because
you always have access to a certain amount of cash that you can get when you
trade in your gold so maybe it wasn’t a bad investment and I knew that maybe it
wasn’t a bad investment when I when I did it because now you know I mean
having cash in the bank if you’re bad with cash like I am I freaking burned
through cash like crazy but having some something of value
particularly particularly particularly like gold you always have access to a
bunch of cash and in a rainy day situation and today is definitely a
rainy day situation and I’ve been going through rainy day situations I should
have been did this you know what I mean and maybe that would have prevented me
from making those embarrassing but vlogs but I don’t care like you know I mean I
don’t care this is Who I am love it or leave it I don’t care like
you know I got I want to do this for myself so it’s like it’s vulnerable so
whatever entertaining – you guys don’t care love
you guys life is good I’m blessed regardless of
whatever I’m going through you know saying and I realize it’s crazy cause
like what I’m going through isn’t even like it’s not even big I’m just just
kind of like it I feel like sometimes I feel like I’m having a temper tantrum or
something like that because it’s like okay I lost my job I lost my job that
I’ve been at for 16 years but they reassigned me to another position and
it’s a great job it’s like it’s people doing my training class that like you
know wanted this job like legit like like I wanted my old position before so
um I’m not in a bad spot it’s just the biggest thing is that like you know when
you go to another position in certain companies you take a big pay cut
initially until you’re trained and right now I took a huge pay cut it’s been
months and it’s been months and months and months since I haven’t been making
the money I was making and and before I got this new position it was months and
months and months since I was working regularly and I was
just collecting unemployment which wasn’t that bad you know I was
collecting unemployment and you know driving uber and stuff like that on the
side and do my little video projects and music projects and the studio on the
side along with downsize and get rid of a bunch of stuff but now it’s like
starting to financially impact me you know I mean have a big financial impact
because sometimes I can get lazy so like I said I have to take myself out of my
comfort zone and not be lazy and do things that I ordinarily would not do
legally of course crazy ideas so I think this is a big step towards that and I
think this is gonna like give me a big whoosh ah to get rid of stuff though I
have about 168 grams of gold that I’m gonna go sell at first I was gonna sell
just one or two pieces but I’m like why I don’t need any of that I don’t by one o’clock to go to work so gotta
walk fast back see this is not blessed I am right even
having the ability to be able to UM jump on a train and go up to New York things
like this I take for granted like I can go down to DC you know I mean
for free so a lot of things I take for granted I shouldn’t and a lot of
resources I have available to me to make things happen for myself I haven’t been
doing so I need to get myself out of my comfort zone and do things you know you absolutely have not experienced
being cold until you’ve been in New York City in the winners on I think I see
flurries I’m not sure my hand is freezing I’m holding this tripod but
this alright how you know tennis Alan Wade calling to get my assignment for
today Roger Zoo trained director second ship
thank you I have time to head back to Philly things went I guess according how I
expected before I left the house I had actually weighed the gold and everything
so I kind of knew realistically what I should get for it
and best-case scenario what I should get for it so best-case scenario I figured
there would be somewhere around eight thousand dollars and then realistically
I asked mated it to be $2,400 based on the weight and gold I had and
the price of gold today so I got twenty six hundred dollars for that gold
needless to say that I took a tremendous loss because I paid thousands more for
that gold over the over the last since 2009 when I bought my first piece so
spread out over a long time but I paid a lot more than I got for it but that just
goes to tell you here’s a lesson I had to learn for you guys don’t buy gold
it’s not worth it so yeah I’ll be able to
place my Mavic and pay off everything got backed up in a little bit and I’m
good to go No so what’s wrong autofocus but on the
train with how cool is that as pool sure next up in this train is
Philadelphia believe
at 1:30 and it’s 1252 probably to work one time thank you for watching and coming with me on this interesting
journey this morning so far it’s been a very eventful it’s been a very enlightening day
learned a lot today and yeah thank you for watching don’t forget to subscribe
and don’t forget the comment and share what do you think about what I did you
think I got got on my jewelry do you think I did the right thing I think I
did the right thing so yeah everybody will enjoy the rest of your day and

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