Il Rasoio al carbonio K600 “Brut de forge” di Mastro Livi

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Welcome in Mastro Livi’s workshop! Today I want to present you the totally manual work related to the making of a K600 carbon steel straight razor with “brut de forge” finishing and it will be completely hand forged using the hammer and the anvil, like the old blacksmiths were doing in the past times before of the mechanical mallet. For this straight razor we will use K600 carbon steel from this block, the scales will be made with this piece of african ebony. On the scales we will have a diagonal insert with the colors of the Italian flag made with coral, jade and white semiprecious stone. Here we go, we can start the work. Here it is, now the K600 piece have been cut and it’s ready, we just have to weld a piece of steel to be used as grip and then we will start the manual forging work on the anvil. The draft of the “brut de forge” straight razor is ready, now we have to draw the blade profile. We will create a Barber’s Notch point, the blade is a 8/8″, we will make a tail suitable for two fingers, we will drill the blade and then we will cut the profile. At last we will return to the gas forge to make the “brut de forge” finishing, both on the Barber’s Notch point and on the tang, so we will have a full “brut de forge” 8/8″ blade. Let’s start this work. This is the “brut de forge” blade, you can see the hammer hits and the fire of the forge. We are now going to brush it. The work on the grinder has been done, we have a “wedge” grinding, and now we are going to satin finish the blade. The blade is not finished, you can see the mirror finish and the “brut de forge”. I am now going to brush it again, and then we can start work on the scales. Now the “brut de forge” blade is finished, and also mirror polished. Now we are going to build the scales for this blade. The scales will be made of african ebony with diagonal inserts: green, white and red. We will later put the signature “Mastro Livi”, and we will see it once finished. I really think that the black “brut de forge” finishing with the black ebony scales, along with the Italian flag inserts will result in a perfect match! Here it is. Here it is, I’m admiring the straight razor that I’ve been making myself since this morning. It’s a K600 carbon steel blade. Manually made on the anvil with the hammer, like the old blacksmiths, with an amazing “brut de forge” finishing: on the tail, on the tang and on the back, even on the Barber’s Notch point, on one side and also on the other side. I’ve created african ebony scales with diagonal inserts made of semiprecious stones and coral representing the Italian flag. On the red I’ve engraved “Mastro”, on the white “Livi” and on the green “Italy”. Here it is. The owner of this razor will make a video of the making of this straight razor, and he will tell you if it shaves and how it shaves. Thanks for your patience and to have followed me today. Thank you!

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