Is the StarFire Gold Hidden in this Pyramid?

Is the StarFire Gold Hidden in this Pyramid?

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I cannot believe you talked me into this
uncomfortable adventure I thought I had evolved beyond being a mere jungle tour
guide… Oh, Big G, there’s no one better to lead this mission and I need your animal instincts
and experience on this one to find the StarFire Gold. Sorry Pantera, I ate too many bean burritos for breakfast, my animal instinct is quite ripe, good
thing we’re in the jungle with lots of fresh air!!! You said this place was
abandoned thousands of years ago. Is this the pyramid where the Starfire gold is reportedly
hidden? Yikes!!! Skeletons with swords yep this is the place. You can handle them, I just had my nails done Thanks to your instincts we found the
StarFire gold. Six drops in your morning coffee Big G and you can carry me back
to the base camp, I have some bananas for you there… Products are available at our
online stores straight to you from the alchemist at and


  1. I'm so glad that you are as sophisticated and mature as I am otherwise I would get the Idea that you have been lowering your standards for some quickie potty humor LOL!

  2. ?🤔? If we could find the CORRECT (full spectrum) bio-electric frequencies, couldn't we recycle our own body ..? Adjust our breathing accordingly..? That goes for the hormones too..! Just a thought though..

  3. the first pyramid shown in the background is Calakmul. Some of the images taken there are used in this video with citations.

  4. Gerald do you have an idea from which diety could be this message about 3 days of darkeness
    A bit strange to me that the text says "I the Lord God Almighty the Lord Jesus Christ got in the flesh will rearrange the skies for mankind … "
    and also he says at 15:22 "…the six thousand years since I created your planet until now"..
    So here he speaks both as the creator (old testament god, but also Jesus – god in flesh" that makes me confused a bit if that is really Enki? Since it should be Enlil (Jehovah right) and Thoth as Jesus. What si your take on this? Itt seems to me that both Enlil and Jesus are just aspects of and this whole construct is his "creation". May be? but just judging based on this one message through this old lady..

  5. Gerald are you familiar with the Gospel Of The Holly 12?
    Amazing read , it details the missing 18 years of Jesus.
    Perhaps a future show on it ?
    Thank you 🙏

  6. lol.. I just got an order in for 16 oz.. Yes your video marketing works Gerald… I get ORMUS powder from Thomas Gecker… Thought I would try your liquid to see if any difference..

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