1. This one, besides from the Elder Scrolls vocabulary, actually sounds like a human due to the realistic voice and logical answers.
    Also he wasn't rude, probably one of my favorites.

  2. First lady got taste for great power of that ancient relic but learning of quest difficulty made her stick with normal life.

  3. I am glad there are so many dense people in this world or these calls would never work!

    If i ever got anything remotely like this i would love it.

  4. Lol, the 72-year-old sounded like Elvis when he said “listen buddy I don’t want to talk to you any longer” 🕺

  5. Боже американские пранки такие унылые и скучные по сравнению с русскими… и это разве смешно?

  6. "I don't know what you're talking about, so obviously I don't have an amulet of kings" Hahaha oh man these calls are killing me. Just imagining how the voice is being heard on the other end that makes these people take it seriously enough to last so long. Priceless

  7. When your still in character after a hardcore 10 hour DnD role-playing session

    g r e e t i n g s h i g h e l f

  8. "I'm 72 years old, I don't give a shit! The world can go whatever way it wants to go."

    Well, isn't that the perfect summary for the state of… everything. XD

  9. Whatever they says! The most funniest thing for me is, that the people doesn't realize they're talking to characters and sound board LOL!

  10. Почему название видео на русском, а само видео на английском? Ничего не понятно.

  11. That last guy had illusion 100, act calm joyful and polite, point them into the wrong direction just so he can keep the amulet😂

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