Jewelers Epoxy Glue

Jewelers Epoxy Glue

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Esslinger-dot-com carries professional strength
adhesives for jewelers and jewelry repair. Vigor Epoxy is especially formulated for making
and repairing jewelry, as well as other hobbies and crafts, making it a perfect addition to
your jeweler’s workbench. A two part epoxy, each kit comes with both
the resin and the hardener to provide you with a strong bond. It even operates in temperatures
between forty degrees Fahrenheit to one-hundred-seventy-six degrees Fahrenheit. This high quality, quick drying epoxy will
not shrink over time and is not affected by water, oil, or even gasoline. Whatever your
needs are, this epoxy will keep your projects held together. Best of all, the adhesive sets up in just
five minutes and dries clear. Vigor Jewelers Epoxy will permanently bond:
Fiberglass Ceramics
Plastic Metal
Wood And Glass Esslinger-dot-com carries the tools and supplies
that will revolutionize the way you do jewelry repair.


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